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Ulysses S. Grant, Personal Memoirs of U. S. Grant, Ancestry-birth-boyhood (search)
mpower him to act in the matter, and in 1832 or 1833, when I was a boy ten or eleven years old, he went to Windsor, proved the title beyond dispute, and perfected the claim of the owners for a consideration-three thousand dollars, I think. I remember the circumstance well, and remember, too, hearing him say on his return that he found some widows living on the property, who had little or nothing beyond their homes. From these he refused to receive any recompense. My mother's father, John Simpson, moved from Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, to Clermont County, Ohio, about the year 1819 [1817], taking with him his four children, three daughters and one son. My mother, Hannah Simpson, was the third of these children, and was then over twenty years of age. Her oldest sister was at that time married, and had several children. She still lives in Clermont County at this writing, October 5th, 1884, and is over ninety years of age. Until her memory failed her, a few years ago, she though
Benson J. Lossing, Pictorial Field Book of the Civil War. Volume 1., Chapter 16: Secession of Virginia and North Carolina declared.--seizure of Harper's Ferry and Gosport Navy Yard.--the first troops in Washington for its defense. (search)
Donald; First Lieutenant, James Russell; Second Lieutenant, Henry L. Cake; Third Lieutenant, Lewis J. Martin; First Sergeant, La Mar S. Hay; Second Sergeant, Abraham McIntyre; Third Sergeant, W. F. Huntzinger; Fourth Sergeant, George G. Boyer; Quartermaster Sergeant, Daniel Downey; First Corporal, Ernst A. Sauerbrey; Second. Corporal, Charles C. Russell; Third Corporal, Edward Moran; Fourth Corporal, Frederick W. Conrad. Privates.--J. Addison McCool, Thomas G. Bull,William Becker, John Simpson, Thomas G. Houck, Edward Thomas, Elias B. Trifoos, John Stodd, Lawrence Manayan, B. F. Barlett, Wm. Madara, Emanuel Saylor, Wm. F. Garrett, John P. Womelsdorff, George De Courcey, J. J. Dampman, John Schmidt, C. F. Hoffman, Jacob Bast, Daniel Eberle, Wm. H. Hodgson, Ernst T. Ellrich, Amos Forseman, C. F. Umberhauer, James Sammon, Wm. R. Roberts, Jonas W. Rich, Charles Weber, Terrence Smith, F. A. Schoener, William Pugh, Frank Hanley, James Smith, Geo. W. Mennig, James Marshall, Ira Troy,
Rev. James K. Ewer , Company 3, Third Mass. Cav., Roster of the Third Massachusetts Cavalry Regiment in the war for the Union, Company L. (search)
. Sept. 28, 1865. Henry Sargent, en. Boston, Cr. Dorchester, 22; machinist. Jan. 2, 1865. M. O. Dec. 31, 1865. Joseph Schoener, en. New Orleans, La., June 1, 1862. Killed in action, June 28, 1862. William Schallamzee, en. New Orleans, La., June 2, 1862, Disch. disa. Dec. 21, 1863. Thomas A. Sears, en. Greenfield. Cr. Deerfield, 19; laborer. Jan. 2, 1865 Disch. July 28, 1865. Ferdinand, Shultz, en. New Orleans, La., 23; gardener. July 1, 1862, Disch. July 3, 1865. John Simpson, en. New Orleans, La., 26. Nov. 3, 1862. Deserted July 15, 1864. New Orleans, La. Thomas C. Smith, en. New Orleans, La., 29. Sept. 23, 1862. Deserted July 15, 1864. New Orleans, La. Timothy F Sullivan, Boston, 19, s; printer. Dec. 23, 1861. Re-en. Feb. 20, 1864. Disch. June 21, 1865. Robert Stores, en. New Orleans, La., June 1, 1862. Trans. to V. R. C. June 30, 1864. Martin Stewart, Newark, N. J., Cr. Acushnet, 20, s; hatter. March 5, 1864. Died July 16, 1864. New Orl
Brigadier-General Ellison Capers, Confederate Military History, a library of Confederate States Military History: Volume 5, South Carolina (ed. Clement Anselm Evans), Additional Sketches Illustrating the services of officers and Privates and patriotic citizens of South Carolina. (search)
A. Simpson, M. D., of Greenville, was born in Laurens county in 1844, a son of Dr. John W. Simpson, and grandson of Col. John Simpson, a native of Ireland, who settled in Laurens county soon after the Revolution. William D. Simpson, who succeeded Ghe Scotch-Presbyterian Simpsons who left Scotland and settled in Ireland. The first of them to come to America was Col. John Simpson, who at about the close of the continental war located in Laurens county, S. C., and purchased a plantation there which he called Belfast, in honor of his native city. Colonel Simpson before coming to America married Miss Wells, a lady of English birth, and they had three sons and four daughters, all of whom survived their parents. The sons of Col. John SimpsoCol. John Simpson were W. W., John W., and Richard F. John W., the second son, graduated from the Jefferson college at Philadelphia and was later a successful practicing physician and became one of the most prominent men in the county. He married Elizabeth Satterw
Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 15. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), Terry's Brigade, formerly John M. Jones's. (search)
W. B. Breazeale, A. P. Cox, A. Culley, Commissary Department. T. T. Hopkins, J. T. Jones, Pioneer Corps. Private W. H. McGill, W. J. Miller, H. A. Powell, W. J. Snider, D. W. Wilson, John Wilson, Mus'n John C. L. Knee, F. W. Peiper, J. J. Ansel. Co. D. Sergeant J. E. Sadler, Corporal R. H. Pettigrew, Private J. D. Beard, A. C. Beaty, E. E. Bates, W. Evans, Div. Q. M. Departm't. W. M. Grant, J. O. Moore, Private Newton McConnell, D. G. W. Richardson, John Simpson, J. E. Spearman, J. W. Spearman, Div. Q. M. Departm't, Newton Scott, Brig. Q. M. Departm't, M. W. Murphy. Co. E. Sergeant J. E. Warnick, Corporal T. H. Stribbling, W. H. Todd, J. B. Hunnicutt, J. R. Knox, J. N. Fincher, Joseph Gibson, W. H. Hunnicutt, Private F. M. Cleveland, Musician in band. J. M. Cannon, S. K. Cannon, J. P. Darby, James Massey, T. C. Todd, E. C. Butler. Co. F. Sergeant M. A. Terril, T. A. McElroy, C. S. Milford, Private J.
Other Managers.--Ell Cutterell, B. Thomas, Richard Meads, Wm. H. Morris, Seth March, J. White, O. N. Fetcher, Miles Davis, C. Brinkerhoff, Wm.Wagner. Foreign Mission BoardCharlottesville.--A. B. Brown, President; James Fife, 1st Vice President; Wm.P. Farish, 2d Vice President; B. W. Snead, Corresponding Secretary; James Alexander, Rec. Sec; John T. Randolph, Treasurer; John H. Bibb, Auditor Other Managers.--A. P. Abell. Lewis Sowell, J. E. Massey, Addison Manpin, W. A. Whitescarver, John Simpson, John Hart, Lewis M. Coleman, P. C. Hoge, G. W. Garrett. Domestic Mission Board.Petersburg.--T. G. Keen, President; Thomas Wallace, 1st Vice President; D. Witt, 2d Vice President; D. G. Potts, Corresponding Secretary; E. B. Branch, Recording Secretary; C. F. Fisher, Treasurer; O. Ellyson, Auditor. Other Managers.--Geo. Bailey, F. H. Robertson, Bernard Todd, Wm. Drummond, Ira C. Schoolfield. Dr. J. N. Schoolfield, J. M. Butter, A. B. Garland, E. D. Merritt, David Steel. On motio
r: Second Virginia Regiment. Colonel Nelson, mortally wounded. Botts' Greys--Private Manning, mortally wounded; private Timberlake, mortally wounded; private Eiscler, mortally wounded; private Middlekeff, slightly wounded. Fourth Virginia Regiment. Rockbridge Grays--Private Goolsby, mortally wounded; private Cox, mortally wounded; private Marstella, slightly wounded. Montgomery Fencibles--Lieut. Langhorn, slightly wounded. Fourth Alabama Regiment. Lieutenant John Simpson, Company H, probably killed. Privates James Jackson, of Florence, wounded; Tom Kirkham, of Florence, wounded; Colonel Jones, severely wounded; Lieutenant Laws. wounded; Major Scott, wounded; Chas. Weem, wounded. Second Virginia Regiment. Captain Roan, mortally wounded; Captain Clarke, slightly wounded; Captain Chambers, killed; Private Scott Dishman, Company C, killed; Private Palmgrate, Company C, killed; Private Sam Ritter, Company C, wounded; Private C. Whiting, Compan
Prison items. --The following prisoners were received at Castle Thunder yesterday: Wm. Brabham and Wm. Pyle, of company I, 2d Va. reg't, and J. W. Smallwood, of Lee Guards, as deserters; also, the following parties sent by the Provost Marshal of Stafford county, viz: Thomas D. Coates, supposed deserter; John Simpson and Jacob Stipps, attempting to cross the lines to the enemy; M. J. Chase, company A, 24th Michigan, Federal prisoner, W. A. Walker, company I, 2d N. C., deserter; Charles Johnston, a dangerous Unionist, (brought down in irons, said to have caused the deaths of many of our men by leading on the enemy;) D. C. Clough, company I, 5th La., forged discharge; J. M. Riddle, company K. 13th Va., no papers and deserter; Francis Roseh, suspicious character; James M. Crafts company I, 1st Ga.; Jas. Edwards, Rodgers's cavalry, and Pat Brannon, company M, 1st Ga. regulars, deserters.
Stealing a watch. --John Doyle, formerly a resident of Norfolk, where he sustained an unenviable regulation for his disposition to rowdy conviviality, was brought before the Head of Police, yesterday, charged with purloining a $60 watch from John Simpson, on Wednesday. The prisoner got possession of the article by pretending a desire to purchase, and conspiring with two other cronies to use violence, if complaint was made.--After accomplishing the deed, the trio beat the owner of the watch and made their escape. Afterwards some of the military police found Boyle in the cellar of a house called the Sallor's Home, and he was arrested and handed over to the civil authorities. The theft being established, the accused was committed to jail to be tried for grand larceny. His companions have not been arrested.