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City Council. --A called meeting of the Council was held in the City Hall yesterday afternoon at 4 o'clock. Present: Messrs. Saunders, (President,) Griffin, Denoon, Walker, Burr, Scott, Clopton, Hill, and Stokes. The Chairman of the Committee on Police stated to the Council that the committee had under consideration the case of John D. Perrin, who had recently been dismissed by the Mayor from the police department of the city, and inasmuch as he had hitherto been a faithful officer, they recommended that the Council reinstate him in the police service. The recommendation was unanimously concurred in. The Committee on Finance and Claims reported as correct several bills which had been referred to them, and they were ordered to be paid. Mr. Scott offered the following resolution, which was adopted: Whereas, The frequent robberies that have occurred in the city have justly occasioned much alarm among our citizens: and whereas, the perpetrators of said robberies
satisfied she had committed the theft. She was thereupon sent on to the Hustings Court for further trial. A negro boy named Henry, the property of Christopher Bowers, was ordered to be whipped for going about the streets with an improper pass in his possession. Charles Roberts, a mulatto, charged with being a Yankee prisoner, from Ohio, who had escaped from the Libby prison, will be attended to this morning. The examination of Bob, the property of R. Hatche, charged with stealing one trunk and contents, valued at $200, from A. Amacke, was continued till Friday. The examination of Joseph Maria, charged with committing an assault upon officer John D. Perrin, while in the discharge of his duty, was continued till Tuesday next. Noble, slave of Mrs. Angelina Lawson, charged with stealing, some time since, four thousand dollars' worth of sugar from Wm. A. Wright, proprietor of the American Hotel, was discharged for want of evidence connecting him with the theft.
Mayor's Court. --The Mayor had the following cases before him yesterday morning: Joseph Maria, an Italian confectioner, was arraigned on the charge of committing an assault upon officer John D. Perrin and attempting to shoot him while in the discharge of his duty as a policemen. Maria had sent for Perrin to take from his house a negro man whom he said he had been compelled by his wife to hire, and who was about running away with her. M. had his wife and the negro fellow locked up inPerrin to take from his house a negro man whom he said he had been compelled by his wife to hire, and who was about running away with her. M. had his wife and the negro fellow locked up in a room together. Upon learning the state of the case Perrin was doubtful of his authority to make the a rest without a warrant, and therefore declined doing so. The accused then drew a pistol, and was about shooting the negro, when P. interfered, which caused M. to turn upon him, giving him a pretty severe scuffle till officer Adams came to his assistance. There being no testimony for the defence. His Honor required Maria to give security in the sum of $400 for his good behavior for twelve m
Robberies. --The shoe store of W. E. Johnson & Co. was robbed on Friday night last of between two and three thousand dollars' worth of boots and shoes. As no locks or windows were broken, it is supposed that the thieves secreted themselves in the building and were fastened in without the knowledge of the proprietors. A few nights since the store-room of George T. Moran, living in the western suburbs of the city, was broken into and robbed of about $2,500 worth of bacon. Officer John D. Perrin, having reason to suspect a negro fellow named Jordan, slave of Mrs Mary Hill, as one of the party connected with the theft, arrested him on Saturday and committed him for confinement in the second station house. The hen house of Mr. John Pearce, keeper of the City Almshouse, was broken into on Saturday night and robbed of a number of fowls.
The Daily Dispatch: December 19, 1865., [Electronic resource], Examination for Attempted Incendiarism — the accused sent on. (search)
City Council. --At a called meeting of the Council, held yesterday at four o'clock, Mr. Epps presented a bill from Ragland for whisky destroyed by order of the City Council at the time of the evacuation of the city. The bill and another similar claim were referred to the Committee on Finance. A communication was received from the Mayor recommending the appointment of two additional officers in the police force, and nominating John D. Perrin, C. H. Moore, J. B. Cousins and W. T. Bibb as suitable persons to fill the vacancy in the office of fifth officer of the police, made vacant by the resignation of Caleb Crone. Mr. Clopton nominated John Poe, Jr., for the same office. The Council then proceeded to elect the said officer, and on the sixth ballot Walter T. Bibb was elected. To fill the other two offices recommended by the Mayor, John Poe, Jr., and R. S, Betts were elected. The Committee on Claims reported back several bills against the city, contracted i
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