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Wanted-- Volunteers--Fifty men to complete a company of Heavy Artillery, for Col. Morries's regiment. This company offers great inducements to these wishing to avoid militia draft, as it will be stationary and in good quarters. A bounty of $50 will be paid to each man when mustered in. Rations will be furnished those desiring them until mastered in. This is the last opportunity offered the citizens of Henrico, Richmond, Chesterfield and Hanover. For further information, apply next door to Hicks's Stable 10th street, where one of the undersigned will be found. Chas. M. Pleasants, Vernon A Rowis, E. S. Pleasants, Jesse Crild. mh 24--10t*
50 dollars reward. --Ranaway, on the 20th inst, my mulatto boy, named Rob, about 5 feet high, well built, 23 years old, has a brother living with Mr Pleasants, the auctioneer, has been hired for the last year to Mr John Lindsay, on the Plank-road, and has a scar on the side of the neck. He was last seen on the tow-path on his way up the canal. He is supposed to have a forged pass. The above reward will be paid if he is delivered to me at my residence, on Carrington street. Thos French. ja 23--eod3t*
Theft and foot Race. --Yesterday morning, while the auction at Mr. E. S. Pleasants's was going on, a negro man named William, who says he is free, but was without proper papers, was seen to steal some articles which were lying loose, when he was taken in custody by Mr. P., and started for the watch-house; but, before getting there he broke loose and struck off at a full run up 17th to Broad street, where he turned, and continued till overtaken by a crowd of men and boys, who came to the assistance of Mr. P., and joined in the chase for about a half mile. After being captured he was taken to the lower watch house, where a search was instituted, when three knives, one tumbler, and $274.65, supposed to have been stolen, were found on his person.
Major's Court --In the absence of His Honor, Recorder James K. Caskie administered upon the business before this Court yesterday morning. A free negro, named William, was arraigned on the charge of stealing from Mr. E. S. Pleasants's auction store, on Wednesday morning, three knives and one tumbler glass. In addition to the proof as to his guilt on the above charge, the officers who arrested him found on his person $274.75 supposed to have been stolen. At the request of Mr. George Dabucy Wootton, counsel for the accused, William's father was introduced to prove that he had given him several dollars in gold and silver to exchange for Confederate money, which would clear up the mystery in connection with the money which was found. The Recorder thought the matter by no means clearly explained, and therefore ordered him thirty-nine lashes, and required security in the sum of $300 for his good behavior. The charge against Trauma Constant, a Frenchman residing on 14th st
Recaptured from the enemy. --The following negroes, stolen from their owners by marauders, were recaptured near Walkerton, in King and Queen county by Lieut. Pollard, and committed to Castle Thunder on Saturday. Pleasants, Nelson, and Ephralin, slave of Plamer Hobson, of Goochland county, Va. Anderson, Lewis, William, John, Nat, and James Heath, slaves of Dunlop Fisher, Goochland, John and Robert slaves of Wm. C. M Henrico; William, Robert, and Philip, slaves of Col. J. A Tompkins, Richmond; Miles, Hanson, Mark, Moces, and William, slaves of James A Korson, of Goochland; Walker, slave of William Cuper, of Louisa; Chastain, slave of Jack While, Powhatan; Thomas, slave of Martin Springfellow, Orange; Newman, slave of Fisher, Goochland; Arthur, slave of Anderson King, Hanover; George, slave of Dr. McKensie, Powhatan; William, slave of Ben Green; Philip, slave of B. Trent, Cumberland; Joe, slave of Edward Streight, Louisa; Patrick, slave of Baswift, Louisa; Billy, slave of Ja
He was therefore discharged. Mary, slave of John Brock, was charged with stealing from the wardrobe of Henry Klein a tin box, in which were about ten thousand dollars in coin, bank notes and jewelry; and Sandy, slave of John Brock, was charged with receiving the same. Mary acknowledges the theft and says that she gave the box and contents to Sandy, but Sandy denies knowing anything about it. The case was continued until the 16th instant. The charge against Ann James and Prisons Pleasants, free negroes, of feloniously having and receiving one horse, knowing it to have been stolen, was continued till Tuesday. Philip Whitlock, charged with buying watermelons in the market from E. T. Blackburn with the intention of re-selling them at an advanced price, was made to pay a fine of twenty dollars and suffer-the confiscation of the melons. Officer Culch Crone, who reported the case, was directed to dispose of the confiscated property and turn the proceeds over to the city aud
Robbery. --At E. S. Pleasants's auction-house, yesterday morning, an old free negro named Joseph Case had his pocket picked of a roll of Confederate notes amounting to over two hundred dollars. Joseph is in the habit of attending auctions, and the money which he had stolen from him was intended for investment at a sale which was then going on.