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rnoy, Garland, Graham, Gregory, Goggin, John Goode, Jr., Thos. F. Goodd, Hale, C. Hall. L. S. Hall, Harvie, Holcombe, Hunton, Isbell, Kent, Lawson, Leake, Macfarland, C. K. Mallory. Jas. B. Mallory, Marr, Marye, Miller, Morris, Morton, Neblett, Richardson, Seawell, Sheffey, Slaughter, Speed, Strange, Sutherlin, Thornton, Tredway, Robt. B. Turner, Tyler, Whitfield, Williams, Wise, and Wysor.--54. Nays.--Messrs. Armstrong, Aston, Baldwin, Baylor, Berlin, Blow, Boggess, Boyd, Bront, Brown, Burun, Flournoy, Garland, Graham, Gregory, Goggin, John Goode, Jr., Thomas F. Goode, Hale, L. S. Hall, Hammond, Harvie, Holcombe, Hunton, Isbell, Kent, Leake, Charles K Mallory, James B. Mallory, Marr, Marye, Miller, Morris, Morton, Orrick, Parks, Richardson, Seawell, Sheffey, Slaughter, Southall, Speed, Strange, Sutherlin, Thornton, Tredway, Robert H. Turner, Tyler. Whitfield, Williams, Wise, and Wysor.--54. Nays.--Messrs, Armstrong, Aston, Baldwin, Alfred M. Barbour, Baylor, Berlin, Blow, B
l, Haymond, Hoge, Hubbard, Hall, Jackson, Marmaduke Johnson, Peter C. Johnston, Lawson, Lewis, McComas, McGrew, Masters Nelson, Osburn, Parks, Patrick, Porter, Price, Pugh, Sharp, Sitlington, Spurlock, Staples, Chapman J. Stuart, Summers, Tarr, Willey, Wilson, and Wysor.--64. Nays.--Messrs. Ambler, Blakey, Blow, Boisseau, Bouldin, Conn, Forbes, Garland, Gravely, Gregory, Thos. F. Goode, Addison Hall Holladay, Isbell, Kilby, Leake, Charles K. Mallory, James B. Mallory, Moffett, Morris, Richardson, Southall, Strange, Thornton, Whitfield, and Wickham.--26. Thus the prolonged contest on this subject of taxation has at last resulted in the passage of this resolution: Resolved, That a committee of thirteen be appointed to inquire into the expediency of so amending the 22d and 23d sections of Article. IV. of the Constitution of Virginia as to provide that taxation shall be equal and uniform throughout the Commonwealth, and that all property shall be taxed in proportion to its
course would save the honor of his State. The vote was taken, and Mr. Wise's amendment was defeated, as follows: Yeas.--Messrs. Ambler, Jas. Barbour, Blakey, Boisseau, Borst, Bouldin, Boyd, Branch, Bruce, Cabell, Cecil, Chambliss, Coffman, Conn, Flournoy, Forbef, Garland, Graham, Gregory, Goggin, John Goode, Jr., Thomas F. Goods, Hale, Cyrus Hall, Harvie, Holcombe, Hunton, Isbell, Kent, Lawson, Macfarland, Charles K. Mallory, James B. Mallory, Marr, Marye, Miller, Morris, Morton, Richardson, Rives, Sheffey, Slaughter, Speed, Strange, Sutherlin, Tredway, Robert H. Turner, Tyler Waller, Williams, Wilson, Wise, and Wysor.--53. Nays.--Messrs. Armstrong, Aston, Baldwin. Alfred M. Barbour, Baylor, Berlin, Blow, Boggess, Brent, Brown, Burdett, Burley, Byrne, Campbell, Caperton, Carille, Carter, Chapman, Clemens, C. R. Conrad, Robert Y. Conrad, Couch, Critcher, Curtis, Dent, Deskins, Dorman, Dulany, Early, Echols, French, Fugate, Gillespie, Graveley, Gray, Ephraim B. Hall, Hammo
ry. He concluded with aspirations for peace and prosperity. Commercial Intelligence. Liverpool, June 5. --Sales of cotton for two days 20,000 bales, including 13,000 on speculation and for export. The market is firm under the news from America by the Green Eastern, but is freely supplied. The sales on Thursday were 12,000 bales, including 3,000 for speculation and export, closing steady. Breadstuffs.--The market closes dull, there being little inquiry, and prices weak Richardson's and other circulars quote flour very dull, and quotations almost nominal. Wheat has a declining tendency; red 11s. 3d. a12s. 6d. White 12s a14s; Corndull; mixed 30s. 6d. a30s. 9d; yellow 31s; white 32a34s. London, June 5. --Breadstuffs declining for all qualities. Sugar dull and declining Coffee steady. Tea unchanged. Rice steady. By Telegraph via Londonderry. Liverpool, June 6. --The sales of Cotton for the week have been 78,500 bales, including 16,500 false
Port of Richmond, November 17.high water this day (Monday) 9 ¾ o'clock. arrived, Steamship Roanoke, Couch, New York, mdze. and passengers, Ludlam & Watson. Schr. S. P. Hawes, Mason, Philadelphia, coal, S. P. Hawes & Son. Schr. Ellen Goldsborough, Todd, Philadelphia, coal, Chase Y. Morris. Schr. Hardscrabble, Packard, Rockland, lime, Libby & Burton. Schr. Bengal, Hicks, Rockland, lime, Bridgford & Co. Schr. Brunett, Johnson, James River, lumber, L. A. Crenshaw. Sailed, Steamer Belvidere, Keene, Baltimore, mdze. and passengers. D. & W. Currie. Brig New York, Cooper, Marseilles, tobacco, James Gray's Sons. Schr. Jno. Collins, Predmore, down the river, light. Schr. Georgianna, Layton, down the river, light. Schr. Quickstep, Richardson, down the river, light Schr. Polly Price, Adams, down the river, light. Lighter Henry Brown, Peniston, down the river, light. Schr. J. E. Adams, Tyrer, down the river, light.
led. Mr. Orr moved that the Charleston delegation be requested by the Convention to secure a more suitable hall. Carried. Mr. Hutson offered a resolution that there be four standing committees of this Convention, each consisting of seven members, as follows. First, Committee on relations with the Slaveholding States of North America; Second, the Committee of Foreign Relations; Third, Committee of Commercial Relations, and Fourth, Committee on the Constitution of the State. Mr. Richardson moved the resolution be printed, and made the order of the day for tomorrow at 1 o'clock. Carried. Mr. Quattlebum offered a resolution appointing a committee of three to receive proposals for printing the Convention proceedings, to report as early as possible. Carried. Mr. Magrath offered a resolution that so much of the President's (of the U. S) Message as relates to what he designates the property of the United States in South Carolina, be referred to a committee of — members,
tts moved to lay on the table and print.--Mr. Boreman opposed the adoption of the resolutions in an earnest, if not impressive manner. Mr. Christian called for the reading of the resolutions for purposes of information.--They were again read, at the request of Mr. Robertson, of R., who proceeded to explain their meaning according to his understanding. The resolutions being put on their passage, the roll was called, and they passed — ayes 112, noes 5--[Messrs. Boreman, Morris, Porter, Richardson and Watts.] Resolutions of inquiry into expediency. The following resolutions were adopted: By Mr. Keen: That the Committee on Military Affairs inquire into the expediency of providing by law for the availability of the appropriation made at last session for the arming of the State, and of an appropriation thereto not exceeding ten millions of dollars; by Mr. Gibson, referring that part of the Governor's Message, recommending an amendment to section 11th of chapter 212 of the Code
t 76 @87. Baring Brothers report a limited business at previous rates, and confined chiefly to first mortgage bonds. New York Central 6's86@88 Erie 7's91@93 Pennsylvania Central 6's87@91 Michigan Central 8's88@90 United States 5'sex-div--@89½ Liverpool Cotton Market.--The sales of cotton on Saturday, 29th December, were 15,000 bales, including 5,000 to speculators and exporters, the market closing firm. Liverpool Breadstuffs Market.--Liverpool, Dec. 28, 1860.--Richardson, Spence & Co. report the market quiet owing to the holidays Flour firm and advancing quoted at 29s 6d. @32s, 6d.--Wheat advancing, and partially slightly higher.--red 11s 5d. @13s, white 13s.@14s. Corn quiet but 6d. higher — mixed and yellow 39s. @39s. 3d.; white 40s.@41s. Warefield, Nash & Co. report flour advanced 6d., wheat 1d.@2d, and that holders of corn demand an advance, which is not conceded. Liverpool, Dec. 29, 1860. --Breadstuffs are steady and firm. Liverpool Prov
tts, Kyle, Liftwich, Locke, Lockridge, Lucas, Magruder, J. G. Martin. T. Martin, W. Martin, Massie, Matthews, McGruder, McKinney, McKenzie, Miles, D. Miller, Morris, Myers, Patterson, Phelps, Porter, Preston, Pretlow, Pritchard, Randolph, Reid, Richardson, Riddick, W. Robertson, Rives, Saunders, Scott, Segar, Sherrard, Sibert, J. K. Smith, I. N. Smith, Staples, Thompson, Walker, A. Watson, Watts, and West 81. The bill was then read by sections, amended and ordered to its engrossment. On, Massie, Matthews, McDowed, McGehee, McGruder, McKinney, McKenzie, Medley, Miles, David, Miller, Mong, Montague, Montgomery, Morgan, Morris, Myers, Nelson, Newton, Orgain, Patterson, Phelps, Porter, Preston, Pretlow, Pritchard Randolph, Reid, Richardson, Riddick, Wyncham Robertson, R. K. Robinson, Rives, Rutherfoord, Saunders, Scott, Seddon, Segar, Shannon, Sherrard, Sibert, James K. Smith, Isaac N. Smith, Henry Smith, Staples, Thomas, Thompson, Tomlin, Tyler, Walker, Wallace, Ward, Arthur, Wa
The Daily Dispatch: January 15, 1861., [Electronic resource], Message from the acting Governor of Kansas. (search)
City Council. --The regular monthly meeting of this body was held yesterday afternoon, at the Council Chamber. Present--Messrs. Saunders, Grattan, Denoon, Griffin, Talbott, Richardson, Greanor, Scott, Burr, Howison, Crutchfield and Hill. Mr. Dencon presented a report from the Committee on Schools, which was received and laid on the table. Mr. Crutchfield, from the Commissioners of Streets, presented a report relative to the petition of R. G. Morriss, recommending the granting of the same, which was approved. Mr. Hill offered the following resolution: Resolved, That the Board of Officers of the 179th Regiment of Militia of the city of Richmond be furnished with a room gratis, as head-quarters; and that the different companies of the Regiment be permitted to drill in the First Market Hall whenever that can be done without interfering with the volunteer companies which now drill there. Referred to the Committee on Public Grounds and Buildings. Mr. Bu
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