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Admiral David D. Porter, The Naval History of the Civil War., Chapter 50: Second attack on Fort Fisher. (search)
x. Dempster, W. B. Snow and J. H. Chesney; Acting-Gunner, Thomas Grail. *Monadnock--Third-rate. Commander, E. G. Parrott: Lieutenant-Commander, J. N. Miller; Acting-Masters, B. F. Milliken and S. H. Mead; Acting-Ensigns, W. B. Mix, T. W. Swift, Jr., and P. Davison; Acting-Assistant Surgeon, James Wilton; Assistant Paymaster, J. S. Woolson; Engineers: Acting-Chief, J. Q. A. Zeigler; Acting-First-Assistants, S. A. Randall and W. A. Phillips; Acting-Second-Assistants, B. C. Du Plaine and B. Smith; Acting-Third-Assistants, R. Aldridge, W. P. Whittemore, John Brice and T. J. Wilde; Gunner, P. Barrett. Onondaga--Third-rate. Commander, Wm. A. Parker; Lieutenant-Commander, J. M. Pritchett; Passed Assistant Surgeon, A. Hudson; Acting-Assistant Paymaster, S. T. Browne; Acting-Masters, W. L. Hayes and Henry Stevens; Acting-Ensigns, J. De Kay, S C. Norton, Jr., M. E. Wandell and J. Brennan; Acting-Masters Mate, B. Heath, Jr.; Engineers: Chief, Alex. Henderson; First-Assistants, J. C. H
Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 15. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), Terry's Brigade, formerly John M. Jones's. (search)
, 2d Lieut. W. T. Crawford, 5th Sergeant Thos. Bolling, Private John Guldin, J. H. Moss, H. Moody, J. N. Snead. Co. H. Private T. J. Boaz, H. Brown, T. J. Cahill, J. Lampkin, G. Martin, Private J. M. Stone, H. J. Tyne, T. L. Wynne, W. H. Wells. Co. I. 2d Lieut. W. P. Moore, Corporal A. W. Edward, J. W. Grizzard, J. L. Myrick, Private T. J. Fox, S. Lewis, John Miles, J. R. Parker, W. Pulley, D. Prince, Private D. W. Prince, W. J. Richardson, J. R. Rook, B. Smith, C. Seaborn, R. Saunders, John Scott, J. H. Williams, W. H. Webb. Co. K. 2d Lieut. R. C. Smith, Sergeant J. E. Nelms, J. G. Bailey, Private J. L. Baker, R. F. Bennett, John Charles, Private J. A. Davidson, J. M. Hughes, Chas. Hoffman, Richard March, J. W. Saunders, F. Vaughan. Total: officers, 21; enlisted men, 136; aggregate, 157. (Signed) W. T. Robins, Col. 24th Va. Cav. April 10, 1865. [Paroles signed by Col Robins.] Hampton Legion, South Carolina Vols.
J. F. Reeve, of Virginia; J. W. Smith, of Virginia; G. H. Chatteerton, of Missouri: J. H. Benton, of Missouri; Joel Button, of Vermont; J. C. McCall, of New York; Royal Holcomb, of Virginia, and D. McCarty, of New York, clerks in the Census Bureau, have been removed, in order to reduce the clerical force. W. A. Cave, of Va., a clerk in the same Bureau, has resigned. Lewis S. Hayden, of Maryland; F. B. Schaeffer, of Maryland; L. B Dunn, of Arkansas; Frederick Schmidt, of Pennsylvania; B. Smith, of Arkansas, and W. C. Lindsay, of Pennsylvania, second-class clerks, and D. Crawford, of Pennsylvania, fourth-class clerk, have been removed from the Indian Bureau. Also, the following: A. J. Sanderson, a second-class clerk in the Land Office; Malcolm Wallingsford, of D. C., a first-class clerk in the Secretary of Interior's office; James B. Nourse, of D. C., a second-class clerk, and Wm. L. Bailey, of Virginia, a third-class clerk, in the Quartermaster General's office; J. T. Winsl
Signor Voluti, who was a famous tenor in Europe forty or fifty years ago, died quite recently at the age of eighty years. W. J. Humphreys, convicted of the murder of Thomas Lee, in Newton county, Ga., has been sentenced to be hung on the 4th of May. Ex-Governor Smith, of Virginia, has announced himself a candidate for re-election to Congress. The dwelling of Sheriff Alexander, near Charlotte, N. C., with its contents, was destroyed by fire on the 24th inst. A dispatch form New York announces the loss of the ship Juniata, owned by Messrs. Hugh Jenkins &Co., of Baltimore. The Philadelphia Pennsylvanian has stopped publication, from "the exactions of stern necessity." President Lincoln visited the Navy-Yard at Washington Tuesday, and was received with a salute of 21 guns.
mas McDonald, S. Seter, L. E. Dole, John Harris, David Harris, T. B. Harper. Heard Volunteers. Killed.--Lieut. E. F. Glove and A. J. Millian. Seriously Wounded.--T. T. Brown, T. J. Brimer, J. N. Fanner, Lieut. J. W. Honston, F. S. Jackson, T. S. Mitchell, D. H. Philpot, J. Pittman, and C. L. Sugart. Mortally Wounded.--F. M. Bartow. Slightly Wounded.--O. C. Britton, G. W. Featherstone, and W. E. Pollard. Roswell Guards. Killed.--Thomas Kirk, James Paddon, and B. Smith. Seriously Wounded.--Captain T. E. King, Lieut. C. A. Dunwoody, Serg't Gozzett, N. M. Jackson, and D. H. Baxley. Slightly Wounded.--Wm. Wallace, John Simmons, Joseph Simmons, Wm. Price, Jas. Hunter, John Hunter, H. N. Roberts, J. Hine, J. P. Stephens, S. Mitchell, Lieut. H. T. Bishop and Lieut. J. L. Wing. Cable Mountaineers. Killed.--None. Mortally Wounded.--J. N. Daniel, D. B. Parks. Slightly Wounded.--J. W. J. Kirbs, J. T. Daniel, J. P. Bryant, W. J. Simpson,
ts13180153 L. M. Carter6295107 Richard Reins21148109 L. M. Jude13511 A. Jenkins00001 Jefferson Ward.--Hustings Court--A. F. Picot 210, Wm. Taylor 216, N. M. Lee 186, E. A. J. Clopton 214, Richard D. Sanxay 214; scattering 32. Council — R. O. Haskins 214, N. B. Hill 212, James M. Talbott 218, W. H. Richardson 166, A. Y. Stokes 164, R. J. Christian 91, J. H. Greanor 19, Luther Libby 5. Madison Ward.--Hustings Court--James K. Caskie 302, James Bray 319, Geo. N. Gwathmey 317, Wm, B. Smith 203, John Purcell 216, Samuel S. Cottrell 103, J. E. Burress 98. Council — D. J. Burr 313, Geo. K. Crutchfield 317, P. R. Grattan 311, J. A. Scott 315, Thomas H. Wynne 305, scattering 10. Monroe Ward.--Hustings Court--N. C. Lipscomb 366, W. W. Timberlake 362, J. F. Regnault 362, C. E. Anderson 364, J. W. Beveridge 360. Council — D. J. Saunders 359, S D. Denoon 352, L. W. Glazebrook 364, Thos. C. Epps 359, W. C. Allen 1. The contest for the Captaincy of the Night Watch was conduc<
The Daily Dispatch: April 11, 1862., [Electronic resource], The gunboat — patriotic appeal--Capt. Maury's Address. (search)
f this object will depend on this effort, and we urge every one in town and country to assist us and spare no pains to collect and send all they can possibly obtain; and to encourage you in this good work, I will mention the case of a poor widow who has offered to the Association a bell-metal kettle, which she has owned for forty years. I trust we shall have many more such examples of self-denial. Do not delay, but all who are friends to the cause send the iron, lead and brass as early as possible. A committee of ladies--Mrs. Brooke Gwathmey, Mrs. B. Smith, and Mrs. George T. Booker--were appointed at the last meeting to call on the manufacturers of tobacco to contribute some of their screws and frames for this purpose. The gentleman who made the suggestion, besides other liberality, will give as large a number of screws &c., as any other tobacconist in the city. Now, gentlemen in the tobacco trade, who will head off in this matter? Maria G. Clopton, President L. D. A.
Death of soldiers. --George W. Hitchcock, of the 18th Mississippi regiment, Assistant Commissary of the Libby and other prisons, died yesterday morning at the Howard Grove Hospital of small pox. --The disease developed itself last Friday, and he was carried thither on that day. J. Oldham, company B, 49th North Carolina, and B. Smith, company C, 37th North Carolina, at Castle Thunder, awaiting transportation to their regiments, died yesterday morning of pneumonia.
hn Morris, of Winchester, a negro trader. They carried off Dr. Krebs, John Morris, (whom they had slightly wounded,) one of Dr. Magruder's sons, and a son of Mr. Harrison Ott Messrs. Krebs, Magruder, and Ott, were the only citizens of Woodstock taken off. They stole about 40 boxes of tobacco, a box of adamantine candles, (which they strewed in the streets of Woodstock,) silver spoons, knives and forks, and some clothing from Col. Albert; took ten horses from Mr. Nebb's stable; broke into Mr. B. Smith's drug store, took what they wanted, and stole all his bacon; broke into Travel & Coffman's store, carried off some cotton cloth, destroyed nearly everything in the store and strewed a sack of salt in the street, and wound up their magnificent effort to make the people of Woodstock deeply regret their retirement from the late "glorious Union" with them by taking a number of overcoats from Nebb's hotel. They returned down the Valley on the same night. On Friday night week the Yankees
d boards, stated that on Saturday Ballard and Luck were together, and both formed a little drunk; that night the heard L say he had been robbed, but not the slightest hint was directed towards B. as being the their. Mrs. A had known the prisoner for some time, and never know a more orderly, gentlemanly person; he was always flushed with money, and on Saturday morning offered to advance her a considerable sum. The Mayor sent the accused on for further examination before the Husting Court. A soldier named Lelon Carter was charged with stealing a show-case containing $303 worth of military trimmings, from Mrs. E Mughes, on Saturday last. The offence or shut Carter was proved best, consideration of the fact that he was drunk at the time, and his service were now in the field, the Magera sent him to his command. The charge preferred against Was. B. Smith, a soldier, of stealing one beg of postponed till this morning in order to procure an important witness for the defence.
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