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Jubal Anderson Early, Ruth Hairston Early, Lieutenant General Jubal A. Early , C. S. A., Chapter 30: Averill's raid and the winter campaign. (search)
had been made. This I determined to make with Rosser's brigade of cavalry and one of the brigades ohe only artillery there was in the valley. Rosser with his brigade, McNeil's company, a part of st River in advance of Thomas' brigade I found Rosser at that place, where we spent the night. Fromain from Moorefield at an early hour next day. Rosser immediately made preparations to move with hisought off, the injured wagons were burned. Rosser had been ordered to move around and take positoad to the west through the mountains of which Rosser had not known. Some provisions and forage ound in the works which were appropriated, and Rosser was ordered to move at once down Patterson Crewith a good lot of them. The morning after Rosser's return I made preparations to retire with thhe base of the mountains, where it halted. Rosser's brigade took an obscure road to the left ac. Everything reached the valley in safety, Rosser taking the route through Brock's Gap with the [5 more...]
Jubal Anderson Early, Ruth Hairston Early, Lieutenant General Jubal A. Early , C. S. A., Chapter 47: the March up the Valley. (search)
In this position we remained until the 6th, awaiting the arrival of Rosser's brigade of cavalry, which was on its way from General Lee's army.ridge near Mount Crawford and at Bridgewater above. On the 5th, Rosser's brigade arrived and was temporarily attached to Fitz. Lee's division, of which Rosser was given the command, as Brigadier General Wickham had resigned. The horses of Rosser's brigade had been so much reduceRosser's brigade had been so much reduced by previous hard service and the long march from Richmond, that the brigade did not exceed six hundred mounted men for duty, when it joined ard at once and arrived at New Market with my infantry on the 7th. Rosser pushed forward on the Back and Middle roads in pursuit of the enemye were reported to me as the number lost, but Grant claims eleven. Rosser rallied his command on the Back Road, at Columbia furnace opposite hen retired on the approach of a part of my infantry. On the 10th, Rosser established his line of pickets across the Valley from Columbia Fur
Jubal Anderson Early, Ruth Hairston Early, Lieutenant General Jubal A. Early , C. S. A., Chapter 48: battle of Cedar Creek, or Belle Grove. (search)
at Cedar Creek on the Back Road. On the 16th Rosser's scouts reported a brigade of the enemy's cav, and detached from the rest of his force, and Rosser was permitted to go that night, with a brigaderont of our lines, for the purpose of covering Rosser's return in case of difficulty, and, after he soon as Gordon should become engaged, and for Rosser to move with his own and Wickham's brigade, onry, and endeavor to capture Sheridan himself. Rosser was ordered to move before day, in time to atty short time after he started, the firing from Rosser, on our left, and the picket firing at the forhe left, near the Back Road, held in check by Rosser. The force of the latter was too weak to make the infantry was halted at Fisher's Hill, and Rosser, whose command had retired in good order on th New Market at three o'clock next morning, and Rosser was left at Fisher's Hill to cover the retreatad only about 1,200 cavalry on the field under Rosser, and Lomax's force, which numbered less than 1[1 more...]
Jubal Anderson Early, Ruth Hairston Early, Lieutenant General Jubal A. Early , C. S. A., Chapter 49: close of the Valley campaign. (search)
ined in front of him during the 11th and 12th, Rosser being on my left flank on the Back Road, and LCausland's) at Cedarville on the latter road. Rosser had some skirmishing with the enemy's cavalry of the enemy's cavalry and defended it. When Rosser was heavily engaged, Lomax was ordered to his killed, namely: Lieutenant Colonel Marshall of Rosser's brigade, Colonel Radford of McCausland's briolonel Munford, to Woodstock. On the 27th, Rosser crossed Great North Mountain into Hardy Countys and a greater part of the stores destroyed. Rosser also brought off several hundred cattle and a was possible for me to do. Shortly after Rosser's return from the New Creek expedition, Colonethrough a hailstorm, towards Harrisonburg, and Rosser ordered to the front with all the cavalry he cning of the 20th, and next morning before day, Rosser, with about 600 men of his own and Payne's britillery being encamped east of that place, and Rosser's cavalry west of it; and thus closed the oper
Jubal Anderson Early, Ruth Hairston Early, Lieutenant General Jubal A. Early , C. S. A., Chapter 50: operations in 1865. (search)
the best I could. Before I returned from Richmond, Rosser started with between 300 and 400 picked cavalry, fotry, amid the snows of an unusually severe winter. Rosser's loss was very light, but Lieutenant Colonel Cook,ghany and Greenbrier, where hay could be obtained. Rosser's brigade had to be temporarily disbanded, and the m which he subsequently died. Lieutenant Baylor of Rosser's brigade, who was in Jefferson County with his comt together all of his cavalry as soon as possible. Rosser was also directed to collect all of his men that hmmediate removal of all stores from that place. Rosser succeeded in collecting a little over 100 men, and nk of the river, but the enemy avoided that place. Rosser had collected a part of his brigade and made an atth General Lee, at his headquarters near Petersburg, Rosser's and McCausland's brigades were ordered to report to him under the command of General Rosser, and I started for the Valley, by the way of Lynchburg, to reorgani
Jubal Anderson Early, Ruth Hairston Early, Lieutenant General Jubal A. Early , C. S. A., Index. (search)
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