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Wm. Martin, Massie, Matthews, Maupin, McCamant, McCue, McDowell, McGruder, John R. Miller, Montague, Morgan, Myers, Newton, Orgain, Patterson, Preston, Rutherford, Saunders, Seddon, Sibert, Isaac N. Smith, Staples, Thompson, Tyler, Walker, Ward, Welch, Willcox, Witten, and Woolfolk--63. Nays.--Messrs. Arnold, Bassel, Bell, Booker, Brown, Burks, Cassin, Childs, Collier, Crane, Crump, Davis, Dickenson, Edwards, Ferrill, Friend, John Gilmer, C. H. Gilmer, Hoffman, Hopkins, Hunt, Leftwich, Lundy, Lynn, Mallory, Thomas Martin, McGehee, Medley, Miles, Mong, Morris, Phelps, Pretlow, Pritchard, Richardson, Wyndlram Robertson, R. K. Robinson, Rives, Scott, Shannon, James K. Smith, Tomlin, Arthur Watson, West, Wilson, Wingfield, and Yerby--48. So the bill was lost, for want of a constitutional majority. On motion of Mr. Graham, the vote was reconsidered. On motion of Mr. Chapman, the bill was laid on the table. On motion, the House adjourned to Saturday at 11 o'clock.
, Graham, Grattan, Hanly, Harrison, Haymond, Hoffman, Hopkins, Hunt, James, Jett, Johnson, Crawford H. Jones, Warner T. Jones, Kaufman, Keen, Kee, Kember, Kincheloe, Knotts, Kyle, Leftwich, Locke, Lockbridge, Lucas, Lundy, Linn, Magruder, Mallory, J. G. Martin, Thomas Martin, Wm. Martin, Massie, Matthews, McDowed, McGehee, McGruder, McKinney, McKenzie, Medley, Miles, David, Miller, Mong, Montague, Montgomery, Morgan, Morris, Myers, Nelson, Newton, Orgain, Patterson, Phelps, Porter, Preston, Pretlow, Pritchard Randolph, Reid, Richardson, Riddick, Wyncham Robertson, R. K. Robinson, Rives, Rutherfoord, Saunders, Scott, Seddon, Segar, Shannon, Sherrard, Sibert, James K. Smith, Isaac N. Smith, Henry Smith, Staples, Thomas, Thompson, Tomlin, Tyler, Walker, Wallace, Ward, Arthur, Watson, Watts, West, Wilson, Wilcox, Wingfield, Witten, Wood, Woolfolk, Yerby, and Mr. Speaker.--141. Gen. Kemper was requested to communicate the passage of the bill to the Senate.--[Note.--The document in qu
man, Holdway. Hopkins, Jett, Johnson, Keen, Knotts, Kyle, Leftwich, Lockridge, Lucas, B. H. Magruder, J. G. Martin, Wm. Martin, Massie, Matthews, Maupin, Z. S. McGruder, McKenzie, Medley, Miles, Morgan, Myers, Patterson, Phelps. Porter, Preston, Pretlow, Pritchard, Randolph, Reid, Richardson, Riddick, W. Robertson, Saunders, Segar, Shannon, Sherrard, Sibert. J. K. Smith. 1. N. Smith, Staples, Thompson, Walker, Wallace, A. Watson, Watts, Welch, West, Wingfield, Wood and Yerby--83 A vote beontz, Hanly, Harrison, Haymond, Hackley, Hoffman, Holdway, Hopkins, Johnson, Keen, Kyle, Locke, Lockbridge, Lucas, J. G. Martin, Wm. Martin, Massie, Matthews, Maupin, McGruder, McKenzie, Medley, Morris, Myers, Patterson, Phelps. Porter, Preston, Pretlow, Randolph, Reid, Richardson, Riddick, Wyndham Robertson, Segar, Shannon, Sherrard, Sibert, Staples, Thompson, Walser, Arthur Watson, Watts, Welch, and Wingfield--63. The New York Resolutions.--The Speaker presented a special message from th
nually. Mr. Robertson, from the Committee on Confederate Relations, submitted a report from that Commitee on the resolution requiring it to inquire into the impediments to the attendance of members of the Legislature who belong to or hold commissions in the army. The committee report that the impediment has been removed in the case of Lieut.-Col. K. R. Linkous by application to the Secretary of War. There were a large number of resolutions offered, among them the following: By Mr. Pretlow: Of exempting the county of Southampton, and other counties on the confines of the enemy's lines, from complying with the call of the Secretary of War for slaves to work on fortifications. By Mr. Barksdale: Of providing for the payment of the value of slaves impressed by the Confederate States in cases where their deaths have occurred from negligence of the agents of the Confederate States. By Mr. Hunter, of Berkeley: Of furnishing salt to such counties as have not heretofore been furni
ng--Of forming into military districts, for defence against raids, such cities, towns, and counties as may be so situated as to render the formation of such districts convenient as well as mutually defensive.--By Mr. Edwards--Of requiring the Banks of the Commonwealth to receive deposits from all citizens who may desire to make them. By Mr. Saunders--Of reporting a bill to prevent the impressment of articles on the way to market for the supply of the same. A resolution, submitted by Mr. Pretlow, to appoint a special committee to wait on the Governor and request him to make known to the citizens, by proclamation or otherwise, their rights under the impressment laws, and their cause of procedure for illegal seizures of their property, was laid over under the rules. The bill providing for disabled soldiers, and the families of deceased soldiers, which was made the order of the day for to-day on Saturday last was taken up, and after various amendments was ordered to its engross
2,500 to the Virginia Military Institute, to supply a deficiency, was passed. In the House, Senate bill to provide for the trial of friendly suits on petitions, &c., arising in counties in possession of the enemy or threatened with invasion, was taken up and passed. From the Committee on Finance, Mr. Bouldin reported back House bill for the relief of indigent soldiers and sailors, with a recommendation that the amendments of the Senate thereto be not agreed to. On motion of Mr. Pretlow, the resolution to appoint a committee of three to wait on the Governor and request him to make known by proclamation the rights of the citizen under the impressment laws, and their course of procedure for illegal seizures of their property, was taken up. After some discussion, on motion of Mr. Shackelford, the consideration of the resolution was indefinitely postponed. Mr. Cowan offered a resolution, which was laid over under the rule, to restrict debate, until the close of the
the officers of election (to be held in March) for members of the General Assembly shall direct a separate poll to be opened, where the question shall be voted upon: "Shall the powers of a convention be conferred upon the General Assembly of Virginia?" with the reservation that said convention shall not alter the Bill of Rights or certain sections of the State Constitution; that the tickets to be voted shall indicate whether the voter is for or against a convention.] Messrs. Deane and Pretlow, of the committee appointed to report upon the subject, submitted a minority report, declaring a convention inexpedient at this time. A debate arose upon the disposal of the bill. It was finally ordered to be printed, the House refusing to suspend the rules in order to put the bill upon its second reading. The consideration of the bill was then made the order of the day for to morrow. Mr. Deane then moved the printing of the minority report, and it was so ordered. Mr. Pendl