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guns and Manigault's musketry on the left, made twelve taken on that part of the field. This was one of the points at which we encountered the most determined opposition, but the onward movement of the Mississippians and Alabamians was irresistible, and they swept the enemy before them, driving him into the dense cedar brake to join the extending line of his fugitives. This work, however, was not done without a heavy loss of officers and men. The Thirtieth Mississippi, commanded by Lieut.-Col. Seales, in the act of charging, lost sixty-two officers and men killed, and one hundred and thirty-nine wounded; others lost in proportion. Here the brave Lieut.-Colonel Jas. L. Autry, of the Twenty-seventh Mississippi, fell, while cheering and encouraging his troops. The supporting brigade of Gen. Anderson, commanded by Brig.-Gen. A. P. Stewart, moved with that of Anderson. It was ordered by the division commander, Major-Gen. Withers--who was in the command of Major-Gen. Cheatham's two
Harper's Encyclopedia of United States History (ed. Benson Lossing), Raleigh, Sir Walter 1552- (search)
ive and grant ful power and authoritie to our trustie and welbeloved Counsailour Sir William Cecill knight, Lorde Burghley, or high Treasourer of England, and to the Lorde Treasourer of England for us, our heires and successors, for the time being, and to the privie Counsaile of us, our heires and successors, or any foure or more of them, for the time being, that he, they, or any foure or more of them, shall and may from time to time, and at all times hereafter, under his or their handes or Seales by vertue of these presents, authorize and licence the sayd Walter Ralegh, his heires and assignes, and every or any of them by him, & by themselves, or by their, or any of their sufficient Atturnies, Deputies, Officers, Ministers, Factors, and servants, to imbarke & transport out of our Realme of England and Ireland, and the Dominions thereof, all or any of his or their goods, and all or any the goods of his and their associats and companies, and every or any of them, with such other necess
th do; Captain J C Mc, 39th do; A S McDowell, co C, 54th do; W H McBrovie, 4th do; W A Holt H D; J Steward, 49th do; Capt. A S Jordan, 19th do; S C Terry, 2d cavalry; W H Peoples, 7th do; J Parker; W P Herton; R W Stintson, 46th N C reg't; Lieut. D Sexion, 15th do D C Dearman co C, 42d do; Col W C D Rossett, 3d do; W F Matherson, 33th do; care Capt. D S C, 54th do; Quartermaster, 30th do; Lt A C Banner co K, 48th do; Capt F A Spreige, 5th do; H B Giddens, 20th do; L H Hunt, 13th do; Col A M Seales 13th do; Geo Sink and A Trout, 14th do; Lieut. Col W A Jenkins, 46th do; W F Watts 48th do; Prof Starling; 57th do; A Hardin, 2d Cavalry; D Jannett, 46th N C reg't; O Holdsomer, 4th do; H Whoifenfelt, 4th do; T B Armstrong, 4th do; J P Warren, 18th do; John Campbell, 4th do; Robert Parks, 21st do; Benj Browls; Commanding co C, 22d do; E C McLocland 4th do; Rev Howell, 1st do; Lieut 8 Furr 2d do; N C Rumple, 4th do;--Forcum, 33d do; J P 8 co B, 6th do; A M D Kenny, 4th do; W R Philips, 2d do
The Daily Dispatch: February 8, 1864., [Electronic resource], Another movement of the enemy from the Peninsula. (search)
Movements on the Rapidan. Orange C. H., Feb. 7. --The enemy crossed in large force on Saturday at Morton's Ford, but after a sharp contest were repulsed by Gen. Ed. Johnson's division, and driven back over the river and pursued. Our troops returned this morning. The enemy also attempted to cross at Barnett's Ford, but were repulsed by Gen. Seales's North Carolina brigade and Lomax's cavalry. The casualties on our side were slight. The enemy have retired.
[from our own Correspondent.] Army of Northern Virginia. Near Hanover Junction, May 25th, 1864. My last letter told you of the change of base, and of the fact that our forces were in position around this place. Yesterday evening about four o'clock, Thomas's, McGowan's and Lane's brigades, of Wilcox's division, with Seales's of the same division in support and reserve, were sent forward to meet the enemy, who had crossed the North Anna river at Jericho Fard, a point about six miles above Hanover Junction. Our forces came up with those of the enemy near Noel's turn-out. Thomas, McGowan and Lane engaged them in front, while Scales was sent to take them in rear. A sharp fight ensued, and the troops were rapidly pressing them back, when just as Scales was opening on their flank and rear, Thomas's brigade, for some unexplained reason, gave way, and thus the fruits of victory were lost. We however captured some sixty prisoners, who say that when our men commenced giving back th