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ultry, 5th Ala; John Dance, do do; J T Lancaster, 12th Miss; J W Smith, 20th Ga; Henry Moss, 34th N C; Andrew Kane, 4th La; Alphonso Emrique, 7th Tenn; Lieut Jas E Reese, 5th Ala; Corp'l Jos H Meeks, 44th Ga; S Nowels, do do; N M Shaw do do; 8 Baily, do do; Lieut S H Johnston, do do; John B Raffenss, 2d Miss. Serg't Wm McField, do W Williamson, 8th Ga; W D Lewis, 2d Ga; Jacob A Allbright, do do; J L Burks, W Roby, do do; Lieut J B McCollum, do do; J McMasters, do do; J R Manning, 8th Ga; J B Reese, 8th Ga; Jas Lyle, 17th Ga; E P Pearson, 2d Ga; A H Smith, 8th Ga; J T Lewis, do do; R A Gentry, do do, Jas M O Shields, 2d Tenn; P H McDowell, Orr's regt; Lieut A9th Miss; John Woole, 19th Miss; J T Wagnier, 14th La; Sgt Henry Cines, 14th La; M McKvoy; 14th La; Wm Cooke, 35th N C; John King, 1st N C; E J Hobbs, 3d N C; Aug. Reese, 38th N C; Thos. Stricklan, 1st N C; Capt H C Worley, 16th N C; H C Powell, 1st Texas; A Bundeaux, 3d La Batt; Corp'l Jas Glass, 2d Miss Batt; Joshua Shepherd, 49t
The Daily Dispatch: July 5, 1862., [Electronic resource], List of casualties in the recent battles before Richmond. (search)
pany B, Capt Cook, commanding.--Killed: Corp'l G W. Wheeling, Private Jas Stokes, Sr., Jno Grezart, J. Blackman. Wounded: Serg't H. B Brown, J A Boon, G C Poplin, A Grose, J. M Atwood, G D Halcomb; W M Carter, A S Hair, W Cook, J E Hutchins, A R Reese, R D Russell, D T Talley, W H Felts, L J Wells, W R Hains, John H Grose, C F Armstrong. Company C, Capt Wilson, commanding.--Killed: Privates L Gurley, O M Warwick, J S Britt. --Wounded: Serg'ts J W Walker, G L. Doughtry, Corpl's W T Sutton. Durden, Hausman, Henley, Lorre, Keating, McDaniel, Pringle. Missing: Privates Cohn, Dreyfox. Company G, (Sharpshooters.)--Willed: None — Wounded: N M Cowling, J Stubbs, P Giduce, A Sodler. Company H. Cownder Beanregards.--Killed: Sgt. Reese, Sgt. Shelby; Brivittes Myley. Wounded. Corpl Dunklin; Privates J Stanley. S Farris, Sharp, Sharp, Stone, W Stanley, W H Turner. Missing privates Pierce, W H Alexander, W Alexander, B H Dudley, Lerer, Broadiway, Scofield. Co. I, (Wetumpka
Prison Record. --Among the names registered at Castle Thunder yesterday is that of Albert Throckmorton, of Reese's battery, who is to undergo a court-martial. Besides Three-morton, there were some seventeen others re charged with various minor offences. Only three persons were received at the Libby Prison during the day. These were Yankees captured in the neighborhood of Warrenton Springs several days ago.
l, in the age of Camoens," brought slavery into this continent, had forgotten that Camoens died in Lisbon in 1579, about half a century before the Portuguese traffic in slaves began on this hemisphere. Intercepted Correspondence. The Chattanooga Rebel publishes a letter from the Colonel Gilbert who broke up the Democratic Convention at Frankfort, Ky., a brother of Gen. Gilbert, of the Yankee army, with whom he is often confounded. The letter was part of the mail intercepted by Capt. Reese. The following are extracts from it: I am likely to be left behind to watch these infernal gape where Kirby Smith came through last year. They are talking about setting my command at work making the road good, so that the rebels can travel all the faster when they start to repeat the flank movement of last summer. Gen. Carter has withdrawn to this side of the river, and Morgan's pickets are on the other bank. The horses of neither can be improving very rapidly; as grain is am
doing so set the building on fire; thus it was destroyed. There was found in the yard many of his books, family portraits, and many articles of furniture. His family went into the city. The residence of Wm. H. Crisp, the lessee of the theatres of this city and Mobile and Montgomery, was burned by the Federal. This residence Mr. Crisp had recently purchased from Maj. Campbell Wallace, President of the East Tennessee and Georgia Railroad. Another costly residence — that of the late Judge Reese, about one and a quarter miles from Knoxville — was destroyed by the Yankees. They also burned the residences of W. W. Walker, Mr. Roth, and one or two others in that vicinity. The pretext for this vandalism was that they might be used as places of security by our pickets and sharpshooters. The Federal fired them as they abandoned them. The severest fighting on the approach of Longstreet in the city, in which Kershaw's brigade lost 50 or 60 men, occurred where the railroad crosses
Arrested. --Detective Reese, of Capt. McCubbin's corps, yesterday arrested a man named A. D. J. Wilson, found with a forged discharge from military service, signed by Major E. Turner. Wilson was originally a Yankee deserter, and afterwards joined the Confederate army, from which he has also deserted once or twice. He was imprisoned in Castle Thunder.
in his possession with the signature of B. F. Jordan attached to it, was called up. The evidence proved that during the raid made on Tuesday afternoon last in the upper part of the house over Mahoney & McGchee's office, on Main street, between 9th and 10th, by Major Turner's guard, in search of Yankee officers, James, taking the alarm which the other occupants of the house did, jumped out of a back window on to the shed next door, and breaking through a skylight landed into the chamber of Mrs. Reese, who was absent at the time. On being asked permission by the officer to search her room Mrs. R. readily gave up the key, that the door to it might be unlocked. Upon trying the key, however, it was found that the door had been locked on the inside, and the duplicate key was left in the lock. This alarmed Mrs. R. very much, and at her request the door was forced open, when, on search being made, there was found behind some trunks in one end of the room the negro boy Jim, stretched out at
The Daily Dispatch: February 22, 1864., [Electronic resource], The movements of the enemy in the South. (search)
ssion of arms, and in a short time they would break out, when there would be great confusion. While this conversation was going on Friedland came into the store and assented by nods of his head and occasionally saying "Yes" to what was said. He inquired of Friedland as to the person who could pilot him to the North, and as certained that it was Dr. Wm. Maclure. He then left and informed Gen. Winder about what he had heard, when he (Winder) ordered the arrest of the two prisoners. Messrs. Reese and Mitchell, Confederate Detectives, knew nothing of the affair, except that they had, under General Winder's orders, arrested Heintz and Friedland. In addition to this evidence several printed notices of meetings, similar to those which are used by the Odd Fellows, Masons, and all other secret societies, which were found at the house of the accused, were gobbled up and brought into Court. It turned out, however, that Heitse is a prominent member of an order known as the "Red Men,
Mayor's Court yesterday. --Frank Brown, a youth, arrested some days since by detectives Reese and Weatherford, on the charge of obtaining money from Mrs. Jefferson Davis on a forged freight bill on the Southern Express office, was, at his own request, again conducted before the Mayor. Brown stated that he desired to make a statement, and was proceeding to do so when His Honor ordered him to bush, as he had already heard enough to know that, instead of its being likely to benefit his case, it would greatly injure it. He was again committed to await other transactions which have not yet come to light. A free negro man, named Frederick Smith, was ordered fifteen lashes for using insolent and threatening language to a little son of Mrs. Brooks, near the corner of 4th and Canal streets. As usual in almost nine cases out of every ten, where the "upper ten" free negroes are arraigned for offences committed, and there can be no rebutting evidence brought forward, there was an arra
r the battle of the Wilderness. A lady of Fredericksburg sends us the following list of Confederate soldiers who fell into the enemy's hands wounded and were carried to Fredericksburg. Those whose death is not mentioned have been sent North: Georgia troops. Thomas S Patrick, col, 14th; R A Outlaw, co H, 14th; John Jasper, co B, 14th; A J Waldrip, co K, 14th, left leg amputated; L J Cotton, co K, 14th; John Kyle, co B, 14th; James B Guy, co H, 14th, slight wound in left arm; P H Reese and F J Roeves, 13th, Gordon's Brigade; W H Hardy, co K, 13th; J T C Attoway, co B, 81st; J D Brantly, co F, 36th; James Carrington, co I, 13th; John Gruss, 44th; Jackson Campbell, co B, 44th; Notly Larrharr, co I, 45th, slight wound; Charlie A Taylor, co I, 4th, wounded left arm and shoulder; Thomas A Waranack, co A, 25th. North Carolina troops. W G Connell, co G, 30th; J L Burton, co F, 4th; Strongermon M Morsons, co I, 7th; Samuel, co F, 37th; John Simmons, co A, 37th; Amos A Mor
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