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on, Jonas C. Wellington, Cornelius Dorr, and Chandler R. Ranson, vice-presidents; George W. Parke, secretary. Its first board of trustees were Chester W. Kingsley, Warren Sanger, Daniel W. Shaw, Person Davis, John J. Henderson, Daniel Fobes, Henry C. Rand, Horatio Locke, John Davis, David Ellis, Levi L. Cushing, and James H. Collins. At the meeting of the trustees held July 8, 1872, Milton L. Walton was chosen treasurer. The growth of the bank was necessarily slow, owing to the fact that busas its share in this increase, and all shows a greater affluence among the inhabitants of the city. The present board of directors is composed of seven members: Willard A. Bullard, Daniel U. Chamberlin, Henry Endicott, Stanley B. Hildreth, Henry C. Rand, Daniel G. Tyler, and Quincy A. Vinal. Daniel U. Chamberlin is the president: Adolph Vogl, clerk and treasurer; and Horace A. Allyn, superintendent. American Rubber Co. The American Rubber Co. was organized in 1872 under the laws of
wles, 1861, 1862. J. Warren Merrill, 1861. John S. Pollard, 1861, 1862. Nathaniel D. Sawin, 1861, 1862. George P. Carter, 1862, 1863. K. S. Chaffee, 1862, 1863, 1867, 1871, 1872, 1876. Hosea Clark, 1862. P. Stearns Davis, 1862. Samuel W. Dudley, 1862. Edward B. P. Kinsley, 1862. James P. Richardson, 1862. Joseph H. Tyler, 1862, 1873. John Wilder, 1862. Sumner Albee, 1863-1865. Nathaniel P. Brooks, 1863-1866. Francis C. Foster, 1863, 1864. James M. Price, 1863, 1864. Henry C. Rand, 1863, 1864. George E. Richardson, 1863, 1864. Amos C. Sanborn, 1863-1865. Fordyce M. Stimson, 1863. James M. Thresher, 1863. William Brine, 1864, 1865. William Daily, 1864-1866. Samuel H. Folsom, 1864. William Hutchins, 1864. John S. March, 1864-1866. John S. Sawyer, 1864, 1865. Charles B. Stevens, 1864, 1865. James H. Wyeth, 1864, 1865. Walter S. Blanchard, 1865. Robert O. Fuller, 1865, 1866. Nathan G. Gooch, 1865, 1866. Samuel C. Knights, 1865, 1866. Arthur M
s. Mary J. Davis, Mrs. L. W. Dow, Miss Frances Dow, Mrs. Helen F. Edlefson, Mr. Charles D. Elliot, Mrs. Annie L. Fletcher, Mr. Ellsworth Fisk, Mr. N. E. Fitz, Hon. William H. Furber, Mrs. Martha J. H. Gerry, Mr. Albert L. Haskell, Mr. Frank M. Hawes, Mrs. Helen E. Heald, Mrs. C. E. Henderson, Miss Bertha E. Holden, Mrs. Fannie C. Jaques, Mr. A. M. Kidder, Mr. George A. Kimball, Mrs. Eleanor G. Kirkpatrick, Miss Georgia Lears, Mrs. Martha E. Libby, Mr. Jairus Mann, Mr. David L. Maulsby, Mr. Henry C. Rand, Hon. Francis H. Raymond, Mrs. Raymond, Mr. Edwin F. Read, Mr. Aaron Sargent, Miss Ellen M. Sawyer, Miss Margaret A. Simpson, Mrs. Juliet G. Smith, Miss Susan S. Stetson, Rev. Anson Titus, Miss M. Alice Tufts, Miss Martha Tufts, Mr. Timothy Tufts, Miss Louise A. Vinal, Miss Anna P. Vinal, Miss Edith A. Woodman. (read before the Somerville Historical Society November 7, 1906.) Have we any old trees in Somerville? Yes, a goodly number. It is difficult to find out the exact facts
t Street, 81. Preston Road, 56. Primary Schools, 95. Prospect Hill, 65, 73. Prospect Hill District, 74, 92. Prospect Hill Grammar School, 93, 97, 99 Prospect Hill Park, 55. Prospect Hill Primary, 95. Prospect Hill School, 75, 76, 77, 78, 79, 83, 98. Prospect Hill Schoolhouse, 55, 70. Putnam, Betsey, 72, 81. Putnam, Joanna S., 81. Pythian Block, 55. Quincy, Josiah, 7. Quincy, Mass., 9. Quincy Place, Boston, 4. Rand, Benjamin, 13, 59, 62. Rand, Caleb, 100. Rand, Henry C., 53. Rand, Thomas, 11, 58, 61. Rand, Thomas, Jr., 10. Rand, Widow, 58. Rand, William, 11. Ravine Woods, 34. Raymond, Francis II., 53. Raymond, Martha L., 53. Rea, Mrs., Hannah, 17, 72. Read, Edwin F., 53. Reasons in Favor of a Separation of Somerville from Charlestown, 40-45. Redwoods, 8. Reynolds, Charlotte, 96, 99. Richardson, A., 12. Robinson's Bookkeeping, 98. Robinson's Elements, 25. Robinson, Enoch, 60. Robinson, Ezra, 60. Robinson, Frederick, 49. R