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Arrests. --The city police arrested yesterday and caged James H. Saunders for stealing a gold watch and chain worth $250, a pair of pantaloons worth $35, a vest worth $50, and $12.50 in Confederate and other notes, from Jos. F. Redford. Also, Jacob Henderson, for trespassing on J. B. Signiago's premises.
Proceedings in the Courts Major's Court, Wednesday, Nov. 26>--Recorder presiding.--Jas. H. Saunders, charged with stealing a gold watch and chain valued at $250, a pair of pantaloons valued at $35, a vest at $50, and $12.50 in Confederate States and other notes, belonging to Jos. F. Redford, was examined and sent on to a called Court, to be held on the 1st of December. Jacob Henderson, charged with drunkenness and trespassing on J. B. Signiago, was committed to prison in default of security for his good behavior, and an order was entered setting him to work as a member of the chain gang. Frank Crofield, arrested as a suspicious character, and one without visible means of support, was committed to jail until the 4th day of December. Samuel Blake, arrested for stealing a valuable bundle of goods from William W. Blackford, a passenger on the Richmond and Danville Railroad, was examined and committed for trial on the charge of felony and grand larceny. In this case
ng the services of this artillery, said to me, "But, sir, for the invaluable assistance of Pegram, who had an enfilade fire upon the enemy, much greater difficulties would have been encountered." Our losses will foot up between six and seven hundred killed and wounded, Among the wounded, I hear mentioned the names of Colonel, Lane, of the Twentieth North Carolina, severely, and Colonel Little, of the Eleventh Georgia, severely. Captain Clark, assistant adjutant-general to the late General Saunders, was also slightly wounded. Some fifty-odd of the enemy's wounded, in charge of an assistant surgeon, fell into our hands, and have been brought here. Some of the enemy's prisoners reported seeing the dead body of a general officer, but his name I could not learn. Just as the fight was concluded, it was reported that the enemy were attempting to turn both flanks. Mahone's Virginia brigade was quickly thrown on our right, and Sanders's Alabama brigade (now under Colonel Ring) was
Stealing brass. --James H. Saunders a white man employed at the Confederate States artillery workshops, was arrested yesterday afternoon on the charge of stealing brass belonging to the Confederate States from that department. On the evidence of the person who procured. the warrant against Sanders, it was shown that at one o'clock yesterday, when he left the workshops to go to his dinner, he had under his arm a small box, which, upon examination, proved to contain the brass bushing for a ten-inch columbiad, valued at seventy-five dollars, which he had stolen. The accused has already been an inmate of the penitentiary.
Mayor's Court, yesterday. --Recorder Caskie officiating.--James H. Saunders was charged with stealing two brass cannon bushings, valued at one hundred and fifty dollars, and one brass lock, the property of the Confederate States. The accused has been employed at the artillery workshops. For sometime past considerable quantities of brass belonging there have been lost, but no clue was obtained as to who was the thief till a day or two back, when suspicion pointed very plainly to the prisoner. He was therefore watched, and on Monday was detected leaving the shop with a small box under his arm, which he stated contained some peas; but one of the officers insisted upon an examination, which disclosed the stolen brass. In his room was found other Government metal. The Recorder sent him on to the Hustings Court for examination. Ben, slave of J, H. Gentry, was remanded to the Hustings Court for examination on the charge of breaking into the store of James T. Butler & Co, on t
. --Judge Lyons, after an absence from the city for near two months, has returned, and convened his court yesterday. The Grand Jury, composed of the same gentlemen who have acted in that capacity for years past, were duly sworn and received their charge from the Judge, after which they retired to consider the business which had been prepared for them. They soon after returned into court and made the following presentiments for felony: John Leathers, William S. Isaacs, Antonie Samanni, (two cases,) Charles Doherty, James Smith, James H. Marshall, John J. Boler, Joseph Neidham, Francis Craven, James H. Saunders and Granville Montelle. The Grand Jury was then discharged. John Leathers, indicted for stealing a shirt from Elijah Brittingham, was put upon trial, and, after an examination of witnesses and argument of counsel, the case was given to the jury, who, after a short retirement, returned into court and rendered a verdict of acquittal. The court then adjourned.
Judge Lyons's Court. --Judge Lyons called his court together at 10 o'clock yesterday, when the following business was disposed of: Francis Craven, indicted for brutally assaulting, with an iron bar, a negro man in the employ of the Danville Railroad Company, was convicted by the jury sworn in his case, and sentenced to thirty days confinement in the city jail, and to pay a fine of four hundred dollars. In the cases of Miles R. Bohannon, indicted for forgery, and James H. Saunders, indicted for stealing, nolle prosequi were entered, and they were discharged. The grand jury, who had taken into consideration several cases prepared for them, returned a number of true bills, after which the court adjourned till 10 o'clock this morning.
Hustings Court, yesterday. --Judge Lyons presiding.--William S. Isaacs, indicted for stealing a horse from Lieutenant William H. Parker, or the navy, was found guilty by the jury and his punishment assessed at one year in the penitentiary. The cases of Granville Montelle, indicted for horse-stealing, and Alfred Moss, Joshua Owens and William T. Spillers, indicted for larceny, will be disposed of to-day. The cases of James H. Saunders, indicted for stealing ten brass cannon bushings belonging to the Confederate States, and John Ryan, indicted for stealing money and a gold ring, were continued till next term at the instance of counsel, Messrs. J. L. C. Danner and Daniel Ratcliffe. The court then adjourned till 10 o'clock this morning.
Judge Lyone's Court, yesterday. --Patrick Martin, indicted for stealing a mule, valued at one thousand dollars, the property of the Confederate States--acquitted. James H. Saunders, indicted for stealing brass from the Confederate States Arsenal — found guilty and sentenced to six years confinement in the penitentiary. Franklin Jones, indicted for burglariously entering the house of Ann Thomas and stealing from James A. Dilkes a gold watch and chain, five hundred dollars in money, and a suit of clothes — convicted by the jury and sent to the penitentiary for seven years. Alfred Moss, convicted last week of the larceny of medicines, received his sentence to one year's imprisonment in the penitentiary. The court will sit this morning at 10 o'cloc