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City Council. --A called meeting of the Council was hold yesterday afternoon, at 4 o'clock. Present --Messrs. Saunders, Anderson, Griffin, Denton, Burr, Grattan, Scott, Crutch field, Hill, and Greanor. Absent--Messrs. Glazebrook, Talbott, Haskins, and Richardson. The President stated that the Council had been called at the request of the Watering Committee. Mr. Grattan made a motion that the Council proceed to fill the vacancy caused by the resignation of Mr. F. W. Roddey, and the motion being carried, Robert R. Howisof, Esq., was nominated, and unanimously elected a member from Madison Ward. Mr. Denton stated that the Council had been called to consider the propriety of constructing a new reservoir, and briefly stated that the committee had adopted the plan prepared by Mr. W. Gill, the City Engineer, and Mr. Davis, the Superintendent of the Water Works. From Mr. Gill's report on the subject, we make the following extract: "It is proposed to build the new reser
h gun-boats in the Chinese waters. It is reported that Spain is about to occupy the Provchale fortress, in Morocco, in consequence of the non-fulfillment of the treaty of peace. Commercial. Liverpool. Jan. 12. --Cotton — Estimated sales Saturday of 20,000 bales, speculators and exporters taking 7,000. The Persia's news caused all qualities to advance slightly. Hewitt & Co. say it has advanced ½ over the official quotations. They quote Orleans at 7 ½; uplands 7 ½. Breadstuffs steady. Provisions dull. Consoles 91 ¼@91 ½. [Second Dispatch.] Sales of cotton per the week, 60,000 bales. The bullion in the Bank of England has decreased during the week £577,000. The Bullion in the Bank of France has decreased 82,000 francs. Richardson, Spence & Co., say flour has declined., wheat 2d@3d., and corn 6d. Beef heavy, and slightly lower. Pork dull.--Bacon declined. Coffee quict. Rice dull. Rosin buoyant. Turpentine steady at 32@63s
ill regard such acts as an invasion of the rights of sovereign States, and should said authorities undertake to collect the duties on foreign importations introduced, or about to be introduced, into any such States, Virginia will regard any such acts as coercion, and that her faith has been pledged, and is hereby again pledged, as far as it can be, to resist with all the means in her power, all such acts of invasion and coercion. Referred to the Committee on Federal Relations. Mr. Richardson, of Hanover, submitted the following: The people of the Sovereign State of Virginia, in general Convention assembled, do declare and publish the following resolutions: 1. That the compact by which the several sovereignties composing the United States of North America were united in a confederacy, has been repeatedly violated by individuals and States composing the Northern part of the same. 2. That the said compact, having been thus repudiated by parties to the same, to
oops had passed through the Umbrian marshes for Naples. The Sardinians have evacuated the Papal dominions at the request of Napoleon. The Spanish war vessels which were sent to Gaeta were repulsed by Admiral Persigno. Commercial. Liverpool, Feb. 4. --Cotton — sales Monday and Tuesday of 15,000 bales. The market opened active at an advance of 1-16@½. but closed with a downward tendency in consequence of the American news. The advance was chiefly on finer qualities. Richardson, Spence &Co. report flour steady at a partial advance of 3d. Wheat firm, and partially 1d. higher, Corn firm, and 3@5d. higher. Beef dull, Pork heavy, Bacon quiet. Lard quiet. Sugar steady. Coffee quiet. Rice firm. Rosin steady. Turpentine lower, and quoted at 36s. Money markets generally unchanged. Latest. Liverpool, Feb. 5. P. M. --Cotton — Estimated sales to-day of 3,000 bales. Market closed dull — quotations barely maintained. Sales for the last four days of
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g a bill instructing the Board of Public Works to divide the Staunton and Parkersburg Road into two sections, and appoint a superintendent for each section; by Mr. Watson, of amending the 6th section of chapter 200 of the Code of Virginia; by Mr. Richardson, of amending and re-enacting the 9th section of an act passed February 12th, 1853, entitled an act to incorporate the Bank of Wheeling; by Mr. Collier, of requiring the Banks of this State to make an annual statement showing all dividends andssin, Childs, Collier, Crane, Crump, Davis, Dickenson, Edwards, Ferrill, Friend, John Gilmer, C. H. Gilmer, Hoffman, Hopkins, Hunt, Leftwich, Lundy, Lynn, Mallory, Thomas Martin, McGehee, Medley, Miles, Mong, Morris, Phelps, Pretlow, Pritchard, Richardson, Wyndlram Robertson, R. K. Robinson, Rives, Scott, Shannon, James K. Smith, Tomlin, Arthur Watson, West, Wilson, Wingfield, and Yerby--48. So the bill was lost, for want of a constitutional majority. On motion of Mr. Graham, the vote
ion the resolution was laid on the table. By Mr. Fleming: Resolved, That when this House adjourns on today, it will adjourn to meet on Monday next, and on each day thereafter at 10 o'clock A. M. On motion, laid on the table. Committee on Enrolled Bills.--The Speaker announced the following Committee on Enrolled Bills; Messrs. Hackley; Orgain, Pritchard, Davis, Evans, Hoffman, Kyle, Sibert, Watts, Phelps, Pretlow, Smith of Taylor, Mong, Bisbie, Wilson, Nelson, Staples, Richardson, Welch, Booker, Saunders, West, Hunter, and Jett. Resolutions of Inquiry into Expediency.--The following resolutions were offered: By Mr. Rives, of amending the 3d and 4th sections of chapters 85 and 95 of the Code of Virginia; by Mr. Ball, of amending section 5th of chapter 178 of the Code of Virginia; by Mr. Nelson, of reporting a bill authorizing a company of volunteer Cavalry in the 47th Reg't. in Albemarle, to organize with not less than 40 nor more than 100 men rank and file; by
hirteenth day. Thursday, Feb. 28, 1861. The Convention was called to order at 12 o'clock. Prayer by the Rev. Dr. Burrows, of the First Baptist Church. The President stated that the unfinished business of yesterday, (the resolutions of the gentleman from Rockbridge,) was now in order — the gentleman from Orange (Mr. Morton) being entitled to the floor. Mr. Morton said he would give way a moment for the gentleman from Hanover, who desired to offer a resolution. Mr. Richardson, of Hanover, submitted the following: Resolved, That in furtherance of the resolution adopted by this Convention on the 20th inst., seeking information of the Governor regarding the militia, the Adjutant General of the State be, and he is hereby requested, to communicate to this body, as speedily as is compatible with a thorough report on this subject, how many and what kind of arms are in the possession of the state, undistributed, and the number and kind of additional companies w
The Convention. A resolution offered yesterday by Colonel Richardson, of Hanover, seeking further information relative to the military force of the State, was laid on the table, but will probably be called up at a convenient opportunity. The consideration of Mr. Moore's resolutions on the National troubles was resumed, and Mr. Morton made a forcible secession speech, in the course of which he alluded, in no complimentary terms, to the resolutions adopted by the Peace Conference at Washington. Mr. Baylor, of Augusta, afterwards commenced a speech on the "Union" side of the question, and will conclude to-day. It was rumored yesterday that the Committee on Federal Relations were ready to make a report, but nothing of the sort transpired.
s in the town of Danville; authorizing the sale of real estate belonging to Ebenezer Academy; incorporating the Staunton Arms and Ordnance Department; for paying Virginia Commissioners to President and seceding States; for the relief of Geo. W. Tucker, of Halifax co. Resolutions.--The following resolutions of inquiry were offered: By Mr. Hoffman, of refunding excess of merchants license improperly paid; by Mr. Barbour, of relieving the Sheriff of Culpeper from certain fines, &c.; by Mr. Richardson, of allowing two military companies in Wheeling to form a battalion; by Mr. McDowell, of changing the times of holding the Circuit Court in the 14th district; by Mr. Johnson, of providing that suggestions may be sued out by and be returned before a Justice, &c.; by Mr. Davis, of amending the law in reference to damages against Sheriffs; by Mr. Ballard, of giving holders of land under patent an absolute title after ten years possession and paying taxes. Bills Reported.--To provide fo
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