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the busy season employs about forty hands. The output is sold mainly in New England, although there is some export trade. Elmer H. Grey is president, and M. S. Fickett treasurer, of the company. The Boston office is 90 Canal Street. Charles E. Pierce & Co., manufacturers of tin cans, 442 Main Street, began business in 1875, and at present employ about twenty hands. They make a specialty of cracker, varnish, and syrup cans, the work being done with dies and machinery. They are the ping screw can-top, used in all kinds of preserve cans. The concern uses mostly American tin plate, made in sizes to suit their work. The manufactured goods are sold all over New England, and shipped West as far as St. Paul. The partners are C. E. Pierce and Charles Waugh. P. J. McElroy & Co. Glass-making was one of the earliest of manufacturing industries in Cambridge; in fact, the industry was once a prominent one in New England. Competition in the West and the ability to produce a ch
62. Curtis Davis & Co., 358. James C. Davis & Co., 359. C. L. Jones & Co., 361. Lysander Kemp & Sons, 360. Charles R. Teele, 362. Spring-Beds. Howe Spring-Bed Co., 393. New England Spring-Bed Co., 392. Stone work. William A. Bertsch, 389. Charles River Stone Co., 389. Connecticut Steam Stone Co., 389. Austin Ford & Son. 389. A. Higgins & Co., 389. John J. Horgan. 389. Alexander McDonald & Son, 388. R. J. Rutherford. 389. Union Marble and Granite Works, 389. Sugar. Revere Sugar Refinery, 394. Telescopes. Alvan Clark & Sons, 379. Tin cans. Charles E. Pierce & Co., 393. Tinware. Dover Stamping Co., 389. Seavey Manufacturing Co., 390. Turning. Standard Turning Works, 390. Twine. American Net and Twine Co., 377. Undertakers' supplies. William L. Lockhart & Co., 390. Vinegar. Cambridge Vinegar Co., 395. Waterproofed clothing. H. M. Sawyer & Son, 391. Wire work. Morss & Whyte, 351.
s book. The lapse of time has shown the survivors of the Battery that this omission on the part of their historian was a mistake; that many of them could have been materially aided in establishing their claims for a pension had these records been available, and that other historical material omitted should have found place in the volume. Acting on this idea at the last meeting of the Battery Association a committee was chosen, consisting of John D. Billings, Maj. Milbrey Green and Lieut. Charles E. Pierce and given full power to print the contents of the Morning Report Book with such other valuable historical material as seemed desirable. That committee, after careful deliberation, decided it to be the part of wisdom to publish these Morning Reports, adding to them the history written many years ago carefully revised and corrected with its roster made accurate and complete. The committee also voted to include in the volume such portraits of members as can now be obtained and as m
perations of the Secoqld Corps; to the late Maj. Gen. William H. French for official reports of campaigns of the Third Corps during our connection with it; to the Hon. William Claflin for a complete set of government maps which have enabled me to trace with accuracy our lines of march in nearly all the movements in which we participated; to Maj. J. Henry Sleeper for his many kind offices during tlhe progress of thle work; to my associates of the committee, Messrs. William E. Endicott, Charles E. Pierce, Willard Y. Gross, George M. Townsend, and G. Fred. Gould, for the information and kindly criticism they have contributed; and to many more whose assistance has been less important only in degree. In the prosecution of my researches, I have examined a large mass of war material, and have sought information by correspondence from commanders or eye-witnesses on both sides. I am also indebted to the past officers who have contributed their portraits. With this introduction I now su
attery in camp at Boxford have received marching orders for Monday, Oct. 6, and will probably reach this city about 1 o'clock. The following is a list of the officers:—Capt., J. Henry Sleeper; Senior 1st Lieut., Henry H. Granger; Junior 1st Lieut., J. Webb Adams; Senior 2nd Lieut., Asa Smith; Junior 2nd Lieut. Thomas R. Armitage; First Sergeant, Otis N. Harrington; Quartermaster Sergeant, S. Augustus Alden; chiefs of Pieces with rank of sergeants, George H. Putnam; Philip T. Woodfin; Charles E. Pierce; Samuel J. Bradlee; Chandler Gould; George F. Gould. Gunners with the rank of Corporals; Andrew B. Shattuck. Charles W. Doe, John H. Stevens, George M. Townsend, Joseph H. Currant, Benjamin F. Parker; Guidon, William H. Fitzpatrick; Artificer. Amasa D. Bacon; Buglers, Joshua T. Reed, John E. Mugford; Company Clerk, Benjamin E. Corlew. The departure of Sleeper's Battery. [Monday Oct. 13, 1862.] The 10th Mass. Battery, Captain Sleeper, now at Boxford will certainly leave for the
nch say concerning Capt. Sleeper, 10th Mass. Battery. He has served immediately under my command in several engagements and I consider him as an officer eminently worthy of promotion, and trust that he will receive it in the proposed reorganization of the batteries from your state. I remain Your Ob't Serv't, [Signed] D. B. Birney, Major General. Morning reports. 1863. Dec. 4. Privates Wm. Endicott and Henry Orcutt reported to quarters. Eleven horses unserviceable. Sergeant Chas. E. Pierce appointed Orderly Sergeant, vice Sergeant Geo. H. Putnam relieved. Dec. 5. Corp'l John H. Stevens and Hunt reported to quarters. One horse died last night. Private Samuel J. Bradllee received is discharge by Order 534 from the War Dep't. W. H. Fitzpatrick returned from furlough. Dec. 7. Three horses shot by order Inspector General 3rd Corps. Dec. 8. One horse died, worn out. Corp'l John H. Stevens and privates Endicott and Orcutt reported for duty. Waldo Pierce reported
n, we lay down behind them and were soon asleep. We were up bright and early on the 16th, expecting a renewal of the attack, and while thus waiting Lieut. Charles E. Pierce were somewhat surprised to see a battery of Napoleons come up to relieve us, and still more so at being ordered back into the fort we passed the night for the Battery, being mainly devoted to resting and cleaning up,—two by no means unimportant enterprises in connection with active campaigning. First Sergeant Charles E. Pierce having been suffering from a long illness was sent to the hospital the 17th. During his convalescence he was commissioned 1st Lieutenant of the 20thm the trenches. Morning reports. 1864. June 13. One horse died of exhaustion. .One pole broken. June 16. One caisson wheel disabled. June 17. Serg't C. E. Pierce, privates Gowell and Benjamin G. Pedrick sent to hospital. June 18. One horse died of exhaustion. June 19. Private Win. H. Bickford sent to hospital
urton returned from brigade hospital. John F. Sullivan, private Co. I, 4th N. Y. H. Art'y, 1st Brigade, 1st Division, 2nd A. C. detached to this Battery as bugler per Special Order No. 237 Headquarters 2nd Corps. Private Geo. K. Putnam, a paroled prisoner at Annapolis, Md., wounded and in hospital. Sept 19. One horse died—Glanders. Sept. 21. Corp'l T. Beck, eight men and two caissons returned from Ammunition Train. Hiram Warburton sent to brigade hospital. Sept. 22. First Sergeant Chas. E. Pierce and Serg't Geo. F. Gould discharged for promotion by S. O. No. 304, War Dep't A. G. O. Sept. 23. Notice received of John Millett, paroled prisoner sick in general hospital Div. 2, Annapolis, Md., Sept. 14. Sept. 24. Notice received that of the 15 men transferred to Battery K, 4th U. S. Art'y, 11 are present for duty, 4 absent, sick (John H. Carr, Aug. 12, W. E. Hooper, Aug. 13, J. W. Hayden April 13, W. M. Bastable May 12, 1864). Sept. 25. James D. Smith sent to brigad
John D. Billings, The history of the Tenth Massachusetts battery of light artillery in the war of the rebellion, The Tenth Massachusetts Battery Association (search)
they proved only partial successes. But Feb. 4, 1879, in answer to a call issued by a self-constituted committee consisting of comrades George M. Townsend, Charles E. Pierce, William E. Endicott, G Fred. Gould, Joseph H. Currant, and John D. Billings, forty-four comrades met at Young's Hotel, Boston, and formed the present Association. Soon after 7 o'clock the assembly was called to order by Comrade Pierce, who briefly stated the object of the gathering. Comrade William E. Endicott was chosen temporary chairman. A committee was appointed, who reported the following, which was unanimously adopted by the Association as its Constitution and by-lawsew Business. A committee to nominate officers for permanent organization reported for President, Maj. J. Henry Sleeper; for Secretary and Treasurer, Lieut. Charles E. Pierce; and a list of two vicepres-idents, and au Executive Committee of five,—all of whom were unanimously elected. The Association has met annually ever si
Herlehy, Timothy—— Hooper, Joseph A.Sept. 22, 1866 Herring, WilliamMar. 12, 1873 Horrigan, RichardJan. 2, 1864 Hill, Pierce T.Oct. 8, 1888 Handlin, JohnApril 6, 1906 Innis, George H.July 19, 1907 Jewell, Edwin C.—— Jones, HenryApril—, 1896 1893 Neagle, Patrick E.—— Orcutt, HenrySept. 28, 1879 Oliver, Hiram B.Jan. —, 1897 O'Connell, JeremiahMay 5, 1905 Pierce, George H.Mar. 15, 1864 Pierce, WaldoApril 16, 1881 Pierce, Leverett——– Putnam, George K.Nov. 21, 1864 Putnam, GeorgePierce, WaldoApril 16, 1881 Pierce, Leverett——– Putnam, George K.Nov. 21, 1864 Putnam, George H.April 8, 1906 Peach, JamesFeb. 6, 1865 Packard, Charles N.Feb. 13, 1887 Parker, Adolphus B.June 13, 1889 Parker, Benjamin F.Feb. 20, 1907 Pike, HiramAug.—, 1892 Pease, George A.April 17, 1895 Paine, SamuelApril 10, 1900 Pedrick, JohnNov. 7Pierce, Leverett——– Putnam, George K.Nov. 21, 1864 Putnam, George H.April 8, 1906 Peach, JamesFeb. 6, 1865 Packard, Charles N.Feb. 13, 1887 Parker, Adolphus B.June 13, 1889 Parker, Benjamin F.Feb. 20, 1907 Pike, HiramAug.—, 1892 Pease, George A.April 17, 1895 Paine, SamuelApril 10, 1900 Pedrick, JohnNov. 7, 1901 Rawson, WilliamAug. 23, 1906 Redfield, Timothy G.——, 1865 Reed, Joshua T.Aug. 21, 1886 Riley, JohnDec. 25, 1874 Rollins, Lieut. William E.Nov. 15, 1901. Rice, Albert E.Nov. 15, 1902 Rising, Justus J.Ma
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