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Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 18. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), chapter 3 (search)
rans, Captain W. Deane Courtney. The march was then resumed up Franklin street to the Lee monument, where the line arrived a little before 4 o'clock. At General Lee's monument. The ceremonies at the monument-grounds were very brief but interesting, and in their picturesqueness tended to remind those there assembled of the unveiling of the statue last May. Just as the line passed out of Franklin street it was reviewed by Governor McKinney and Mayor Ellyson from the porch of Mr. R. W. Powers's elegant residence, the last on the street, while a youth in the yard below held aloft a beautiful silk State flag. The column then marched around the monument, the infantry passing onward taking a position in the open field several hundred yards to the north. The cavalry followed in the same direction, while the artillery wheeled into position considerably to the left. The veterans were drawn up around the monument. Salute and Music. The regiment then fired a salute, firing
Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 33. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), Some of the drug conditions during the war between the States, 1861-5. (search)
Ward, of Mobile; H. Metcalf, at Montgomery, Ala.;J. A. Lee, New Iberia, La.; N. O. Mior, Columbia, S. C.; John Ingalls, Macon, Ga.; J. J. Shott, Galveston, Tex.; F. S. Duffy, New Bren, S. C.; G. W. Aymer, Charleston, S. C.; S. T. Dernoville, and A. H. Roscoe, Nashville, Tenn.; Robert Carter, Columbus, Ga.; A. Solomons, Savannah, Ga.; Crawford W. Long, Athens, Ga. To afford an idea of the prices ruling in Richmond, June 1863, I append the articles in some original invoices purchased by R. W. Powers, from Kent, Paine & Co. Some are as follows: Three boxes ext. logwood, 47 lbs. at $4.00 per lb.; 1 keg bicarb soda, 112 lbs. at $2.75; 1 case brown Windsor soap, $12.75 doz.; 1 bbl. camphor, 86 lbs. at 20.00; 112 lbs. of blue galls at $4; 100 lbs. tartaric acid, $2.25 per lb.; salt, 440. lb.; hops, $2.50 lb.; 1 cask French brandy, $52.00 gallon; Indian ink, 750. bottle; 9 dozen assorted pencils, $4 doz.; phosphorous, $14.00 per lb.; citric acid, $4.50; oil peppermint, $16.50; Epsom salt
Wanted — to Hire --For the ensuing year, a Nurse, without encumbrance. None but those who can come well recommended need apply. R. W. Powers, Corner Main and Wall sts. ja 2--ts
Cigars, Cigars. --Two hundred thousand Cigars on hand, and receiving from New Orleans selected in person with great care, ranging in price from ten dollars to one hundred dollars a thousand. The attention of cutlets is especially called For sale by R. W. Powers, no 9 Druggist, cor. Main and 15th sts.
The Daily Dispatch: November 11, 1861., [Electronic resource], Old School Presbytery of the Confederate States. (search)
20 doz. Sweet Oil --Just received, and for sale by R. W. Powers, Druggist. no 9 Cor. Main and 15th sts.
Sponges; Corks, of all sizes; Chamois Skins; Ground Mustard, in bulk; Flax Seed Mial; Powdered Cubits, and Flake Manna, for sale by R. W. Powers, no 9 Coiner Main and 15th sts.
Thorn's Extract; Tarant's Extract; Seltzer-Aperiest, lost received, and for sale by R. W. Powers, Druggist, no 9 Corner Main and 15th sts.
Soaps, Soaps. --Fine French Toilet Soaps, Pomades Handkerchief Extracts, and Colognes, just received and for sale by R. W. Powers, no 9 Corner Main and 15th sts.
he claims of these brave patriots by our fellow-citizens, notwithstanding the numerous calls of a similar character that have been made upon their liberallty. The receipts following are at present deposited with Mr. J. L. Reeve, at the store of Messrs. Yancey & Harrison; A. K. Johnson, $5; Edw'd Mayo; 5; J. A. Inloes, 5; Yancey & Harrison, 10; Cash, 5; Miles Seldon, 2; Geo. Whitfield, 25; a lady, (Mrs. J. G. B.,) 2; Miss Josephine elecon, 2; N. C. Barton, 2; Cash 5; Alfred Moses, 5; R. W. Powers, 5; P. H. Starke 5; Jno. Blair, 5; Purcell, Ladd & Co., 50; Richardson & Co., 5; Christian & Lamrop, 10; R. C. Howe, 5; E. Gathrigut, 5; Bulkley & Co., 5; Jas. Woodhouse & Co., 5; John T. Gray, 5; P. J. Wright, 5; H. T., 1; J. R. F., 1; W. K. Watts, 5; J. W. handolph, 10; R. L. Dickinson, 5; mitchell & Tyler, 10; Wm Greanor, 5; J. A. Clarkson & Co., 5; J. W. Wright, 5; Jas. A. Scott, 5; Belvidere Manufacturing Co., W. R. Whitfield, 10; S. S. Cottell, 10; C. R. D., 1; Miss N. Cassell, 5; A
The Daily Dispatch: April 11, 1862., [Electronic resource], The gunboat — patriotic appeal--Capt. Maury's Address. (search)
Pipe Stems, Pipe Stems. --A large loss of Root Pipe Steams, for sale at low prices, by R. W. Powers, Druggist, Corner Main and 15th sts.
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