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Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 5. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), Battle of Murfreesboro. (search)
Battle of Murfreesboro. We purpose publishing during this year a number of reports and other papers concerning the operations of our western armies; and we feel sure that our readers will thank us for presenting the following reports of the battle of Murfreesboroa by the lamented Breckinridge and the gallant General Gibson: Report of General J. C. Breckinridge.headquarters Breckinridge's division, January--, 1863. Major T. B. Roy, A. A. Gen.: sir: I have the honor to report the operations of this division of Lieutenant-General Hardee's corps in the recent battles of Stone River in front of Murfreesboroa. The character and course of Stone river and the nature of the ground in front of the town are well known, and as the report of the General Commanding will no doubt be accompanied by a sketch, it is not necessary to describe them here. On the morning of Sunday the 28th of December, the brigades moved from their encampments and took up line of battle about one and a
ill rejoin the main body as soon as practicable after the time above specified. Respectfully, your obedient servant, T. B. Roy, Assistant Adjutant-General. This order was written last night, and is inclosed for your information. T. B. Roy,T. B. Roy, Assistant Adjutant-General. May 30, 1862. Major Pickett: Divide the force now at the crossing of the Tuscumbia by the Rienzi and Jacinto road into two parts. Place one-half at a ford about 2 miles above the bridge and leave the other half at t sir, respectfully, your obedient servant, R. H. Chilton, Assistant Adjutant-General. Marietta, Miss., June 6, 1862. T. B. Roy, Assistant Adjutant-General: sir: Your squad of cavalry has arrived. Lieutenant Cochran is now in conference. The e discreditably on that field, to inscribe Shiloh on their standards and colors. By command of Major-General Hardee: T. B. Roy, Assistant Adjutant-General. Armament, &c., of the troops stationed in and around Grenada, Miss., June 12, 1862.
Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 7. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), Report of the battle of Averysboroa, North Carolina, by General W. B. Taliaferro. (search)
Report of the battle of Averysboroa, North Carolina, by General W. B. Taliaferro. [We are indebted to our gallant friend General Taliaferro, for his original report of this important battle. So far as we are able to ascertain this is the only copy extant.] headquarters Taliaferro's division, camp near Smithfield, N. C., April 4th, 1865. Lieutenant-Colonel T. B. Roy, A. A. General: Colonel — I have the honor to make a brief report of the operations of my division on the 15th and 16th ultimo, near Averysboroa, North Carolina: On the morning of the 15th, Rhett's brigade was encamped near Smith's house, at the intersection of the Fayetteville and Raleigh road with the road leading to Smith's ferry, on the Cape Fear river, and Elliott's brigade half a mile higher up, at another cross road leading to the same ferry. On the previous evening the enemy, who had advanced as far as Silver run, were reported by the cavalry to have retired a distance of four miles below that poin
Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 8. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), General Hardee and the Military operations around Atlanta. (search)
e Military operations around Atlanta. By Colonel T. B. Roy, late of General Hardee's Staff. [Inmy's main works. I sent my Chief-of-Staff, Colonel Roy, to Lieutenant-General Lee to ascertain whe Baltimore, Md., March 27th, 1880. Colonel T. B. Roy, Selma, Alabama: Dear Sir — In reply Mayor's Office, Atlanta, Ga., May 13, 1880. T. B. Roy, Esq.: Dear Sir — Yours of the 12th insta By command of Lieutenant-General Hardee, T. B. Roy, Assistant Adjutant-General. headquarters e line you occupied to-day. Respectfully, T. B. Roy, Assistant Adjutant-General. Your division follows Walker's. Respectfully, T. B. Roy, Assistant Adjutant-General. Your skirmishern. By order of Lieutenant-General Hardee, T. B. Roy, Assistant Adjutant-General. And from thounty, Mississippi, 29th February, 1880. Colonel T. B. Roy, Selma, Alabama: Dear Sir — Yours of Montgomery, Alabama, March 15th, 1880. Colonel T. B. Roy, Selma, Alabama: Dear Sir — Yours of [1 more.
Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 8. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), Editorial paragraphs. (search)
es. And as our readers get the same amount of matter, it is as convenient to them, and probably even more acceptable during the heated term. The paper of Colonel Roy on the conduct of General Hardee during the Atlanta campaign will attract wide attention. As Secretary of the Southern Historical Society, we, of course, expreno opinion on the merits of the unfortunate controversy which involves two of our most distinguished soldiers. But we may without impropriety call attention to Colonel Roy's paper as a fine specimen of the style which should characterize papers on points of controversy between Confederates. Able, earnest and pointed in vindicating the name and fame of his loved and honored chief and trusted friend, Colonel Roy is at the same time corteous in his expressions and parliamentary in his whole article — setting an example which those who write on controverted points might well imitate. Major H. B. Mcclellan, so widely known and esteemed as the gallant and
eady decided upon; on the contrary, I urge its immediate execution. G. T. Beauregard, General. The movement was accordingly ordered to begin, on the 16th, without further delay. See General Hardee's telegram, in Appendix. Unfortunately, however, General Hardee, who had been unwell for several days, was obliged, at this critical hour, to leave his post; and the command of his forces devolved upon the officer ranking next under him, General L. McLaws. See Appendix for despatch of Major Roy, A. A. G. It is for this reason, no doubt, that the evacuation was not effected until the night of the 17th and the early morning of the 18th. The following telegrams, sent by General Beauregard to General Lee, so thoroughly explain the whole situation, that no further explanation seems necessary: 1. Columbia, S. C., Feb. 16th, 1865. General R. E. Lee, General-in-chief, Richmond, Va.: I returned last evening from Charleston. I shall assume command to-day of all forces in Sou
nto the city in time to cross on the pontoon at dark. By command of Lieut.-General Hardee, T. B. Roy, A. A.-Genl. R. C. Gilchrist, A. A. A. G. Headquarters, Military division of the We first about the 7th or 10th of December, and the last about the 17th, and in the absence of Colonel Roy, A. G. for General Hardee, acted as secretary of the meetings. The first council was compo the general plan of operations, which was substantially followed out in the orders issued by Colonel Roy, by order of General Hardee. Your recollection is somewhat in error in regard to the const telegraphed General McLaws, who is the next in rank, to come to Charleston and take command. T. B. Roy, A. A. G. Appendix to chapter XLV. Headquarteirs Military division of the West, hould have followed the instructions contained in my letter of the 26th ult. (acknowledged by Colonel Roy) and not of the 24th. Fayetteville and Raleigh being evidently the objective points of the e
Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 18. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), The Southern Historical Society: its origin and history. (search)
ization, objects and prospects, was read. The Committee on Credentials reported the following delegates as present: Louisiana—General G. T. Beauregard, Captain Charles E. Finner, General C. M. Wilcox, Captain George H. Frost, General P. O. Hebert, W. A. Bell, Lieutenant Charles A. Conrad, H. F. Beauregard. Georgia—Judge D. A. Vaison, Major John A. A. West, General Robert H. Anderson. North Carolina—Hon. R. H. Smith. Alabama—Admiral Raphael Semmes, Colonel G. A. Henry, Jr., Colonel T. B. Roy, Captain E. Thornton Taylor. Texas—Colonel A. W. Speight, Major F. Charles Hume, Major D. F. Holland. South Carolina—General M. C. Butler, Major C. H. Suber. Kentucky—Colonel William Preston Johnston. Maryland—H. C. Turnbull, Jr. Mississippi—General W. T. Martin, Major D. W. Flowerre, Captain J. E. Leigh. Missouri—Colonel W. H. H. Russell. Tennessee—Colonel John A. McKinney, General W. Y. C. Humes, General A. W. Campbell, Rev. J. H. Bryson, W. A. Colli