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The young Guard. --This efficient corps has passed a series of resolutions in acknowledgment of the courtesies received on their late trip to Baltimore. Capt. Rady has his command frequently called together at their armory, and we are confident that, should any emergency call for their services, they will not be backward.
The young Guard. --A meeting of the Young Guard was held at their Armory on Tuesday night, for the purpose of electing a Captain, to supply the vacancy occasioned by the promotion of Maj. John S. Rady. The election was superintended by Col. John H. Richardson. Lieut. Smith nominated the 1st Lieutenant of the Company, George J. Austin, for the Post. Sergeant Wm. H. Wade nominated the 3d Lieutenant, Wm. A. Charters. Mr. Charters at first declined the nomination, but was prevailed on to allow his name to be used. The vote resulted — for Geo. J. Austin 18; for Wm. A. Charters 16; and several scattering. Capt. Austin acknowledged the honor conferred, and accepted the command. The Company then elected Wm. A. Charters 1st Lieutenant, and Lewis L. Smith 2d Lieutenant — postponing the election of 3d Lieutenant to Tuesday night next. After the meeting, the Company had a merry time over an entertainment of champagne and other exhilarating liquids. Several guests were present, an
t the Young Guard's Armory, on Thursday night, Col. Richardson presiding, Capt. John S. Rady was promoted to the post of 2d Major, to fill the vacancy occasioned by the resignation of Major Samuel P. Mitchell. During the period in which Major Rady has commanded the Young Guard, his duties have been discharged in a manner that hasuded to in felicitous terms by Capt. P. G. Coghian, who made the nomination. Major Rady, in accepting the new post, made a brief address in acknowledgment of the honicers of the 179th Regiment, the following committee was appointed to wait on Capt. Rady and inform him of his election: Capts, P.G. Coghian, Hewitt and Baber. The fzation of the Regiment: Col. J. H. Richardson Lieut. Col. Clarkson Major Fry, Major Rady, Captains Sweeney, Baber and Coghian. The last mentioned committee met lhirt with blue fringe and Virginia button; pants, dark (civilian) The committee will meet on Wednesday evening next, at 7½ o'clock, at the rooms of Major Rady.
ar with the office. The portion of the printed form which specifies that payment is for "services as a member of the General Assembly" was marked out in each instance, and some other claim alleged. The forgeries were detected on Monday, by Mr. John S. Rady, Chief Clerk in the Treasurer's office, upon whom devolved the duty of examining the returned checks. The following witnesses testified in the case: Messrs. J. S. Calvert, John S. Rady, and E. L. Calvert, of the Treasury Department; and MesJohn S. Rady, and E. L. Calvert, of the Treasury Department; and Messrs. J. M. Bennett, Auditor, Henry Neeson, A. W. Dunnavant, and Joseph J. White. The case was continued until Friday, on account of the absence of important witnesses. Catharine Wood was brought up for constituting herself a nuisance to the neighborhood in which she lived, and also for assaulting Bridget George. The latter exhibited half a brick in support of the fact. Committed for want of security. Richard, slave of Jos. Hierholzer, was ordered thirty lashes for running away f