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Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 4. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), Editorial Paragraphs. (search)
now we especially need an increase of revenue, and it would be very acceptable if some of our Annual Members would become life Members-if some whose subscriptions have expired would renew-and if our friends generally would exert themselves to replenish our treasury, and enable us to push forward more vigorously our work. We acknowledge the following Contributions: From Gov. J. D. Porter, of Tennessee-An autograph letter from General Albert Sidney Johnston, dated Dec'r 25th, 1861, to Gov. Harris, giving his plans, resources, and general views of the approaching campaign. From Rev. P. B. Price, of Virginia-Memoir of Capt. Thos. E. King, by Rev. Dr. Jos. C. Stiles. [We are anxious to secure all similar publications made during the war.] From A. Barron Holmes, Charleston--South Carolina in the revolution. A Memorial of the Special Services held May, 1875, at St. Philip's Church, Charleston, in commemoration of the planting of the Church of England in the Province of S. C.
Passengers per Steamship Yorktown, Parrish, Master from New York: J. B. Whitehead, N. B. Hawes, R. Klyne, Jas Smith. H. W. James, R. Pierson and lady. J. E. Meyers, A. Berndoffer, O P. Tucker, Mr. Harrison, R. G. Patterson C. H. Foster, A. M. Burt. C. Duwail, A. Bush, Mrs. Hunt, Mrs. Ketchum Jas. A Gibbs. Mrs. S. Smith and two children, M. F. Corbelt, Mrs. Capt. Russell and niece, Samuel G. Baptist. Mrs., F. A. Voorhis and child, F. R, Price. D. Tuttle, and 14 steerage. Also from Norfolk.--Henry Joslin. Mrs. Cone, J. A. Ronaldue, Jas. H. Thomas, Jos. Zimmerman, Jno. Bullock, Jas. Sterling.
iples of this cause. Since the foregoing was prepared for publication, a distinguished member of the grand Division has furnished us with a sketch of the proceedings, from which we make an extract: "After the business was finished, some two hours passed away pleasantly, in a sort of general interchange of opinion and sentiment, earnest appeal, humorous sillies, and exhortations to energy in the work of the Order.--The general feeling was well embodied in a resolution proposed by P. B. Price, of Richmond, which, in substance, set forth the presence of so many members of the G. D. convened in special session upon so brief notice, gave encouraging proof of the vitality of the Order. And indeed it was remarkable, that in the midst of the agitations and doubts of the times, when men's heads are so fully occupied with the aspects of political affairs, that so large a number of gentlemen could be induced to leave their homes and come to the city upon this mission. Undoubtedly thi
Saunders, Thomas Boldeman, G. W. Thomas, V. Bargamin, John Knute (of Wheeling), H. K. Ellyson, D. J. Burr, Thomas U. Dudley, W. Fleischmanns, H. A. Dudley, Andrew Jenkins, M. Downey, W. W. Snead, Geo. W. Gretter, Thomas L. Johnson, Paulus Powell (of Amherst). This committee will proceed to Manassas in the early train this morning. Committee to Procure Accommodations.--B. W. Haxall, John D. Harvey, James Blair, A. S. Lee, H. Hancock, Thos. W. McCance, Thos. W. Doswell, W. J. Riddick, P. B. Price, Geo. Watt, Emanuel Straus, M. Downey, Edwin A. Smith, John Gibson. Geo. S. Lownes, Wm. H. Lyons, John H. Knowles, Samuel J. Rutherfoord, C. Crew, H. Spotts, Thos. Vaiden, (Manchester,) John Enders, John L. Tate, F. W. Redford. C. Burnett, R. A. Mayo, Thos. G. Bell, C. Bates, Jos. Allen, John Hatcher, (Manchester,) Geo. S. Palmer, Caleb Jacobs, Thomas Jones, R. O. Haskins, L. Libby, M. Milhiser, Lewis H. Frayser, C. R. Barksdale, Chas. Campbell, Thos. C. Epps, E. Norvell Jones, H. T. Pai
for a feast for the Federals after cleaning out our boys — a good joke, but badly spoilt. Our brave State troops still charged them three miles South of Carthage, when they were checked by night overtaking them. They then rested for refreshments, which it may be imagined they wanted badly. On the following morning, Ben. McCulloch joined them with 6,000 Rangers, who followed the Federals on Saturday, the result of which had not been ascertained up to the time our messenger left; but as Gen. Price, with 3,000 men, was advancing on them from the South of Carthage, they certainly captured the whole command. After our boys had cut off the wing of the enemy with their four cannon, the best they had, they were compelled to cut them down before they would give up the guns. The cavalry, in which our Johnson boys played a conspicuous part, charged on them, and in many cases they would not surrender until they were cut down. The boys had to ride up and cut their heads off. They got al
The Daily Dispatch: August 1, 1861., [Electronic resource], General Toombs' Brigade--Second Georgia Regiment. (search)
Care of Disabled soldiers. --At a recent meeting of the Committee for Reception and Accommodation of Sick and Wounded Soldiers, Mr. John Enders was elected Treasurer. Two valuable additions have been made to the committee, which now is as follows: John D. Harvie, Chairman; B. W. Haxall, Secretary; H. A. Dudley, Assistant Secretary and Keeper of Register; Jas. Blair, A. S. Lee, H. Hancock, T. W. McCane, Thos. W. Doswell, W. J. Riddick, P. B. Price, Geo. Watt, E. Straus, Ed. A. Smith, John Gibson, W. H. Lyons, John H. Knowles, Samuel J. Rutherford, C. Crew, A. Spotts, Thos. Vaden, John Enders, Jos. Tate, F. Redford, C. Burnett, R. A. Mayo, T. G. Bell, Charles Bates, Joseph Allen, John Hatcher, Geo. S. Palmer, Caleb Jacobs, Thos. Jones, Robt. O. Haskins, Luther Libby, M. Milhiser, L. H. Frayser, C. R. Barksdale, Chas. Campbell, T. C. Eppes, D. N. Jones, H. T. Pairo, W. Goddin, Chas. Beble, W. F. Taylor, Jordan Martin, and J. H. Johnson. Members of the committee who a
Sabbath Discourse. --The Rev. P. B. Price preached on Sunday afternoon an excellent sermon to the soldiers now guarding the fortifications on Marion Hill. As usual with him, feeling the importance of the subject, an earnestness was imparted to his bearers which we hope may be productive of some good.
The Daily Dispatch: February 10, 1862., [Electronic resource], The North Carolina coast and its points of interest and defence. (search)
od: eyes 93, nose 54. It is probable that the Senate will enact the bill. The direct tax bill has not been passed yet.--It is still under consideration in Congress. The Herald publishes the following dispatches: Rolla, Mo., Feb. 5.--Gen. Price is within eight miles of Springfield, Missouri. Boston,Feb. 6.--Great preparations are being made to hurry up the speedy departure of Butler's expedition. Several of the vessels are fitted out complete and are ready. Ten thousand troops ped in all future debate, and that exclusive attention be given to the business of the country. The Chicago Tribune denounces McClellan's inactivity. A dispatch received by the St. Louis Democrat, dated Rolla, Mo., Feb. 6th, says that Gen. Price has been hemmed in completely by the Federal forces, and that he must fight or surrender. Captain Mansfield and several others have been captured. San Francisco telegraph dates to the 4th February have been received at New York, though th
ions of money, clothing, medicines, &c., had been placed under the control of the committee, by which much destitution and suffering endured by our soldiers had been relieved. These supplies had come in almost unsolicited, evincing a cheering interest on the part of the committee, which greatly encouraged the committee. Arrangements were in progress for the procurement of a large room in the city, to afford lodging for the furloughed soldiers now passing through the city, and in many cases unable to obtain shelter for a night's rest.--Five hundred dollars had been already pledged for this object, and it was not doubted that our citizens would respond liberally to enable the committee to execute this necessary and praise worthy enterpirse. Mr. P. B. Price gave some account of his labors in Chimborazo Hospital. The soldiers there were eager for religious instruction and reading. The Association then adjourned, to meet at the same place on the second Tuesday evening in March next.
her and more bloodless agencies than the movements urged by those profound military strategists. Generals Gurley and Greeley.--N. Y. Herald. Missouri news-- Price reinforced. Bulla, Feb. 8. --The news from the West indicates that the preparations for a decided blow against the enemy are nearly completed. The forces orted to be crossing the Osage river on Wednesday, and a portion of it was expected to arrive at Lebanon on Thursday. Two of Major Wright's scouts report that Price had made a speech to his troops, telling them they were surrounded, that they must fight or surrender, and that they all danded to fight. Price is said to have bePrice is said to have been heavily reinforced from Arkansas, and to have collected large supplies of provisions on the road leading from Spring field to Fayetteville. Captain Wood had arrived at Waynesville with twenty-seven rebel prisoners, including five captains, taken between Lebanon and Springfield. Nine hundred prisoners were transferred f
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