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from the Committee on elections. Mr. Haymond, from the Committee on Elections, submitted a report embodying "a list of the persons who seem to have been elected to the Convention, and the certificates of such election." The Committee add: John D. Sharp is elected from the county of Lee, but his seat in the Convention is contested by M. B. D. Lane, of said county of Lee, and his petition and notice of contest has been referred to the Committee for examination and decision, which contest has not yet been finally acted upon by the Committee. The Committee therefore report that the said John D. Sharp, having the official return of election for said county of Lee, is prima facie entitled to occupy a seat in the Convention, until otherwise ordered by the Convention, on the final decision of said contest. The report was laid on the table and ordered to be printed. Mr. Haymond, from the same committee, offered the following ordinance for adoption: Whereas, the General Ass
The Daily Dispatch: June 17, 1861., [Electronic resource], The vote on the Ordinance of Secession. (search)
J. Jackson, George W. Berlin, John F. Lewis, Caleb B g s William McComas, George W. Brent, James C. McGrew, William G. Brown, James Marshall, John S. Burdett, Henry H. Masters, James Bu ley, Famuel McD. Moore, Benj. W. Byrae, Hugh M. Nelson, John S. Carlile, Logan Osborn, John A. Carter, Spicer Patrick, Sherrard Chamans, Edmand Pendleton, C. B. Conrad, George er R. Y. Conrad, Samuel Price, James H. Cou h, David Pugh, W. H. B. Cus John D. Sharp, Marshall M. Dent, Thomas Sittington, William H. Dalany, Barwell S lock, J Earley, Alex. H. H. Stuart, Colbert G. Fugate, Cha ma J. Stuart, Peyton Gravely, George W. Summers, Algern Gray, Campbell Tar Ephraim B. Hall, William White, Allen C. Hammond, Williams C. Wickham, Alph Haymond, Walt T. Whey--55. James W. Hoge, At fifteen minutes past four o'clock, the President (Mr. Montague in the chair) announced the result of the vote, and declared
Armstrong, Robert Park, S. J. C. Davenport. James City — R. L. Henley, A. W. Hawkins, M. R. Harrell. Jefferson — B. Davenport, Andrew Hunter, R. W. Baylor. Kanawha — J. G. Newman, Wm. Quarrier, Henry Fitzhugh. King George--A bram B. Hooe, Charles Mason, Ed. T. Taylors, King and Queen — Thomas R. Gresham, Roderick Bland, or, J. M. Jeffries. King William--Wm. A Braxton, Hardin Little page Wm. Geo. Pollard. Lancaster — Samuel Gresham, Col. S. Downing, Addison Hall. Lee — John D. Sharp. Ro. M. Bales, Peter C. Johnston. Lewis — James T. Jackson, Conrad Kester, Joseph C. Spalding. Logan — Isaac S. Samuels, P. K. McComas Joseph Barrett. Loudou — John W. Minor, Asa Rogers, John A. Carter. Louisa — John Hunter, Clayton G. Coleman, W. O. Harris. Lunenburg — John Orgain, Sterling Neblett, Jr. W. H. Hatchett. Lynchburg — Wm. T. Yancey John G. Meem, John M. Speed. Madison — Travis J. Twyman, A. R. Blakey, Robert A. Banks. Marion — A. S. Hay