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A Roster of General Officers , Heads of Departments, Senators, Representatives , Military Organizations, &c., &c., in Confederate Service during the War between the States. (ed. Charles C. Jones, Jr. Late Lieut. Colonel of Artillery, C. S. A.), List of officers of the Confederate States Marine corps, January 1, 1864. (search)
ama AlabamaMarch 29, 1861.March 29, 1861.With Army of Tennessee. CaptainGeorge HolmesMaine FloridaMarch 29, 1861.March 29, 1861.Drewry's Bluff. CaptainR. T. ThomVirginia AlabamaMarch 25, 1861.March 25, 1861.With Army at Mobile. CaptainA. C. Van BenthuysenLouisiana LouisianaMarch 30, 1861.March 30, 1861.  CaptainJ. E. MeiereConnecticut MarylandMay 8, 1861.Dec. 5, 1861.Mobile, Alabama. CaptainThomas S. WilsonTennessee MissouriJan. 24, 1862.Oct. 10, 1862.Drewry's Bluff. First LieutenantC. L. SayreAlabama AlabamaMarch 29, 1861.March 29, 1861.With Army at Mobile. First LieutenantB. K. HowellMississippi LouisianaMarch 29, 1861.March 29, 1861.Steamer Alabama. First LieutenantR. H. HendersonD. C. VirginiaApril 16, 1861.April 16, 1861.Drewry's Bluff. First LieutenantDavid G. RaneyFlorida FloridaApril 22, 1861.Nov. 22, 1861.Mobile, Alabama. First LieutenantJ. R. Y. FendallD. C. MississippiJune 15, 1861.Dec. 5, 1861.Mobile, Alabama. First LieutenantT. P. GwynnWisconsin VirginiaSept. 2
les Dickens is much distressed with neuralgic pains in the face, and is obliged to leave London for the sea-side. A Northern paper says the wife and daughter of Colonel Magruder, commander of the Confederate forces at Great Bethel, are in Boston. Andy Johnson has taken flight from Tennessee to the North. He threatens to return with 20,000 men for the purpose of "subjugation." Mr. Robert C. Coleman, a well known citizen of Montgomery, Ala., died on the 12th instant. Capt. C. L. Sayre, who has mustered 2700 Texans into the Confederate service, has been ordered to report to Gen. Bragg at Pensacola. The Hungarians in Turin lately entertained Kossuth at a banquet. The guest guest had Klapga on his right and Tur on his left. The New York papers say that the markets of that city have not been more than half supplied with strawberries this season. Richard Lovell Edgeworth, a nephew of Maria Edgeworth, died in Chesterfield District, S. C., on the 3d inst.,
honor. All our prisoners, while on the Island, were treated in a similar manner; and it was no doubt gratifying to Colonel Brown to learn that General Bragg has acted in a like manner toward the Federal prisoners in his hands.--Lieut Sayre was brought over on a litter. I send you below a correct list of our wounded and prisoners of war at Fort Pickens, captured on the morning of Wednesday, Oct. 8, 1861: 1st Lieut. Jas. Cooper, La. Infy: 2d Lieut. F. W. Farley, 1st Fla. V.; 1st Lieut. C. L. Sayre, C. S. M. C., severely wounded; Benj. R. Holt, 5th Ga.; Mal. Mosely, 1st Fla.; Corporal W. H. Moore, 7th Ala.; L. G. Moore, 7th Ala.; F. M. Fry. 7th Ala.; H. Ferguson, 7th Ala., dead; John Burgess, 5th Ala., Capt. Homer's J. R. Cox, Ga., or Miss. R., Capt. Rhodes's H. C. Jones, Ga. or Miss. R., Capt. Rhodes's J. M. L. Jones, Ga. or Miss. R., Capt. Rhodes's John Mahoney, 1st Fla., Capt. Cripp's Larkin Nickles, 1st Fla., Capt. Cripp's Benj. F. Parker, 1st Fla., Capt. Baker's; T. Bond,
stiny; and may I hope, citizens and friends of New Orleans, that my appeal to you will not be made in vain? List of Confederate prisoners taken in the Santa Rosa fight, and since sent to New York. The Pensacola Observer, of the 24th, gives the following as a correct list of the prisoners taken by the enemy in the Santa Rosa fights and since sent to New York: First Lieutenant James Cooper, Louisiana Infantry; Second Lieutenant F. W. Farley, First Florida Volunteers; First Lieutenant C. L. Sayre, Confederate States Marine Corps, severely wounded, released on parole until recovered; Corporal W. H. Moore, Seventh Alabama Regiment. Privates Benjamin R. Holt, Fifth Georgia Regiment; Malcolm Mosely, Fifth Florida Regiment; L. G. Moore, F. M. Fry, Henry Ferguson, (dead,) Seventh Alabama Regiment; John Burgess, Fifth Alabama Regiment; Mobile Continentals, Captain Homer; J. R. Cox, H. C. Jones J. M. L. Jones, Georgia and Mississippi Regiments, Capt. Rhodes; John Mahony, Largin Ni