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Benson J. Lossing, Pictorial Field Book of the Civil War. Volume 1., Chapter 19: events in the Mississippi Valley.--the Indians. (search)
ys. Reports concerning the matter were contradictory, and the commander resolved to make a personal reconnoissance of the secession camp. Disguised as a woman closely veiled, he rode in a carriage up to and around the camp unsuspected, On that occasion Captain Lyon wore the dress, shawl, and bonnet of Mrs. Andrew Alexander, a daughter of Governor George Madison, of Kentucky, whose bravery was conspicuous at Frenchtown, on the River Raisin, early in 1813. The carriage was driven by William Roberts, a colored man; and Captain J. J. Witzig was Lyon's guide. and was convinced that the time for vigorous action had arrived. Frost had become uneasy, and on the morning of the 10th he wrote to Lyon, saying that he was constantly in receipt of information that an attack on his camp was contemplated, because of the impression that had gone abroad that he was about to attack the Arsenal. Then, with the most adroit hypocrisy, he solemnly declared that he had no hostile designs against the
Admiral David D. Porter, The Naval History of the Civil War., Chapter 44: battle of Mobile Bay. (search)
Such acts of gallantry, connected with a mission of mercy, should obtain the greatest rewards. The following survivors of the Tecumseh were picked up by the Metacomet's boat: Acting-Ensign John J. P. Zettich, Quartermasters C. V. Dean and William Roberts; Seamen James McDonald, George Major and James Thorn; Ordinary Seaman Charles Packard; Landsman William Fadden; Coal-heaver William C. West, and Pilot John Collins. In addition to these, there were picked up by one of the Tecumseh's boats: ister. Schooner Samuel Houston. Acting-Master, C. W. Pratt. Schooner Sarah Bruen. Acting-Master, A. Christian. Schooner Henry Janes. Acting-Ensign. Joseph A. Chadwick; Acting-Master's Mates, T. S. Russell, Zach. Predmore and Wm. Roberts. Schooner Oliver H. Lee. Acting-Ensign, Douglas F. O'Brien; Acting-Master's Mate, Cornelius Dailey. Naval station, New Orleans, La. Acting-Master, Adrien C. Starrett. Naval hospital. Surgeon, J. S. Dungan; Assistant Surgeon, J.
acking the enemy. At seven took station between Fort Morgan and the wooden vessels of the fleet in line of battle. At fifteen minutes past seven opened fire on the fort, the enemy firing rapidly. At eight the United States Monitor Tecumseh was blown up and sunk by a torpedo when within about a cable length of us, and shortly after the following men, having been saved from the wreck, were brought on board in a boat belonging to the Metacomet: Acting Ensign John B. Zellick, Quartermaster Wm. Roberts, Quartermaster Chauncey P. Dean. Seamen: George Major, James McDonald. Ordinary seamen: James Burnes, Charles Packand, James Lands, William Tidder. Coal-passer: William West. At half-past 8 passed Fort Morgan, and steamed slowly up the bay. At ten minutes past nine the after-turret broke down. At fifteen minutes past nine received order from flag-ship to attack the rebel ram Tennessee, which surrendered at forty-five minutes past nine. Anchored with the fleet at forty-five mi
inly in error in their statement that a row of buoys stretched from the shore a distance of one to two hundred yards. We now know, that the channel adjacent to the shore was entirely clear of torpedoes, and that the latter were placed between the two large buoys, to which I have referred in my reports. In addition to the persons named in this report as saved, the boat from the Metacomet, under Acting Ensign Nields, rescued Acting Ensign John P. Zetlich, Chauncey V. Dean, Quartermaster; Wm. Roberts, Quartermaster; James McDonald, seaman; Geo. Major, seaman; James Thorn, seaman; Chas. Packard, ordinary seaman; Wm. Fadden, landsman; and Wm. C. West, coal-heaver — with the pilot of the Tecumseh, John Collins. Four others also swam to the beach, and were taken prisoners at Fort Morgan and immediately sent away. This information was received when communicating by flag of truce with the Fort. none of them, we were told, were officers. Very respectfully, your obedient servant, D.
ew-York Mounted Rifles and three companies of the One Hundred and Thirty-ninth New-York regiment, has just returned from a highly successful raid to Charles City Court-House, situated near the north bank of the James River, and seven miles beyond the Chickahominy. The expedition was under the direction of Colonel R. M. West, the present commander of this post; the cavalry was commanded by Colonel B. F. Onderdonk, and the infantry, which acted as a reserve this side the Chickahominy, by Colonel Roberts. The infantry preceded the cavalry twelve hours. The Mounted Rifles quitted Williamsburgh at six o'clock on the evening of the eleventh instant, under lowering clouds, and an atmosphere that presaged storm. We made a brief halt at Twelve-Mile Ordinary. After leaving this point, our route lay through dense forests of pine and dreary patches of cleared but uncultivated land. As night and the column advanced, the darkness became terrible, the wind fairly roared through the tall trees
Cadets. The following is a list of the officers: Captain, John H. Gary; First Lieutenant, E. D. Rogers; Second Lieutenant, Tredell Jones; Third Lieutenant, L. Watts; Ensign, J. S. Dupont; First Sergeant, S. M. Richardson; Second Sergeant, V. C. Habersham; Third Sergeant, J. M. Irvy; Fourth Sergeant,W. J. Gary; First Corporal, R. W. B. Elliott; Second Corporal, R. DeTreville Elliott; Third Corporal, R. M. Anderson; Fourth Corporal, J. J. Tripp; Fifth Corporal, J. G. McCall; Sixth Corporal, James Watts. Washington Artillery. The following is a list of the officers: Captain, G. H. Walter; First Lieutenant, W. S. Henry; Second Lieutenant, James Salvo; Third Lieutenant, W. G. Whilden; Fourth Lieutenant, W. S. Horsey; First Sergeant, P. S. Pelot; Second Sergeant, James Porter; Third Sergeant, Joseph Buck; Fourth Sergeant, Wm. Roberts; First Corporal, White; Second Corporal, Roy; Third Corporal, Owens; Fourth Corporal, Cook; Fifth Corporal, Wilbur.--Charleston News, May 1.
Thomas Wentworth Higginson, Massachusetts in the Army and Navy during the war of 1861-1865, vol. 2, I. List of officers from Massachusetts in United States Navy, 1861 to 1865. (search)
t Gulf; South Atlantic.Sept. 13, 1867.Discharged.Mate. Robbins, Eugene P.,-Mass.Mass.Feb. 6, 1863.Actg. Asst. Surgeon.New National.Mississippi.July 23, 1863.Resigned.Actg. Asst. Surgeon. Robbins, Octavius H., Credit, Boston.R. I.Mass.Mass.Dec. 22, 1863.Actg. Master's Mate.Galena.North Atlantic.Aug. 9, 1864.Resigned.Actg. Master's Mate. Roberts, David S.,N. H.Mass.Mass.Oct. 3, 1863.Actg. 1st Asst. Engr.Merrimac; Tioga.East Gulf.Aug. 11, 1866.Hon. discharged.Actg. 1st Asst. Engr. Roberts, William, In service prior to 1861.Mass.Mass.Mass.Apr. 24, 1861.1st Asst. Engr.Housatonic; Pawnee; Niagara.South Atlantic.Feb. 19, 1869.Resigned.Chief Engineer. Apr. 21, 1863.Chief Engineer. Roberts, William H., Credit, Wilbraham.Mass.Mass.Mass.May 8, 1862.Actg. Master's Mate.Brazilira.South Atlantic.Feb. 23, 1864.Appointment revoked.Actg. Ensign. Apr. 20, 1863.Actg. Ensign. Robinson, Alexander A.,Scotland.Mass.Mass.Oct. 18, 1864.Actg. Ensign.Bat.North Atlantic.Dec. 23, 1864.Dismissed.
Thomas Wentworth Higginson, Massachusetts in the Army and Navy during the war of 1861-1865, vol. 2, Index of names of persons. (search)
omery, 227, 441 Rivers, A. M., 124 Rivers, C. C., 227 Roads, Samuel, 341 Robbins, C. T., 341 Robbins, E. H., 341 Robbins, E. L., 341 Robbins, E. P., 124 Robbins, Kenelm, 441, 552 Robbins, O. H., 124 Robbins, R. E., 584 Roberts, C. L., 341 Roberts, D. S., 124 Roberts, G. M., 342 Roberts, Horatio, 342 Roberts, J. E., 388 Roberts, J. F., 342 Roberts, Jacob, 388 Roberts, John, 584 Roberts, W. C., 342, 652 Roberts, W. H., Navy, 124 Roberts, W. H., 50th Mass. Inf., 342 Roberts, William, 124 Robertson, J. C., 342 Robertson, S. G., 342 Robertson, Uriah, 342 Robeson, T. R., 342 Robins, E. B., 342, 552 Robins, Richard, 441, 552 Robinson, A. A., 124 Robinson, Albert B., 388 Robinson, Alexander B., 124 Robinson, B. F., 124 Robinson, C. S., 342 Robinson, C. T., 7th Mass. Inf., 342 Robinson, C. T., 5th Mass. Inf., 342 Robinson, Charles, Navy, 124 Robinson, Charles, 584 Robinson, Charles, Jr., 571 Robinson, Edgar A., 342 Robinson, Edward, Jr., 441, 478, 5
Lydia Maria Child, Isaac T. Hopper: a true life, Life of Isaac T. Hopper. (search)
for good or evil. She called him back and said, My son, you are now going forth to make your own way in the world. Always remember that you are as good as any other person; but remember also that you are no better. With this farewell injunction, he departed for Philadelphia, where he soon acquired the character of a faithful and industrious apprentice. But his boyish love of fun was still strong within him, and he was the torment of all his fellow apprentices. One of them, named William Roberts, proposed that they should go together into the cellar to steal a pitcher of cider. Isaac pulled the spile, and while William was drawing the liquor, he took an unobserved opportunity to hide it. When the pitcher was full, he pretended to look all around for it, without being able to find it. At last, he told his unsuspecting comrade that he must thrust his finger into the hole and keep it there, while he went to get another spile. William waited and waited for him to return, but when
Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 15. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), General Semmes' Georgia Brigade. (search)
Private H. Terry. [52] Co. K. Private B. F. Maloney. Geo. Cullen, Capt. Commanding. Thirty-First Virginia Infantry. Field and Staff. J. Ed. Hall, Acting Adj't. Non-Commissioned Staff. Quarter-Master Sergeant John O. Perry, Com. Sergeant Samuel J. Blankensop, Ord. Sergeant Martin V. Stewart, Co. A. 1st Sergeant Sam. Rutherford, Sergeant Robt. Henderson, A. Ely Hoffman, Private Theo. Davis, Wm. L. Morgan, Private David O. Morgan, Jos. W. Ness, Jno. Rex, Wm. Roberts. Co. B. Sergeant Jeremiah H. Helmes, Private Peter H. Hussman, Jas. R. Hitchlin, Jas. W. Helmes, Jarrett M. Malcom, Private Martin W. Malcolm, Sol. J. McDaniel, Sam. A. Ralston, Geo. W. Sheffer, Jas. A. Stewart. Co. C. Private Benj. F. Corder, David Slocum, Musician Jos. L. West. Co. D. Sergeant Wm. W. Snider, Private Frank Greenleaf, Private Chas. McGinnis, Chas. Burnes. Co. E. Sergeant Reuben K. Dever, Private Wm. C. Byrd, Private Andrew J. Simmons, Wm
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