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General James Longstreet, From Manassas to Appomattox, Chapter 23: battle of Fredericksburg (continued). (search)
Art., Capt. G. W. Wooding; Hampden (Va.) Art., Capt. W. H. Caskie; Lee (Va.) Art., Lieut. C. W. Statham; Lusk's (Va.) battery. reserve artillery,Majors Garnett, Hamilton, and T. J. Page, Jr., are mentioned in the reports as commanding artillery battalions, but their composition is not stated. Brig.-Gen. W. N. Pendleton :--Brown's Battalion, Col. J. Thompson Brown; Brooke's (Va.) battery, Dance's battery, Powhatan Art., Hupp's battery, Salem Art., Poague's (Va.) battery, Rockbridge Art., Smith's battery, 3d Howitzers; Watson's battery, 2d Howitzers. Cutts's (Ga.) Battalion, Lane's battery, Patterson's battery, Ross's battery, Capt. H. M. Ross. Nelson's Battalion, Maj. William Nelson; Kirkpatrick's (Va.) battery, Aniherst Art.; Massie's (Va.) battery, Fluvanna Art.; Milledge's (Ga.) battery. Miscellaneous Batteries, Ells's (Ga.) battery; Nelson's (Va.) battery, Hanover Art., Capt. G. W. Nelson; Breathed (Va.) battery, J. Breathed; Chew's (Va.) battery, R. P. Chew; Hart's (S. C.) b
Admiral David D. Porter, The Naval History of the Civil War., Chapter 53: operations of the West Gulf Squadron in the latter part of 1864, and in 1865.--joint operations in Mobile Bay by Rear-Admiral Thatcher and General Canby. (search)
, Navy Yard Clerk; Benjamin G. Allen, Gunner; J. R. Shackett, Pilot; G. H. Lindenberger, Mechanic; W. D. Crawford,----; J. H. Hunt, A. M. M., Commanding steamer Baltic; Ira W. Porter, Acting-Gunner; B. H. Weaver, Acting-Assistant Engineer; J. W. Bennett, Lieutenant-Commander; G. A. Joiner, Passed-Midshipman; Wm. Carroll, Passed-Midshipman; G. H. Wellington, Third-Assistant Engineer; Z. A. Offutt, Gunner; Howard Quigley, First-Assistant Engineer; H. S. Smith, Gunner; C. H. Mallery, Gunner; J. M. Smith, Paymaster's Clerk; George Newton, Sailmaker; Thos. L. Harrison, Lieutenant; 0. S. Iglehart, Passed-Assistant Surgeon; D. G. Raney, Jr., First-Lieutenant, M. C.; W. G. Craig, Master P. N. C. S.; Jos. R. De Mahy, Master P. N. C. S.; M. M. Seay, Assistant Paymaster P. N. C. S.; N. M. Read, Assistant Surgeon; G. D. Lining, First-Assistant Engineer; J. R. Y. Fendall, First-Lieutenant C. S. M.; A. P. Beinre, Passed-Midshipman; R. J. Deas, Passed-Midshipman; E. Debois, Second-Assistant Engineer
o the reports of the different commanders of regiments, herewith submitted. I beg leave to refer also to the annexed list of killed and wounded. Very respectfully, Your obedient servant, A. R. Lawton, Brigadier-General commanding. List of Killed and Wounded in the Fourth Brigade, Valley District, commanded by General A. R. Lawton, in the Action of the 27th of June: Thirteenth Regiment Georgia Volunteers.--Killed: Non-commissioned officers and privates, 6. Wounded: Lieutenant-Colonel J. M. Smith, Captains Mitchell and Crawford, 3; non-commissioned officers and privates, 51. Total, 60. Twenty-Sixth Regiment Georgia Volunteers.--Killed: Lieutenant H. L. Strickland, 1; non-commissioned officers and privates, 7. Wounded: Lieutenant J. R. Paxton, 1; non-commissioned officers and privates, 31. Total, 40. Sixtieth Regiment Georgia Volunteers.--Killed: Non-commissioned officers and privates, 3. Wounded: Lieutenant McCarny, 1; non-commissioned officers and privates, 10.
opposite Hamilton's Crossing, below Fredericksburg, Virginia, the right resting on the left of another brigade of Ewell's division, the Thirteenth Georgia, Colonel J. M. Smith commanding, being the extreme right, and successively towards the left the Sixtieth Georgia, (Colonel W. H. Stiles,) Sixty-first Georgia, (Colonel J. H. Lambject to the following explanation: While in line this regiment rested upon the slope of a hill intervening between it and the other regiments, which prevented Colonel Smith from observing, at the time, the forward movement of the brigade, and receiving no order to advance, our line passed out of sight before he was aware that he hreat effect, and, at the same time, fifteen guns, composed of sections from the batteries of Captain Poague, (Lieutenant A. Graham commanding,) Captain Watson, Captain Smith, Captain Garber, one gun of Captain Dance's battery, and the Louisiana Guard battery, three guns, were thrown into position in the plain to our right, so as to
A Roster of General Officers , Heads of Departments, Senators, Representatives , Military Organizations, &c., &c., in Confederate Service during the War between the States. (ed. Charles C. Jones, Jr. Late Lieut. Colonel of Artillery, C. S. A.), Organization of army of Northern Virginia. (search)
illiam Monaghan; 7th Louisiana regiment, Colonel D. B. Penn; 8th Louisiana regiment, Colonel Henry B. Kelley; 9th Louisiana regiment, Colonel A. L. Stafford. Gordon's brigade Commander: Brigadier-General J. B. Gordon---13th Georgia regiment, Colonel J. M. Smith; 26th Georgia regiment, Colonel E. N. Atkinson; 31st Georgia regiment, Colonel C. A. Evans; 38th Georgia regiment, Major J. D. Matthews; 60th Georgia regiment, Colonel W. H. Stiles; 61st Georgia regiment, Colonel J. H. Lamar. Smith's brigade Commander: Brigadier-General William Smith---13th Virginia regiment, Colonel J. E. B. Terrill; 31st Virginia regiment, Colonel John S. Hoffman; 49th Virginia regiment, Colonel Gibson; 52d Virginia regiment, Colonel Skinner; 58th Virginia regiment, Colonel F. H. Board. Hoke's brigade Commander: Colonel J. E. Avery commanding (General R. F. Hoke being absent; wounded)---6th North Carolina regiment, Colonel J. E. Avery; 21st North Carolina regiment, Colonel W. W. Kirkland; 54
and by General Mackall, who moved with the remaining infantry to Madrid bend. On the 7th, finding his little rain-drenched force ineffectual to hold the position, Cook evacuated the island, and retreated through the overflowed swamps to Reelfoot lake, which he crossed on small boats and rafts; heavy rain and snow continuing during all of his movements. Reporting from Memphis, April 13th, Colonel Cook said that about 300 of his regiment and a few of the Eleventh were with him. Nearly all of Smith's regiment was surrendered with Mackall on the 8th. After Shiloh, Halleck besieged Corinth, and the Confederates evacuated that strategic point and fell back to Tupelo, where Beauregard, as commander, gave way to Bragg. In the organization at Tupelo, June 30th, the Thirteenth Arkansas remained in A. P. Stewart's brigade, assigned to Polk's corps; the First Arkansas in its former brigade, under General Walker, Samuel Jones' corps; and Hardee's corps included Col. St. J. R. Liddell's briga
Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 15. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), Paroles of the Army of Northern Virginia. (search)
ters, Zzz=Co. C. W. A. Pastin, Zzz=Co. C. J. W. Pastin, Zzz=Co. C. J. P. Reed, Zzz=Co. C. A. R. Stark, Zzz=Co. C. J. M. Smith, Zzz=Co. C. L. H. Sigman, Zzz=Co. C. J. H. Sluder, Zzz=Co. C. J. T. Tuck, Zzz=Co. C. T. W. Wiley, Zzz=Co. C. Musivate B. J. Bakers, W. T. Beard, J. W. Besinger, Private D. Carter, T. K. Hemmingway, M. A. Kinard, N. B. Roads, J. M. Smith, D. O. Studly, H. B. Whitmore, A. J. Hughes. Co. H. 1st Sergeant W. A. Wofford, 2d Sergeant H. Yarborrough, 3d Sergeant J. M. Nichols, 4th Sergeant J. C. Skinner, 1st Corporal J. M. Smith, 2d Corporal A. B. C. Nichols, Private A. Gregory, W. H. Harrison, E. Harrison, J. L. Johnson, John Z. Lancastesr, M. B. Lee, Private Samuel McAbee, P. rivate Jas. A. Copuland, A. Gay, Jno. G. Hays, Riley Harper, D. G. Keesh. Co. B. Corporal W. L. Taylor, Private J. M. Smith, Private J. M. Twiner, Wm. Penn. Co. C. Private N. M. Sanders, G. H. Summers, Private N. Winkler. Co. D
Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 15. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), General Semmes' Georgia Brigade. (search)
Co. F. Private L. L. Walker, J. R. Parr, C. B. Smith, Private L. Howell, M. Cleavland. Co. G. Private I. M. Huckleby, S. J. Humdem, W. T. Chappell, Private B. T. Swan, L. J. Pyran. Co. H. Private S. G. Bircland, Corporal G. W. Smirkland, Private S. J. Joiner, L. B. Justice, Private M. K. Jordan, N. Stewart, W. Thornton. Co. I. Sergeant J. W. Mayo, Private J. M. Phinozo, Private J. L. Crawly, D. F. Evans. J. N. Gray, Co. K. Private T. J. Gowens, Private J. M. Smith, J. W. Wheeler, Hos. Stew't J. Thaxton. [64] Second Corps-Lieutenant-General John B. Gordon. J. B. Gordon, Maj.-Gen. Commanding Corps. R. W. Hunter, Maj. and A. A. Gen. 2d Corps, A. N. V. Hunter McGuire, Surg. and Med'l Director 2d Corps, A. N. V. Jno. H. Stevens, Surg. and Med'l Inspector, 2d Corps, A. N. V. Thos. G. Ines, 1st Lieut. and A. D. C. 2d Corps. J. M. Pace, Capt. and A. A. G., Act'g Inspector, 2d Corps, A. N. V. A. C. Hopkins, Chaplain, P. A. C.
Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 15. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), Terry's Brigade, formerly John M. Jones's. (search)
r, Private E. Ballard, J. H. Jones, J. S. Kendrick, C. A. Sealey, J. C. Strickland, Private J. M. Smith, Aaron Stewart, W. S. Scott, J. W. Wellaby, E. T. Watson. Co. I. 1st Sergeant lkner, W. Hannly, C. Horn, K. L. Rice, Private M. Rodgers, Jas. Rodgers, J. L. Russel, J. M. Smith, L. E. Stevens, B. N. Strother, Geo. Taylor, Jas. Taylor. [246] Orr's Regiment of Rif J. J. Land, J. J. Lawless, Private W. B. Lawless, C. L. Moore, Div. Q. M. Department. J. M. Smith, H. A. Vandiver, mus'n in band. [148] Scales's Brigade. H. L. Biscoe, Major and Com. Follen, M. Meaders, W. L. Moore, F. H. Gordon. Co. E. 3d Sergeant W. Gibbs, 4th Sergeant J. M. Smith, Corporal J. L. Fortner, Private J. Gibbs, Private H. A. Lawson, L. Naseworth, G. Infantry. G. Morgan, Co. G, Hampton Legion. W. M. Wedington, Co. F. 20th N. C. Infantry. J. M. Smith. Co. C, 36th Va. Infantry. L. H. Carter, Co. D, 33d N. C. Infantry. J. W. Brown, Co. F, 37t
Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 31. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), New Market day at V. M. I. [from the Richmond, Va., times-dispatch, June 24, 1903. (search)
ch one laid a flower on the grave of each of the boys who sleep in the soil of Lexington. It was a fitting end of the day's ceremonies. State cadets. The Board of Visitors announced to-day the following appointments to State cadetships: J. M. Smith, Pocahontas; C. G. Paul, Harrisonburg; L. W. Sydnor, Staunton; J. R. Taylor, Fredericksburg; M. Campbell, Amherst; H. E. McCreedy, Roanoke; J. P. Wilkinson, Nebletts Van, Lunenburg county; W. P. Tate, Pulaski; R. C. Barrett, Smithfield; G. M. time on the northern border of the orchard, when the order, Forward! was given, and when about half way between this point and the guns, occurred the heaviest casualties of the day, the sufferers being the cadets and the 62nd Virginia, under Colonel Smith, immediately on the cadet left. It was at this point that Colonel Shipp was wounded and Captain Henry A. Wise took command. Up to this time the cadets had not fired a shot. At this juncture the Federal cavalry was seen about to charge the
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