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for Hire--A smart Mulatto Boy, who is very handy in the dining room. He would be a very useful dining-room or house servant to a gentleman. Apply at Philips' [ja — ts] Office, 12th st., betw. Main and Bank
n Troopers, rose and commenced yelling, when the latter fired into them with double-barrelled guns. Prior's first barrel failed fire; the second, however. did better service. Mr. Carter saw two of the Lincolnites fall. As soon as they fired they turned their horses and fled back towards the Court-House. After going some two miles, Prior discovered that he was shot. The ball had entered the spine and came out near the heart. Mr. Carter supported him in this condition to the house of Mr. Philips, where he received every attention from the family and Dr. George Semple, who was stationed in the immediate neighborhood. He lived about five hours. The deceased was 34 years of age, and a perfect specimen of a soldier; was universally beloved by the people of Charles City, and his death has thrown them into profound gloom. There is one consolation: His comrades are of just the material to avenge his death, and when the opportunity arrives, that vengeance will be terrible and complete.
rcular containing full particulars will be furnished those who may desire further information. Terms.--Patients per week, $5; less than a well are $1 per diem; but the aggregate shall not exceed charge for a full week. Patients attending the daily examinations (not fit subjects for Hospital Confinement,) charged the regular fee adopted was the profession at large. The above charges and elude board, medicine, medical attendance nursing. Surgical operations charged according to rules of other Hospitals of the city. For further information, apply to the Physician resident at the Hospital, or to either of the undersigned Physicians and Proprietors. Frs. W. Hancock, M. D. Main st., bet. 3d and 4th, or No. 130 Main st. St. Goe. Peachy, M. D., Exchange Hotel, or Grace st., bet. 5th and 6th. R. S. Vest, M. D., Franklin st., Near Ballard House, or cor. Main and 7th sts. Philips. Hancock, M. D., Resident Physician. J. G. Trevilian. M. D., Resident Assistant. ap 19--ly
from Rockbridge, one of which is commanded by Rev. Mr. Miller, son of Dr. Miller, of Princeton, and himself a Philadelphia pastor. It is understood that this new regiment will be commanded by Colonel Baldwin, who, though he was hardly as promptly as the people for secession, is warmly esteemed as a true Southerner and most excellent man. The Academy building and the spacious D. and D. and B. Inst. buildings are used as hospitals, the inmates of the latter having being removed to Rev. Mr. Philips'. Institute.--Buildings better suited for hospital purposes could not be found, and I am glad to hear from those who have visited the hospitals else where in the State, that ours are at least not surpassed by any in the order and efficiency with which they are managed. The spiritual wants of the patients are also cared for. The ministers of the town and others visit the sick, follow the dead to their resting place, and hold prayer meetings for the convalescent. The patients, numbering
ss had testified, his son talked while intoxicated of conspiring to rob some one, the old gentleman knew it was nothing but talk. The court ordered the prisoner to pay a fine of $1, and to be delivered to his father at 5 o'clock yesterday afternoon. Meyer May's case was again continued. D. S. Turner, for being drunk and disorderly in the street, was fined $1, and ordered to be kept till he pays the same and his officers come for him. R. J. Lipford, who was recognized, with Mr. Philips as his surety, for his appearance before the court yesterday, to answer the charge of stealing a horse from Adjutant A. C. Haskell, did not show himself. The court declared the recognizance forfeited. Thomas Conly was arraigned on the charge of feloniously stabbing M. J. Doyle, with intent to maim, disfigure, &c. The witnesses, including Mr. Doyle himself, seemed disposed to acquit him of the intent charged, and the court merely required him to furnish surety for his future good beh
From the army of the Kanawha our troops in possession of Charleston, Kanawha county--Rosencranz's supplies cut off, &c. Lynchburg, Nov. 4. --The Lynchburg Republican has been favored with a private letter, written by the wife of one of our officers, stating that our troops occupy Charleston, Kanawha county, to the number of thirteen hundred. The force is composed of Colonel Jenkins's cavalry and Col. Philips's Georgia Legion. General Floyd was in supporting distance, and was expected in Charleston in a few days. The effect of this occupation is to cut off supplies from Rosencranz and Cox, thus causing them to surrender or retreat precipitately from the Kanawha Valley via Summerville.
The Daily Dispatch: January 13, 1862., [Electronic resource], The Sinking cause of Jeff. Davis and his Southern Confederacy. (search)
At Pittsburg on the 7th inst., Philips & Best's Glass Works were destroyed by fire. The loss is estimated at $25,000, on which there is on insurance of $10,000.
P O Wallace; Corpl R S Sproles, Privates Z Blackman, R M Robinson, W E Cheatham, Thos McDaugling W M Harlin, Wounded: S W Ellis, B F Roseman, J D Glasgow, J H Lomax, John T Fowlkes, W R Swain, J P McLilsann, M Tubos, J H Frizell, W R Moore, J A Montgomery, W W McLean. Company K, "Claiborne Guards," Captain Hastings.--Killed: Captain Hastings, while bearing the colors. Wounded: John J Mitchell, M tephens, J T Parker, C R McCardle, J M Sudson, Jas H Dorrah, L B Harland, D M Girrard, J W Philips, John Ritchie. Casualties in the 2d Mississippi Regiment, (Col. J. M. Stone) Company A. Capt Clayton.--Wounded: Private Thos A Butler, in arm, Missing: Private O C Key. Company B, Capt Buchanan--Wounded: Corpl P G Braddock, in the leg, Privates J N Cotton, since died, T A Prince, severely in the side; J L Boyd, severely in the breast; Watt C Graham, leg broken; B F Thompson, leg broken: McDonald, in shoulder; J P Ticer, in mouth, neck, and shoulder; James Sutherland, in leg;
s art; F M Bally, co F, 44th Ga; R J Davis, Purcell bat; Sergt Crow, Purcell bat; T Francis, Purcell bat; Sergt R R Rounce, 55th Va; N G Miller, co C, 44th Ga; M V T Datson, co C, 44th Ga; W V Jones, co C, 44th Ga; W B Smother, co F 55th Va; Corp'l J A Davidson, co C, 14th Ga; Lieut F Lyon, co F, 1st N C; G Taylor, co F, 1st N C; T J Dunn, co G, 34th N C; T R Gilbert, co E, 34th N C; T W Wilkins, co C, 19th Ga; A D Efford, co E, 40th Va; Sergt R Reed, 34th N C; Corp'l V Gordon, 55th Va; J H Philips, 44th Ga; Lt J T Bowhan, 55th Va, (sent corner 7th and Cary;) D P Elderson, 32d N C; Samuel Warren, 48th Ga; J C Coptin, 38th N C; J J Sacry, Purcell Battery; H T Smith, 44th Ga; J M Daster, 44th Ga; C T Armstrong, 38th N C; Corp'l J C Webb, 16th N C; M T Goode, 16th N C; Sergt N H Seisson, 55th Va; J M Scott, 44th Ga; J E Earls, 34th N C; A Francis, 1st N C; J S Hartness, 44th Ga; G Upchurch, 44th Ga; W Thompson, 44th Ga; J M Williams, 44th Ga; Sergt H B Brown, 38th N C; J H Grady, 1st N C
ol A M Seales 13th do; Geo Sink and A Trout, 14th do; Lieut. Col W A Jenkins, 46th do; W F Watts 48th do; Prof Starling; 57th do; A Hardin, 2d Cavalry; D Jannett, 46th N C reg't; O Holdsomer, 4th do; H Whoifenfelt, 4th do; T B Armstrong, 4th do; J P Warren, 18th do; John Campbell, 4th do; Robert Parks, 21st do; Benj Browls; Commanding co C, 22d do; E C McLocland 4th do; Rev Howell, 1st do; Lieut 8 Furr 2d do; N C Rumple, 4th do;--Forcum, 33d do; J P 8 co B, 6th do; A M D Kenny, 4th do; W R Philips, 2d do; R H Joseph E F Burnard; G H P; E B C Harris, co A, 4th do; Lieut. S C Long 4th do; J B Nelson, 54th do; P C Carlton, 2d Cavalry, Major G W Andrew; D F Brower; Thos Summers, 4th N C reg't; M R Gorman, 4th do; John Andrews, 4th do; J R Stevenson, co K, 40th do; W D Laine , 1st Cavalry; J Andrews, co B, 2d do; S F Staneill, 4th N C reg't; Thos Rickard, 4th do; R Morrison, 7th do; R S Gage; Miles Sherrill, Thos Sherrill, 48th do; M M Yandles. co K, 36th do; W Caubis; H P Gidding, 20
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