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Lucius R. Paige, History of Cambridge, Massachusetts, 1630-1877, with a genealogical register, Chapter 16: ecclesiastical History. (search)
brick edifice was erected on the same spot, at a cost of $45,000, which was dedicated December 12, 1872. As nearly as can now be ascertained, the preachers in charge of this church were appointed as follows:— 1823,Rev. Leonard Frost. 1824, 1825,Rev. D. Young. Died 12 March, 1826. 1826,Rev. Ebenezer Blake. 1827, 1828Rev. Enoch Mudge. Died 2 April, 1850. 1829,Rev. Ephraim Wiley. 1830,Rev. Bartholomew Otheman. 1831,Rev. Ephraim Wiley. 1832,Rev. Leonard B. Griffing. 1833,Rev. George Pickering. Died 8 Dec., 1846. 1834,Rev. James C. Bontecou. 1835,Rev. Edward Otheman. 1836,Rev. Elijah H. Denning. 1837,Rev. Stephen G. Hiler, Jr. 1838, 1839,Rev. Henry B. Skinner. 1840, 1841,Rev. Edmund M. Beebe. 1842, 1843,Rev. Shipley W. Willson. Died 30 Dec., 1856. 1844, 1845,Rev. Samuel A. Cushing. 1846, 1847,Rev. Joseph A. Merrill. Died 22 July, 1849. 1848, 1849,Rev. James Shepard. 1850, 1851,Rev. John W. Merrill, W. U. 1834, D. D. (McK. C.) 1844. 1852, 1853,Rev. William H
e opportunity was offered to purchase the meeting-house of the Second Religious Society (Rev. Bernard Whitman's) on the Common. Dr. Theodore Kittredge and Rev. George Pickering met the Committee of the Unitarian Society at the house of Dr. Hobbs, Agent of the Boston Manufacturing Company, and completed the purchase by giving their joint note for $3,000, its original cost having been about $4,200. They occupied the house in May, 1837, the Rev. George Pickering preaching the first sermon. In 1858 the town purchased the ground of the society for the Common for $6,000, and the church was removed to the site of the present one on Moody Street. The lot, incluthe corner stone of which was laid August 21, 1860. It was completed and dedicated March 13, 1861. The ministers stationed here have been as follows:— Rev. George Pickering, alternating with Rev. O. R. Howard at Watertown, from 1838 to 1839. Rev. E. A. Lyon, from 1839 to 1840. Rev. Horace G. Barrus, from 1840 to 1842.
Medford Historical Society Papers, Volume 12., The first Methodist Episcopal Church of Medford. (search)
The society soon found the chapel too small and moved to the Town Hall. At the New England Conference in 1844, Medford was made a regular station, and Rev. George Pickering was appointed pastor. The next year Rev. George Frost was sent to Medford, and Brother Pickering was appointed a special missionary agent to raise funds f, erected by William B. Stone, was dedicated to the service of God. In the records of the society there is preserved a program of the dedicatory services of the Pickering Methodist Episcopal Church in Medford. This name clung to the church for many years; in fact, until the third edifice was built, in 1872, there were many who still spoke of the Methodist Church as the Pickering Church. Bishop Janes preached the dedication sermon, and prayer was offered by Rev. E. T. Taylor, the Father Taylor of the Seamen's Bethel in Boston. Upon the program mentioned above also appear two hymns, one of six stanzas and one of four, which were written especially for the