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A. Stewart, Norfolk; Leroy, do. Boston.Nov. 23.--Arrived, schr. J. Achorn, Richmond. [by Telegraph.] Norfolk, Nov. 26. --The schr. Mary McNear, 110 days from Chincha Islands, has arrived in Hampton Roads. Passengers per Steamship Yorktown, Parrish, master from New York: P. L. Valory, J. L. Nicholson, Mrs J. F. Clough. Mrs McCracken and child Miss C. A. Lacy, P. C. Royce, J. Ketchum, Mrs J. Williams, John Williams, Geo. W. Wood, Chas. Ewing, Miss E. F. Seabury, Dr. T. B. Ward. Lieut. Wm. H. Ward, U. S. N., John Lewis, C. Floyd, lady and two children, Dr. Schubert, Mrs. White. W. W. Wisht, W. H. Seabury, lady, nurse and child. Lieut. Pelot, U. S. N., Miss E. Seely, J. W. Whitehurst, J. Lawton, A. Howard, and 19 steerage. Also, from Norfolk: J. L. Young; J. E. Carter, U. A. Gathwright, E. C. Robinson, D. J. J. Simpkins, H. M. Nash, W. A. Todd, Miss G. Carr, J. R. Spratley, Jos. Lorton, W. H. Buck. J. Jacobs, Thos. Thayer, Wm. H. Parker, J. L. Slaughter.
The Daily Dispatch: February 19, 1861., [Electronic resource], The oil discoveries in Western Virginia. (search)
Passengers per Steamship Yorktown, Parrish, master, from New York. --Wm. Johnston, Isaac H. Small, F. H. Doremus, John Morgan, R. H. Robinson, Geo. Robbins, Capt. R. R. Parker, W. W. Griggs, Dr. J. B. Brooks, Mrs. Simons, S. R. Olmstead, G. W. Thompson, J. Horsman, Miss Sally G. Sydnor, G. L. Kirby, Chas. Van Pelt, V. H. Tatum, Wm. A. Smith, Mrs. Campbell and child, and 15 steerage. Also, from Norfolk.--Robt. Dickson, Dr. E. C. Robinson, Geo. Foy. Wm. Hinchman, Jno. Askew, R. S. Thomas, T. A. Walters, J. J. Whitehurst.
uality. Wheat.--Receipts light and market firm at $1.50@$1.55 for White; $1.30@ $1.35 for Red. Whiskey.--Richmond Rectified 21½@22½ cents; Stearns' Old Malted Rye $1.50; other qualities 75 cts. @$1.50 per gallon. Fertilizers.--Demand light. We quote Peruvian Guano $62½ per ton; Ruffin's Tobacco Manure $45 per ton; Aa Mexican $25; Elide Island $18; Patagonian $25; Sombrero $30; Nevassa or Brown Columbian $30; Reese's Manipulated Guano $50; Rhodes' Super Phosphate of Lime $48; Robinson's Manipulated Guano $50; Hartman's (Richmond) Amoniated Super Phosphate Lime $40; do. Manipulated Guano $50; do. Bone Dust $38 per ton. Money Matters. We give below the best quotations we can obtain: Exchange on the North is scarce and rates higher. We quote on New York 6 per cent.; Philadelphia 6 per cent., and Baltimore 5 per cent. premium. South Carolina Bank notes par; North Carolina Bank note 2 per cent. discount. Planters' and Miners' Bank of Murphy (N. C.) 20 per
vidson, of Lexington, R. W.D. G. Master; A. L. Hill, of Norfolk, R. W. G. Warden; Wm. J. Riddick, of Richmond, R. W. G. Secretary: John W. Ferguson, of Richmond, R. W. G. Treasurer; Rev. M. D. Keiley, of Petersburg, C. W. G. Chaplain; P. G. M. Jacob. K. Robinson, of Lynchburg, G. Representative to G. Lodge; George H. Head, Leesburg. G. Conductor; B. S. Harmar, Shinstown, G. Marshal; Alexander Grant, Richmond, G. Guardian; Isaac Schriver, Richmond, G. Herald. The Grand Encampment met at 3 o'clock on the same day and elected the following officers for the present year: M. W. G. Chief Patriarch, James Orr, of Wheeling; M. E. G. High Priest, Wm. Anderson, of Hampton; W. G. Sr. Warden, T. S. Berrard, of Portsmouth; W. G. Jr. Warden, L. F. Beeler, of Wheeling; W. G. Scribe, E. G. Alburtes, of Martinsburg; W. G. Treasurer, C. A. Shafter, of Lynchburg; W. G. Sentinel, J. M. Cooper, of Richmond, Representative to Grand Lodge of the United States, E. C. Robinson, of Norfelk.
bruary 25, 1865. "Resolved, by the General Assembly, That the following appointments be, and are hereby, made to constitute the Committees of Safety for the respective counties of the Commonwealth, in accordance with the joint resolution of the General Assembly, adopted February 25, 1865; and they are earnestly invoked to organize forthwith for the faithful and zealous discharge of their patriotic duties: Amkerst.--Paulus Powell, John Dudley Davis and Jacob Warwick. Amelia.--E. C. Robinson, William Old, jr., and S. R. Seay. Appomattox.--James G. Patterson, Samuel J. Walker and James Calhoun. Alleghany.--Andrew Fudge and William H. McDANIEL. Barbour.--Albert G. Reger, L. D. Monel and Henry R. Sturin. Bath.--Stephen A. Porter, William H. McDonald and Osborn Hamilton. Bedford.--Edward C. Burkes, William L. Goggin and Thomas Campbell. Bland.--William M. Bishop, Gordon C. Thom and Franklin Grayson. Botelourt.--James M. Figgatt, Isaac Hinkle and Captain John J.
The Daily Dispatch: December 19, 1865., [Electronic resource], Examination for Attempted Incendiarism — the accused sent on. (search)
nd remained about twenty minutes. He said he was just from up-town. A number of highly respectable gentlemen then appeared and testified to the excellent character which Major Edwards had always borne. Dr. Wing, postmaster at Norfolk, had known him there for twenty-five years, and during the whole of that time he was looked upon as a successful merchant and a popular gentleman — treated freely, gave suppers, &c. Had never heard his honor questioned, and supposed it was good. Dr. E. C. Robinson, State Senator from Norfolk, had known Major Edwards twenty-odd years, and regarded his character while living there as unimpeachable and irreproachable. Captain P. G. Coghlan had a great deal of business with Major Edwards during the time he was in the Confederate Ordnance Department, and always regarded him as very honest, upright and efficient. Knew that he had opportunities to make money by his office, but had heard him say that he had never made a cent beyond his salary.
hich had so often smitten Flood and Fitzgibbon. But Grattan could not condescend to give his opponent the celebrity he craved. Rising in his seat, he simply said: "I shall make no other remark on the personalities of the honorable member who has just spoken than merely to say that, as he rose without a friend, so he has certainly sat down without having made an enemy." An example of irony, covering the most insulting scorn, is found in the celebrated encounter of Curran with Judge Robinson. This Judge had risen to power by sycophancy and the composition of some miserably-written political pamphlets, distinguished by nothing but their venomous personality. Curran, when a poor young man, had a case to argue in the Judge's court, and, in controverting a position taken by the opposing counsel, remarked that he had "studied all his law books, and could not find a single case where the "principle contended for was established." "I suspect, sir," interrupted the Judge, "I "suspe
Adjournment of the North Carolina Legislature--Nothing done about Freedmen--Mr. Robinson, editor, Bailed. Raleigh, December 18. --The Legislature adjourned this morning to meet again on the 1st of February. No law was passed and no bill even presented for the government or protection of freedmen. Mr. Benjamin Robinson, editor of the Fayetteville News, who was arrested and brought here on Saturday, on the order of General Ruger, for articles which appeared in his paper unfriendly to the Government, has been admitted to bail.