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Edward L. Pierce, Memoir and letters of Charles Sumner: volume 2, Chapter 17: London again.—characters of judges.—Oxford.—Cambridge— November and December, 1838.—Age, 27. (search)
r Whewell,—and expressed his regard by other attentions. Sumner met the historian again in London, in September, 1857. at the Athenaeum. I was standing the other day by the side of a pillar, so that I was not observed by him, when he first met Phillips, Thomas Phillips.—the barrister who visited America during the last summer; and he cried out, extending his hand at the same time: Well, you are not tattooed, really! Hallam is a plain, frank man, but is said to be occasionally quite testy aThomas Phillips.—the barrister who visited America during the last summer; and he cried out, extending his hand at the same time: Well, you are not tattooed, really! Hallam is a plain, frank man, but is said to be occasionally quite testy and restless. Charles Babbage, 1790-1871; the mathematician. himself one of the most petulant men that ever lived, told me that Hallam once lay awake all night till four o'clock in the morning, hearing the chimes and the watchman's hourly annunciation of them. When he heard the cry, Four o'clock, and a cloudy morning, he leaped from his bed, threw open his window, and, hailing the terrified watchman, cried out: It's not four o'clock; it wants five minutes of it! and, after this volley, at <
Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 15. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), Paroles of the Army of Northern Virginia. (search)
R. Black, 1st Corporal J. H. Turner, 3d Corporal R. Bently, 4th Sergeant A. Henderson, Private J. G. Farley, A. J. Grover, S. Reed, W. B. Story, J. A. Sisemon. Co. K. 1st Sergeant J. F. Hubbard, 4th Sergeant W. F. Roberts, 5th Sergeant L. E. Mosely, 2d Corporal L. E. Epps, 3d Corporal R. D. Bradly, Private J. R. Aderholt, A. Aderholt, D. H. Aderholt, B. F. Anderson, F. A. Bradley, Private C. B. Fowler, D. W. McBurnet, John Martin, S. F. Osborn, Thos. Phillips, J. W. Phillips, G. S. Reeves, A. H. Simpson, D. J. Simpson, Geo. Sliber, Private J. L. Blair, Private J. Slatton, W. O. Anderson, E. E. Treadwell, S. J. Crocker, J. M. W. White. [122] Seventh Texas Brigade. R. M. Powell, Col. Commanding Texas Brigade. Jno. W. Kerr, Capt. and A. A. G. J. H. Littlefield, Maj. and Q. M. Robt. Burns, Maj. and C. S. James A. Rust, Capt. and A. Q. M. W. T. Hill, Capt. Commanding 5th Texas Regiment. W. P. McGowen, Adj't 5th T
Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 15. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), Terry's Brigade, formerly John M. Jones's. (search)
inson, Private James B. Hawkins, Lewis Humphries, Burell B. Harris, John Hutson, Decatur S. Smith. Co. K. Private Eli Cranford, Dewitt C. Hall, Peter P. Milsaps, Private George W. Reid, John W. Walker, Leonard Cranford. [145] Thirty-eighth North Carolina Regiment. Field and Staff. Sergeant-Major John R. Wallace, Hos. Steward David Y. Cooper. Co. A. 1st Sergeant Wm. F. Pearsall, 2d Sergeant Merrill W. Brown, 3d Sergeant John W. Pearsall, 4th Sergeant Thomas Phillips, 5th Sergeant Willis T. Gresham, 1st Corporal Wm. M. Hurst, 3d Corporal John Q. McGowen, 4th Corporal John C. C. Frederick, Private Christopher C. Beney, Wm. H. Boon, John W. Grisham, Private John Hall, Hamilton Helnistitle, Martial B. Jones, Alexander D. McGowen. Geo. W. Middleton, David M. Pearsall, Jesse Sandlin, John R. Southerland, Henry Sullivan, Bryan Thomas, William Thomas. Co. B. Corporal Jas. L. Veach, Private Hardy R. Bizzell, D
Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 17. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), chapter 1.14 (search)
aided in pulling Wagon No. I were: General Charles J. Anderson, Mayor J. Taylor Ellyson, Colonel Archer Anderson, Attorney-General R. Taylor Scott, I. Goddard, Captain E. P. Reeve, commander of Pickett Camp; R. S. M. Valentine, C. Irving Carrington, Andrew J. Berry, Jackson Guy, Charles W. Goddin, Edgar B. White, Joseph H. Shepherd, Colonel J. Bell Bigger, Colonel C. O'B. Cowardin, Tom Poindexter, Major Norman V. Randolph, Colonel W. P. Smith, Captain C. T. Loehr, Colonel J. V. Bidgood, Thomas Phillips, General D. J. Weisiger, R. A. Brock, Captain Thomas Ellett, Colonel John B. Purcell, David B. Jones, Captain E. J. Levy, Julien Binford, and James P. Wood, (who assisted in drawing Washington's statue up Main street); R. B. Munford, John K. Childrey, Daniel J. Turner, George Lumpkin, W. D. Chesterman, H. T. Ezekiel, E. B. Chesterman, P. R. Noel, S. B. Woodfin, E. Cuthbert, J. L. Hill, Edward J. Paynter, George Cornick, Captain George W. Jarvis, Carlton McCarthy, C. P. Winston, Sergeant
Fined. --Thos. Phillips, keeper of a drinking saloon, was fined $10 by the Mayor on Saturday, for keeping his establishment open on Friday night, contrary to ordinance. Thomas was served right, though he did not seem to entertain that opinion.
Trial of Melton. --The trial of John H. Melton, for shooting and wounding P. O. Sims, commenced yesterday before Judge Meredith. The prisoner looked well, and has not suffered perceptibly in health from his long imprisonment. After considerable delay, a jury was empaneled, as follows: Caleb Mason, D. A. Crump, W. W. Savage, P. S. Dawson, A. G. Talman, John W. Harris, J. B. Cowles, R. H. Nowell, M. C. Barnes, T. J. Jones, James Blackburn and Thomas Phillips. The trial was progressing at a late hour last evening.--Counsel for the prisoner, Messrs. Crump and Johnson.
Mayor's Court. --The case of Wm. N. Miller, charged with obtaining goods and money from King & Lambeth, and that of Frank Tormey, for conspiring with Miller, were to have been further investigated yesterday, but, owing to the sickness of counsel, a postponement to Thursday was ordered. Louisa Sunderland was up for stealing a quantity of bed clothing from Jos. H. Crenshaw, but the case was continued until to-morrow. John Franco, arrested for breaking down a plank partition which separated his apartment from that of Mary Wiley, was discharged from custody, after a long and patient investigation. Thos. Phillips and Dominic Francesco were fined for keeping their bar-rooms open on Sunday. Similar charges against John Reinhart, and Charles J. Krause, and one against Dennis D. Sullivan, for keeping his bar-room open after 10 o'clock at night, were continued. A few cases of drunkenness were disposed of in the usual way.
er, the property of John A. Belvin, the particulars of which we have already published. There was no provocation for the offence beyond the negro's proper refusal to take Langdon to ride in his hack, except upon condition that the fare be paid in advance. For this he was deliberately shot at in a public street, and only escaped death by the narrowest chance. Lang don was remanned, to be further examined before the Hustings Court for felonious shooting. Frank Livingston, formerly a private in Col. Zoulakowski's regiment, from Louisiana, charged with obtaining money by false pretences, was brought into Court yesterday, but no further investigation of the case was had, owing to the absence of important witnesses. Continued to the 23d instant. A fine of $20 was imposed upon Thomas Phillips for keeping his bar-room open after 10 o'clock, P. M. Several negro delinquents were put through in the usual way, and a woman of unsteady habits was committed to jail for vagrancy.
H C Hallow, W H Selkirk. Corporal S W Greenleaf. Corporal Edward Drake. Corporal N Copass. Privates Carroll Guire, John Osran, John Hicks, C W Byard, J N Boswell, James Phillips, John Gerald, N Waldrup, William Renfrew, Daniel Hartsell, W R Bosswell, Patrick McEvoy, L Berhitz, Thos Buckingham, Patrick Stout, C C Brooks, C C Whitford, John Elliott, O P Sallsgiver, Alexander Joyce, Thomas Moren, Mike Dorsey, L a Garin, a G Gibson, L B Jones, Jno Hardin, Wm Daniels, Wm Carter, Thomas Phillips, James Campbell, D W Statin, Jas M Hugh, W H Rutherford, L B Thomason, E F Lyle, John Wyatt, E M Balley, W V Ray, S R miles, B Sharp, H Carter, W J Mille, C C Jones, S G Carey, Jas Moseling, G W Cottell, Fred Walter, O T Wilkinson, John C Hickey, John long, R Gainer, T M Merritt, J T Marshall, T J Dougherty, G H Carrin, Jas Green, Alfred Renfrew. the following is a list of the Confederate killed and wounded, taken from the same source: Killed--Privates Douglas, McCabe, Lee, Ca
ary, and a recommendation of the prisoner to the clemency of the Executive. William D. Bowman, who was found guilty, on Thursday, of the involuntary manslaughter of George Balley, a trooper, and fined one cent, was called to the bar for sentence. The Judge announced his term of imprisonment in the city jail at thirty days. Austin Conley is to be tried to-day on the charge of receiving stolen goods. Mayor's Court, Oct. 24th.--A mulatto boy, named Shakespeare, belonging to Thomas Phillips, was arraigned for mistaking the pavement of Broad street for his master's kitchen, about 2 o'clock on Thursday morning. The watchmen deemed him drunk, and his Honor coincided with them in opinion. Ordered a licking. Joseph Wingfield, clerk in Major Griswold's office, gave security to be of good behavior on the charge of interfering with certain city police officers while executing a search warrant in the house of Thomas Bradford, on Franklin street. Robert Maguire, Frank D.
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