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Robert Underwood Johnson, Clarence Clough Buell, Battles and Leaders of the Civil War: The Opening Battles. Volume 1., The Western flotilla at Fort Donelson, Island number10, Fort Pillow and — Memphis. (search)
ide of Island Number10; four (Batteries No. 5, 4, 3, and 2) opposite the island on the mainland, as shown on the map (p. 437), besides Battery No. 1, two miles above the island.-editors. During the dark and stormy night of April 1st Colonel George W. Roberts, of the 42d Illinois Regiment, executed a brilliant exploit. Forty picked men, in five barges, with muffled oars, left for Battery No. 1. They proceeded in silence, and were unobserved until within a few rods of the fort, when a flash of lightning discovered them to the sentries, who fired. Our men, who did not reply, were soon climbing up the slippery bank, and in three minutes more the six guns were spiked, Colonel Roberts himself spiking a huge 80-pounder pivot-gun. Some of these guns had been previously dismounted by our fleet, and were now rendered doubly useless.-H. W. the smoke-stacks blazed up, but the fire was soon subdued. It was caused by the soot becoming dry, as the escape-steam, which usually kept the stack
Robert Underwood Johnson, Clarence Clough Buell, Battles and Leaders of the Civil War: The Opening Battles. Volume 1., The opposing forces at New Madrid (Island number10), Fort Pillow, and Memphis. (search)
S., Lieut. John A. Darling, Lieut. D. P. Walling. unassigned troops: Engineer Regt. of the West, Col. Josiah W. Bissell; 22d Mo., Lieut.-Col. John D. Foster; 2d Iowa Cav., Col. W. L. Elliott; 2d Ill. Cav. (4 cos.), Lieut.-Col. Harvey Hogg; 4th U. S. Cav. (3 cos.), Lieut. M. J. Kelly; 1st U. S. Infantry (6 cos.), Capt. George A. Williams. Loss of latter regiment: k, 2; w, 5; m, 1--8. flotilla Brigade, Col. Napoleon B. Buford: 27th Ill., Lieut.-Col. F. A. Harrington; 42d Ill., Col. George W. Roberts; 15th Wis., Col. Hans C. Heg; G, 1st Ill. Artillery, Capt. Arthur O'Leary; G, 2d. Ill. Artillery, Capt. Frederick Sparrestrom. Union naval forces at Island number10. Flag-Officer A. H. Foote: Benton (flag-ship), Lieut.-Comr. S. L. Phelps; St. Louis, Lieut.-Comr. Leonard Paulding Cincinnati, Comr. R. N. Stembel; Pittsburgh, Lieut.-Comr. Egbert Thompson; Mound City, Comr. A. H. Kilty; Carondelet, Comr. Henry Walke; Eleven Mortar-boats, Capt. Henry E. Maynadier. The total Union
stant from Nashville about seven miles. While we were in camp on Mill Creek the army was reorganized, and General Joshua W. Sill, at his own request, was assigned to my division, and took command of Colonel Nicholas Greusel's brigade. My division became at the same time the Third Division, Right Wing, Fourteenth Army Corps, its three brigades of four regiments each being respectively commanded by General Sill, Colonel Frederick Schaefer and Colonel Dan McCook; but a few days later Colonel George W. Roberts's brigade, from the garrison at Nashville, was substituted for McCook's. General Sill was a classmate of mine at the Military Academy, having graduated in 1853. On graduating he was appointed to the Ordnance Corps, and served in that department at various arsenals and ordnance depots throughout the country till early in 1861, when he resigned to accept a professorship of mathematics and civil engineering at the Brooklyn Collegiate and Polytechnic Institute. At the breaking ou
Robert Underwood Johnson, Clarence Clough Buell, Battles and Leaders of the Civil War. Volume 3., The opposing forces at Stone's River, Tenn. (search)
n; 88th Ill., Col. Francis T. Sherman; 21st Mich. Lieut.-Col. William B. McCreery; 24th Wis., Maj. Elisha C. Hibbard. Brigade loss: k, 104; w, 365; m, 200 = 669. Second (late Thirty-fifth ) Brigade, Col. Frederick Schaefer (k), Lieut.-Col. Bernard Laiboldt: 44th Ill., Capt. Wallace W. Barrett (w); 73d Ill., Maj. William A. Presson (w); 2d Mo. Lieut.-Col. Bernard Laiboldt, Maj. Francis Ehrler; 15th Mo., Lieut.-Col. John Weber. Brigade loss: k, 71; w, 281; m, 46 = 398. Third Brigade, Col. George W. Roberts (k), Col. Luther P. Bradley: 22d Ill., Lieut.-Col. Francis Swanwick (w and c), Capt. Samuel Johnson; 27th Ill., Col. Fazilo A. Harrington (k), Maj. Williamn A. Schmitt; 42d Ill., Lieut.-Col. Nathan H. Walworth; 51st Ill., Col. Luther P. Bradley, Capt. Henry F. Wescott. Brigade loss: k, 62; w, 343; m, 161 = 566. Artillery: Capt. Henry Hescock: C, 1st Ill. (3d Brigade), Capt. Charles Houghtaling; 4th Ind. (1st Brigade), Capt. Asahel K. Bush; G, 1st Mo. (2d Brigade), Capt. Henry Hescoc
Robert Underwood Johnson, Clarence Clough Buell, Battles and Leaders of the Civil War. Volume 3., The battle of Stone's River. (search)
photograph taken in 1884. supported by Vaughan's. Turner's Confederate battery took position near the brick-kiln [see map, p. 616], and opened fire, under cover of which Manigault made an unsuccessful dash upon Houghtaling's Union battery. Colonel Roberts was killed, and Colonel Bradley, of the 52d Illinois, succeeded to the command of the brigade. Having completed the formation of his line, Hardee gave the order for a general advance, and that portion of the right wing, which up to this timault made upon it, retreated in perfect order toward the left and rear, with empty cartridge-boxes, but with courage undaunted. Schaefer's brigade, being entirely out of ammunition, obeyed Sheridan's order to fix bayonets and await the charge. Roberts's brigade, having a few cartridges left, fell back, resisting the enemy. With the country to the right and rear overrun by McCown's infantry and Wheeler's cavalry in pursuit of R. W. Johnson's routed division, one-half of which were either kill
Admiral David D. Porter, The Naval History of the Civil War., Chapter 16: operations on the Mississippi. (search)
eside their crews, fifty soldiers of Co. A., 42d Regiment, Illinois Volunteers, making in all one hundred men, exclusive of officers, all under command of Col. George W. Roberts of the above named regiment. The boats surprised the sentinels, who fired their muskets and fled. The garrison and the crew of the Confederate gun-boat Grampus were at once aroused, but Col. Roberts lost no time in landing his men and spiking the battery; after which the party re-embarked and returned to the squadron. On this battery of eleven heavy guns the enemy had depended to sink any of our vessels that might attempt to run by their works. There was also a floating batledgements which are justly due the officers and crew of the several boats, who, in conjunction with a detachment of the Forty-second Illinois regiment, under Colonel Roberts, captured the first rebel battery and spiked the guns on Island No.10, on the night of the 1st inst.; such services are duly appreciated by the Department, wh
ers, whose gallantry and ability had won the admiration and respect of all. Killed in action. Brigade commanders, with rank of Colonel. Colonel Edward D. Baker, 71st Pennsylvania, Ball's Bluff. Colonel Julius Raith, Mortally wounded. 43d Illinois, Shiloh. Colonel Everett Peabody, 25th Missouri, Shiloh. Colonel George Webster, 98th Ohio, Chaplin Hills. Colonel John A. Koltes, 73d Pennsylvania, Manassas. Colonel William B. Goodrich, 60th New York, Antietam. Colonel George W. Roberts, 42d Illinois, Stone's River. Colonel Frederick Schaefer, 2d Missouri, Stone's River. Colonel George C. Spear, 61st Pennsylvania, Marye's Heights. Colonel David S. Cowles, 128th New York, Port Hudson. Colonel George B. Boomer, 26th Missouri, Vicksburg. Colonel Edward E. Cross, 5th New Hampshire, Gettysburg. Colonel George L. Willard, 125th New York, Gettysburg. Colonel Eliakim Sherrill, 126th New York, Gettysburg. Colonel Haldinand S. Putnam, 7th New Hampshi
tone's River it lost 21 killed, 116 wounded, and 56 missing, out of 312 present in that action; the regiment was then in Roberts's (3d) Brigade, Sheridan's (3d) Division, McCook's Corps. At Chickamauga it lost 23 killed, 76 wounded, and 31 missing,s Division--Fourth Corps. (1) Col. William A. Webb, W. P., R. A. (Died). (3) Col. Nathan H. Walworth. (2) Col. George W. Roberts (Killed). (4) Col. Edgar D. Swain. companies. killed and died of wounds. died of disease, accidents, in Priarching through Mississippi, Northern Alabama, and Tennessee, its next battle occurred at Stone's River. It was then in Roberts's Illinois Brigade, Sheridan's (3d) Division, McCook's Corps; loss, 19 killed, 96 wounded, and 46 missing; Colonel RoberColonel Roberts, who was in command of the brigade, was among the killed. At Chickamauga, Major James Leighton was killed, the loss of the Forty-second in that battle amounting to 28 killed, 128 wounded, and 28 prisoners. War Department Records make it 15 k