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, J. A. Dill, Jack Ellerson, C. H. Exall, Wm. Exall, R. Ellett, Samuel Etting, M. Fontaine, Wm. T. Gibson, W. G. Gray, S. Gray, J. W. Green, T. R. Green,--Gentry,--Gilliam, Irving Hull,--Haynes, Pat Henry, M. Hudgins, P. B. Jones, Dave Jones, R. J. Jordan, T. Kellogg,--Lind say, E. B. Meade, S. D. Mitchell, Chas. Mittledorfer, J. R. Mountcastle, A. H. Mebane, J. French Meredith, Charles A. McEvoy, W. H. P. Morriss, J. E. Mayo, R. McMurde, R. G. Maddux, W. Norwood, L. Nunnally,--Pardijons, J. G. Powell, W. A. Piet, H. Picot, J. H. B. Paine, W. A. Pegram, George Peterkin, G. R. Pace, T. A. Pace, W. G. Pollard, H. Peaster, Mann Page,--Redd, T. Randolph, D. J. Burr Reeve, J. J. Reeve, C. A. Robinson, R. T. Robinson, W. S. Robertson, G. Rennie, A. Jackson Singleton, R. A. Sublett, C. Skinker, E. H. Smith, M. Sizer, A. R. Tatum, V. H. Tatum, C. E. Taylor. E. B. Taylor, R. T. Taylor, R. M. Tabb, R. E. Tyler, Ed. Tompkins, Benj. Van Buren, Jos Willis, H. H. Watkins, A. S. Watkins, R. White, J.
Contributions for the ladies. Editors Dispatch.--Within a few days the following sums have been given to the Baptist colportage Board, located in this city, to aid in supplying our soldiers with religious reading; Professor James P. Boyes, D. D.50.00 Georgia Baptist Association400.00 Rev. J. W. D. great of Texas, per J. G. Powell, Esq30.00 James A David, Greenville, S. O., per Rev J. P-Boyes, D. D25.00 Rev. A. Eubank, Bedford county7.68 Mat. Wilson, of Tennessee17.00 Mrs. Nannie L. Elsorn Howardsville, Virginia8.50 T. A. & J. W. Foushee, Culpeper C. H.10.00 Rev. J. D. Hufham, Raleigh, N. C.11.33 Rev. S. Boykin, Macon, Georgia5.00 Some friends in Fredericksburg, Va.23.00 R. R. Booker, Charlotte, Virginia5.00 Professor A McDowell, for Mrs. Hill, of North Carolina1.00 Mrs James Vest, Louisa county, Va.2.00 We earnestly appeal to the friends of the soldier to aid us in the work of supplying the army in this State with a picks, evangelical literature. The
The Daily Dispatch: August 13, 1862., [Electronic resource], The fight at Southwest mountain further particulars. (search)
his city, in the 21st regiment, went into the fight with eighteen men, only six of whom came out uninjured. We append a list of the casualties as far as they have been received: Killed--Lt.-Col. Richard H. Cunningham, of this city, commanding the 21st regiment; Major Lane, commanding the 42d regiment. We are indebted to Orderly Sergeant J. Childs for a telegraphic dispatch giving the casualties in Company F, of Richmond: Killed--Capt. Wm. H. Morgan, Corporal R. S. Lindsay; privates J. G. Powell and H. V. Anderson. Wounded — Serg't W. G. Pollard, (since dead,) Corporal J. N. Nunnally, (since dead;) privates H. H. Watkins, E. G. Tompkins. J. Porter Wren, Clarence E. Taylor, C. M. Redd, R. H. Gilliam. In the Purcell Battery, of Richmond, the casualties are as follows: Killed--Lieut. Mercer Featherston, Privates George Royall, and Strother Limerick. Wounded--Commissary Sergeant H. Crocket Eddins, in arm; Sergeant Skyrin Temple, slightly in side; William Tyler, thumb blow