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Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 15. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), Terry's Brigade, formerly John M. Jones's. (search)
R. M. Roane. Co. D. 2d Lieut. A. P. Davies, 1st Sergeant R. C. Heywood, 2d Sergeant R. C. Robbins, Private T. B. Armistead, W. H. Clements, Chas. Catlett, S. F. Catlett, J. R. Du Val, J. H. C. Enos, A. C. Lambeth, Private C. W. Montague, J. D. Pointer, J. R. Carey, A. M. Pointer, A. W. Robins, J. H. Rowe, W. C. Stubbs, W. R. Thurston, W. C. Trevillian, Co. E. Capt. J. M. Jeffries, Private T. H. Gatewood, P. Gresham, E. W. Hawes, H. Jones, J. K. Peay, Private H. R. Pollard, M. Smith, H. Rodgers, C. Rodgers, Wm. Minter. Co. F. Capt. L W. Allen, 2d Lieut. J. E. Broaddus, 1st Sergeant J. H. F. Tompkins, 2d Sergeant T. Roby, 4th Sergeant L. H. Stern, Corporal W. H. Goodwin, Private C. C. Blanton, B. Bryan, G. W. Beadles, T. C. S. Bromwell, Spot Bird, L. Broaddus, Private J. W. Flippo, J. H. Hall, J. H. Harris, B. J. Hart, R. Lusby, C. M. D. Mitchell, R. Norriss, John Perdue, R. Riggs;, C. S. Shafer (or Slinfer), G.
Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 22. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), chapter 1.27 (search)
als, and members of the City Council. Zzzhampton and the Vets. The white head of General Wade Hampton, the South Carolina chieftain, as he rode at the head of the veterans' column, was but the signal for outbursts of applause every few minutes. He was not less soldierly in appearance than any one in the procession. General Hampton's staff was composed of the following gentlemen: General William B. Talliaferro, General D. M. Sorrel, Colonel R. L. Maury, Captain George J. Rogers, H. R. Pollard, General E. M. Law, Colonel Archer Anderson, Major William Munford, H. H. Marks and R. H. Harwood. Each member of the South Carolina division carried strips of palmetto. The Marylanders, with General Bradley T. Johnson at the front, and with their remarkable battle-flags, attracted much attention. They were preceded by the Maryland Veterans' Band, one of the finest musical organizations in the country. The Virginia veterans marched with nimble step to the martial strains of the r
Not heard. --The charge against H. R. Pollard, of violently assaulting Thos. McMahon, was not investigated by the Mayor yesterday, owing to the absence of witnesses. It will be heard at 10 o'clock this morning.
Continued. --The charge against H. R. Pollard, for assaulting Thos. McHahan, was continued by the Mayor yesterday, to the absence of witnesses.
gain. --In the Mayor's Court yesterday morning, Messrs. H. R. Pollard and E. C. Elmore again appeared, in accordance withof that morning was conclusive evidence to his mind that Mr. Pollard was engaged as the second of Mr. John M. Daniel in his day morning with Mr. Elmore, and therefore he should hold Mr. Pollard as particeps criminis in that affair, and send him, as hn summoned in the case of an apprehended meeting between Mr. Pollard and Mr. Elmore had not appeared, but he was ready to headefence had to offer. Mr. P. H. Aylett, counsel for Mr. Pollard, desired to know whether the Mayor pretended to say thatr would see the propriety and the justice of discharging Mr. Pollard. He further said that there was not the slightest groune, and he should therefore adhere to his purpose to turn Mr. Pollard over to a county justice to answer the charge of being aore not require any further recognizance from them. Mr. Pollard then left the court-room and proceeded to the office of