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Robert Underwood Johnson, Clarence Clough Buell, Battles and Leaders of the Civil War. Volume 3., The opposing forces at Port Hudson, La.: May 23d-July 8th, 1863. (search)
W. Steedman. Garrison Troops: 1st Ala., Col. I. G. W. Steedman, Lieut.-Col. M. B. Locke, Maj. Samuel L. Knox; 49th Ala., Maj. T. A. Street; Maury (Tenn.) Artillery (attached to 12th La. Heavy Art'y Battalion); 1st Ark. Battalion, Lieut.-Col. B. Jones; 10th Ark., Lieut.-Col. M. B. Locke, Lieut.-Col. E. L. Vaughan, Maj. C. M. Camrgile; 11th and 17th Ark. (detachment); 12th Ark., Col. T. J. Reid, Jr.; 14th Ark., Lieut.-Col. Pleasant Fowler; 15th Ark., Col. Ben. W. Johnson; 16th Ark., Col. David Provence; 18th Ark., Lieut.-Col. W. N. Parish; 23d Ark., Col. O. P. Lyles; 4th La. (detachment), Capt. Charles T. Whitman; 9th La. Battalion (infantry), Capt. R. B. Chinn; 9th La. Battalion (Partisan Rangers), Lieut.-Col. J. H. Wingfield, Maj. James De Baun; 12th La. Heavy Art'y Battalion, Lieut.-Col. P. F. De Gournay; 30th La. (detachment), Capt. T. K. Porter; La. Legion, Col. W. R. Miles, Lieut.-Col. Frederick B. Brand; La. Battery Capt. R. M. Boone (w), Capt. S. M. Thomas; La. Battery (Wats
Official Records of the Union and Confederate Armies, Chapter XXII: Operations in Kentucky, Tennessee, North Mississippi, North Alabama, and Southwest Virginia. March 4-June 10, 1862. (ed. Lieut. Col. Robert N. Scott), April 29-June 10, 1862.-advance upon and siege of Corinth, and pursuit of the Confederate forces to Guntown, Miss. (search)
h at Farmington, May 3. No. 46.-Assistant Secretary of War Thomas A. Scott of engagement at Farmington, May 9. No. 47.-Maj. Gen. John Pope, U. S. Army, of engagement at Farmington, May 9. No. 48.-Col. John M. Loomis, Twenty-sixth Illinois Infantry, of engagement at Farmington, May 9. No. 49-Maj. Gen. Earl Van Dor, C. S. Army, of engagement at Farmington May 9. No. 50.-Brig. Gen. Daniel Ruggles, C. S. Army, commanding division, of engagement at Farmington, May 9. For report of Capt. David Provence, Arkansas Battery, see p. 924. No. 51.-Return of casualties in Ruggles' division in the engagement at Farmington, May 9. No. 52.-Brig. Gen. Patton Anderson, C. S. Army, commanding First Brigade, of engagement at Farmington, May 9. No. 53.-Col. S. W. Fisk, Twenty-fifth Louisiana Infantry, of engagement at Farmington, May 9. No. 54.-Col. D. J. Brown, Thirty-sixth Mississippi Infantry, of engagement at Farmington, May 9. No. 55.-Lieut. Col. Franklin H. Clack, Florida and Confederate
hem, because each one displayed a heroism worthy of the cause we are engaged for. Very respectfully, Thos. Harrison, cMajor, Commanding Texas Rangers. Col. J. A. Wharton. May 9, 1862.-Engagement at Farmington, Miss. Report of Capt. David Provence, Arkansas Battery. camp, near Corinth, Miss., May .10, 1862. General: The following is respectfully submitted as a report of the movements of my battery connected with the attack on Farmington on the 9th instant: On the eveningour right and front a small body of cavalry. The battery opened fire upon them, using shell, when they almost instantly retired. I cannot omit here mentioning that Captain [William] Hart, late of Hart's battery, desired and was permitted to act as gunner at one of the howitzers, where, if report be true, he served with considerable effect. I am, sir, yours, &c., D. Provence, Captain, Light Artillery, C. S. Army. General T. J. Churchill, Commanding Second Brigade, Army of the West.
on was sent to reconnoiter the enemy and was taken prisoner and is still in their hands. I respectfully call the attention of the general to the praiseworthy conduct of Colonels Gratiot, Carroll and Dockery; also to Lieutenant-Colonels Neal and Provence, the former of whom was badly wounded, and the latter continually in the midst of the battle; also to Majors Ward and Featherston. Governor Churchill's account, published August, 1897, further indicates the part Arkansas took in the Battle a00 Federal troops, besides being enfiladed by a heavy battery. They stood their ground, delivering their fire with deadly effect and extreme rapidity. I must here mention in terms of highest approbation the conduct of my lieutenant-colonel, David Provence, for his coolness, skill and gallantry during the whole action, his example having a powerful influence in keeping the men steady and cool. Major Ward behaved with great gallantry; also, Captain Sparks and his company; Captain Hart and his c
ntry, 930; Rector's Arkansas infantry, 544; Hebert's Third Louisiana infantry, 739; Third Texas cavalry, 796; Whitfield's battalion Texas cavalry, 297; Brooks' battalion cavalry, 316; Gaines' battery, 74; Good's battery, 105; Hart's battery, 75; Provence's battery, 73; total, 6,052. Grand total of the division, 10,485. General Van Dorn was at Pocahontas when, February 23d, he received dispatches informing him of the retreat of Price, followed by Curtis and Sigel, and the battle of Sugar Creigade was composed of the Arkansas regiments of Colonel McIntosh, Colonel McNair and Colonel Mitchell, Hebert's Third Louisiana, and McRae's battalion. There were nominally attached to the brigade, Brooks' Arkansas battalion, Good's, Hart's and Provence's Arkansas batteries, Gaines' Texas battery, the Third (Greer's) Texas cavalry, and Whitfield's battalion Texas cavalry. The other brigade, called the First brigade, sometimes led by McIntosh, was commanded by Col. Elkanah Greer, of the Third T
—Fourteenth Arkansas, Colonel Mitchell; Seventeenth Arkansas, Col. Frank Rector; with the Third Louisiana, and Greer's and Whitfield's Texans. In Gen. J. P. McCown's division: First brigade, Brig.-Gen. J. L. Hogg—McCray's Arkansas battalion, with Texas regiments Second brigade, Brig.-Gen. T. J. Churchill—First Arkansas cavalry, dismounted, Col. R. W. Harper; Second Arkansas cavalry, dismounted, Col. Ben Embry; Fourth Arkansas, Col. Evander McNair; Turnbull's (formerly Terry's) battalion; Provence's battery. General Van Dorn had recommended for promotion to the rank of brigadier-general, Col. W. N. R. Beall, Col. D. H. Maury, Maj. W. L. Cabell, Lieutenant-Colonel Phifer, Colonel Hebert, and Col. Tom P. Dockery, and assigned them to command as such. Brig.-Gen. W. N. R. Beall, of Arkansas, was assigned to the command of cavalry forces which had been under General Gardner, of Alabama, relieved. Shoup's, Clarkson's, Roberts', Lieutenant Thrall's section of Hubbard's, and Trigg's ba<
pear to have been confirmed as brigadiers. They fully merit the honor. Had the authorities, whose consent is requisite, been present at Prairie Grove or at Shiloh, where these gallant officers equally distinguished themselves, the act of confirmation could not be delayed. . . . I had with me the following staff: Col. R. C. Newton, chief of staff; Maj. J. P. Wilson, assistant adjutant-general; Lieut. S. B. Reardon, aide-de-camp; Lieut. R. W. Lee, aide-de-camp, acting chief of ordnance; Col. D. Provence, acting chief of artillery; Col. A. S. Dobbin and Maj. E. E. Boudinot, volunteer aides-de-camp; Surgeon J. M. Keller, medical director. All of them were constantly under fire. They displayed great coolness. This was the second bloody battle in which Major Wilson and Colonel Newton served on my staff. In both they evinced the same high qualities. The confirmation of their ranks has been fairly won at Shiloh and Prairie Grove. I present this subject specially to the department comma
ative of their service. The Second Arkansas infantry, organized by the State military board, June, 1861, elected John Rene Gratiot, of Washington, colonel; David Provence, lieutenant-colonel; S. B. Ward, major. The regimental staff was chosen as follows: Granville Wilcox, of Van Buren, adjutant; Malcolm Simms, of Hempstead, qued in a brigade commanded by Gen. Henry Little, afterward killed at Iuka. While at Corinth the Sixteenth was reorganized and the following officers chosen: Col. David Provence, formerly captain of battery of artillery known by his name; Lieut.-Col. B. T. Pixlee, Maj. J. M. Pitman, Adjt. John S. Tutt, Quartermaster Arch McKennon, Cpartment, as we have seen, were Generals Hindman, Churchill, Rust, Dockery, Cabell, McNair, Beall; Colonels Fagan, Tappan, Hawthorn, Shaver, Crockett, Marmaduke, Provence, John C. Wright, Slemons, B. W. Johnson, Gaither. Maj.-Gen. T. C. Hindman, after being relieved of the command of the district of Arkansas, was reassigned to
ese were some Missouri dismounted cavalry and two batteries. Capt. W. N. Hogg's Appeal battery was with Hebert's brigade, Capt. Francis McNally's battery was unattached, the batteries of Capts; J. A. Owens and J. C. Thrall were with General Ruggles' command. At Port Hudson, La., was the Arkansas brigade of Gen. W. N. R. Beall, composed of the Eleventh regiment, Col. John L. Logan; Twelfth, Col. T. J. Reid, Jr.; Fourteenth, Col. F. P. Powers; Fifteenth, Col. B. W. Johnson; Sixteenth, Col. David Provence; Seventeenth (State), Col. John Griffith; Eighteenth, Col. R. H. Crockett; Twenty-third, Col. O. P. Lyles; First battalion, Lieut.-Col. Batt. Jones. In the same district then, but soon transferred to Jackson, were the Ninth Arkansas, Col. I. L. Dunlop, in General Rust's brigade, and the Tenth Arkansas, Col. A. R. Witt, in General Buford's brigade. When General Grant landed south of Vicksburg, among the first to oppose him were the Arkansans of Green's brigade, who fought nobly at
report. (788) In Gardner's brigade, Bragg's army, June 30th. (809, 810) Mentioned in General Ruggles' report of Farmington, May 9th, distinguished for gallantry of captain and good conduct of men on the field. (813) Commended in General Anderson's report. (853, 854, 855) Mentioned in Colonel Wheeler's report, Bridge Creek, May 28th and 29th. This battery was skillfully and gallantly handled by Lieutenant Dent, of Robertson's battery, putting the enemy to flight. (924) Commended by Capt. David Provence. Vol. X, Part 2—(307) Col. Joseph Wheeler's brigade, Corinth, March, 1862. (461, 549) Gardner's brigade, April and May. Vol. XVI, Part 2—(764) In Gardner's brigade, August, 1862. Vol. XVII, Part 2—(633) In Gardner's brigade, reserve corps, Bragg's army, June 30th. No. 50—(229) In Hindman's division, Chattanooga, October 7, 1863. No. 52—(52) Mentioned in report of W. H. Lytle, August 16th. No. 51—(15) In Hindman's division, battle of Chickamauga