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Thomas Wentworth Higginson, Army Life in a Black Regiment, Chapter 4: up the St. John's. (search)
led two of the Maine men, and wounded two more. This was fired wide, but the numerous shots which followed were admirably aimed, and seldom failed to fall or explode close to our own smaller battery. It was the first time that the men had been seriously exposed to artillery fire,--a danger more exciting to the ignorant mind than any other, as this very war has shown. Take this for an example: The effect was electrical. The Rebels were the best men in Ford's command, being Lieutenant-Colonel Showalter's Californians, and they are brave men. They had dismounted and sent their horses to the rear, and were undoubtedly determined upon a desperate fight, and their superior numbers made them confident of success. But they never fought with artillery, and a cannon has more terror for them than ten thousand rifles and all the wild Camanches on the plains of Texas. At first glimpse of the shining brass monsters there was a visible wavering in the determined front of the enemy, and as
Thomas Wentworth Higginson, Army Life in a Black Regiment, Index. (search)
9. Rust, J. D., Col., 119, 120, 122,1 Sammis, Col., 27. Sampson, W. W., Capt., 176, 27( Saxton, M. W., Lt., 272. Saxton, Rufus, Gen. 2, 3,7,8, 35 37, 39, 4 2, 48, 52, 60 f 75 93 97, 100, 143, 168, 25 22, 234, 236, 237, 241, 244,24 276, 278,280 2 82 284, 288. Searles, J. M., t., 272. Sears, Capt., 82. Selvage, J. W., Lt., 272. Serrell, E. W., Col., 272. Seward, W. H., 251. Seymour, T. Gen., 129, 240. Shaw, R. G., Col., 176, 224, 225 293. Sherman, W. T., Gen., 176, 263. Showalter, Lt.-Col., 124. Simmons, London, Corpl. 260. Small, Robert, Capt., 7, 65. Smith, Mr., 92. Sprague, A. B. R., Col., 2. Stafford, Col., 277. Stanton, E. M., Hon., 280. Steedman, Capt., 127. Stevens, Capt., 68. Stevens, Thaddeus, Hon., 287, 288. 231, Stickney, Judge, 41, 97, 107. Stockdale, W., Lt. 271. Stone, H. A., Lt., 271, 272. Strong, J. D., Lt.-Col., 65, 90,122,178, 181, 182, 269. 114, Stuard, E. S., Surg., 269. Sumner, Charles, Hon., 281. Sunderland, Col., 106. Sutton,
plete and overwhelming. We have not lost a single man. The guerrillas in Western Virginia are still troublesome. Two secessionists belonging on the Valley River, in the upper end of Marion County, were shot this day by a detachment of Capt. Showalter's company. Their names were Sack Barker and Levi Ashcraft. A band of guerrillas (supposed to belong to the same gang from which Riblet and Conway were captured) had taken prisoners a couple of young men, soldiers in Capt. Showalter's compaCapt. Showalter's company, and their comrades in rescuing them captured the two guerrillas above named, and killed them on their attempting to escape. This took place near Texas, on the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad.--N. Y. Tribune, April 15. Jefferson Davis proclaimed martial law over the department of East-Tennessee, under the command of Major-Gen. E. K. Smith, and the suspension of all civil jurisdiction, except in certain courts, and also the suspension of the writ of habeas corpus. The distillation and sale
A Roster of General Officers , Heads of Departments, Senators, Representatives , Military Organizations, &c., &c., in Confederate Service during the War between the States. (ed. Charles C. Jones, Jr. Late Lieut. Colonel of Artillery, C. S. A.), Brigadier-Generals of the Confederate States Army, alphabetically arranged. (search)
Guard. 141Fry, B. D.AlabamaGen. R. E. LeeMay 24, 1864.May 24, 1864.May 24, 1864.Oct. 13, 1864.Commanding Walker's and Archer's brigades; at one time in command of the District of Augusta, Georgia. 142Gano, Richard M.KentuckyGen. J. H. MorganApril, 1865.   Commanding 2d brigade, Morgan's cavalry division; afterwards in command of a brigade of Texas cavalry operating in Indian Territory and Arkansas, composed of the regiments of Colonels DeMorse, Martin, Gurley, Duff and Hardeman. Lieutenant-Colonel Showalter's battalion, the light batteries of Captains Howell and Krumbhar, and Captain Welch's company, known as the Gano Guards. 143Gantt, E. W.MissouriGen. Polk    Commanding Fort Thompson, Missouri. 144Gardner, FrankLouisianaGen. BeauregardApril 19, 1862.April 11, 1862.April 19, 1862. Promoted Major-General December 13, 1862; commanding 1st brigade, reserve division, Army of the Mississippi, composed of the 19th, 22d, 25th, 26th and 29th Alabama regiments and Robertson's Light Batt
Frederick H. Dyer, Compendium of the War of the Rebellion: Regimental Histories, California Volunteers. (search)
vember 12; Co. K, May 16; Co. L, August 15, and Co. M, May 16, 1863. Service. Companies A, B, C, D, E moved to Southern California and duty at Los Angeles (3 Cos.) and at San Bernardino (2 Cos.) till March, 1862. Pursuit and capture of Showalter's party at Warner's Ranch, near San Jose Valley, November 20-29, 1861 (Detachment). Attached to Carlton's California Column, organized for an Expedition to recapture the Forts and Posts in Arizona and New Mexico, March, 1862. March to Sta to October, 1861. Company K organized February 12, 1862. Attached to Depts. of the Pacific and New Mexico. Service. In camp at Oakland till October, 1861, and near Los Angeles, Cali., till December, 1861. Pursuit and capture of Showalter's party at Warner's Ranch, San Jose Valley, November 20-29, 1861 (Cos. F and G ). Moved to Fort Yuma December, 1861, and duty there till April, 1862 (Cos. B, D, F, H and I ). Company D at San Diego. Companies A and C at Camp Latham. C
Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 35. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), chapter 1.64 (search)
A., Poole, William, Painter, N. B., Pennybacker, J. E., Pennybacker, Isaac, Reed, John, Ritter, Henry, Richardson, John, Rinker, William, Rogers, John, Rhodes, O. L., Richards, B. F., Robinson, I. N., Rosser, Robert, Shaffer, Sam, Smith, John, Showalter, John, Senman, William, Stewart, F., Md.; Seymour, Henry, Seymour, William, Stickley, S., Steele, John, Showalter, D. H., Shipman, J., Saunders, James, Scott, F., Shoemate, William, Shryock, J., Spaulding, William, Shore, H. W., Shitagger, WillShowalter, D. H., Shipman, J., Saunders, James, Scott, F., Shoemate, William, Shryock, J., Spaulding, William, Shore, H. W., Shitagger, William, Temple, J. M., Tabb, Harlan, Tabb, P., Trumbo, M. G., Tucker, E., Tucker, Sam, Truehart, H. M., Tex.; Triplett, John, Triplett, Joseph, Taylor, G. R., Tevebaugh, I., Vandiver, George, VanPelt, John, Vallandingham, J. L., Md.; Whitmore, John, Watring, Ben, Welch, James, Welton, S., Westmoreland, M., White, Charles, Williamson, J. B., Md.; Watkins, O. U., Wilson, J. Among this company's many daring exploits was the raid of 1864 into Cumberland, Md., which was occupied by over ten thousan
For Hire, several valuable Servants. They will be hired to good homes at a very reasonable price. Apply to Mrs. Showalter, Sixth street, second door from Leigh, west side. fe 28--1t