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William Schouler, A history of Massachusetts in the Civil War: Volume 2, Chapter 10: Middlesex County. (search)
ages, and comfortable garments for the sick and wounded. Westford Incorporated Sept. 23, 1729. Population in 1860, 1,624; in 1865, 1,568. Valuation in 1860, $796,440; in 1865, $998,438. The selectmen in 1861 were John W. P. Abbot, Jacob Smith, Eli Tower; in 1862, John W. P. Abbot, Jacob Smith, Phinehas Chamberlain; in 1863 and 1864, John W. P. Abbot, Edward Prescott, George B. Dupee; in 1865 John W. P. Abbot, George T. Day, William Reed. The town-clerk during all the years of thJacob Smith, Phinehas Chamberlain; in 1863 and 1864, John W. P. Abbot, Edward Prescott, George B. Dupee; in 1865 John W. P. Abbot, George T. Day, William Reed. The town-clerk during all the years of the war was Leonard Luce. The town-treasurer during the same period was Sherman D. Fletcher. We have not received so full an abstract of the patriotic record of Westford as we would have desired. We know, however, that it was not behind any town of its size and wealth in the Commonwealth, in fulfilling every obligation demanded of it by the State or nation during the entire period of the Rebellion. Frequent meetings were held, at which money was appropriated for the payment of bounties, and
Brigadier-General Ellison Capers, Confederate Military History, a library of Confederate States Military History: Volume 5, South Carolina (ed. Clement Anselm Evans), Biographical (search)
d universal mourning in the South. He was an officer of tried courage and capacity, and had the promise of a glorious career in the great struggle into which he had entered with such generous enthusiasm. Brigadier-General Milledge Luke Bonham Brigadier-General Milledge Luke Bonham was born near Red Bank, Edgefield district, December 22, 1813, the son of Capt. James Bonham, who came from Virginia to South Carolina about the close of the last century, and married Sophie, daughter of Jacob Smith, niece of Capt. James Butler, head of an illustrious South Carolina family. The grandfather of General Bonham was Maj. Absalom Bonham, a native of Maryland and a soldier of the revolutionary war. General Bonham, after graduation at the South Carolina college, had his first military experience as a volunteer in the company of Capt. James Jones, in the Seminole war, and was promoted to brigade major, a position corresponding to adjutant-general of brigade. Subsequently, while beginning hi
. Griffin, Company K. Battle of Frayser's Farm: Sergt. Joseph Jackson Killed in action., Company A; Corp. H. M. Howard, Company B; Private Robert Geddes, Company C; Private J. P. Wheelan, Company D; Fourth Sergt. G. Schwartz, Company G; Private J. Smith, Company G; Private John Lynch, Company I. Vol. XI, Part 3—(390) Mentioned in General Magruder's report. (482) Col. J. A. Winston, commanding Pryor's brigade, 800 strong. Gen. Joseph E. Johnston's army on the peninsula about April 30, 18s George Aubrey, Company A; J. R. Gaither, B; First Sergt. W. H. Logan, C; Privates C. D. Goolsby, D; R. F. Sumner, E; Corp. David Knox, F; First Sergt. W. J. Wilson, G; Privates Hosea Vines, H; L. P. Wright, I; Sergt. James R. Smith, K; Private Jacob Smith, L. No. 55—(659)Assignment as above, November 20, 1863. No. 56—(617) Assignment as above, October 31, 1863. (805) Manigault's brigade, Breckinridge's corps, army of Tennessee, December 10th. (825, 886) Total present, 276,
Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 15. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), Paroles of the Army of Northern Virginia. (search)
d Sergeant J. R. Limril, 4th Sergeant W. J. Davis, 5th Sergeant Wm. Corhill, 2d Corporal W. H. Ross, Private W. D. Barnes, J. T. Clark, S. Crosby, G. J. Carter, Private Jas. Kennedy, F. D. Kennedy, W. H. McLure, S. McNinch, I. A. McCay, A. Melton, W. J. Robins, D. S. Russell, J. T. Simril, Private A. Carter, Jos. Carter, R. M. Dunlevy, L. Fee, I. L. Gunhouse, S. Gordan, T. M. Gwin, A. Hood, J. J. Humphries, Private H. Simpson, R. N. Stricker, Jos. Smith, Jacob Smith, H. M. Upson, F. C. Vaughn, A. J. Wages, R. H. Wilson. Co. K. 1st Sergeant W. O. Ferrell, 4th Sergeant S. J. Taylor, 2d Corporal G. J. Graham, 3d Corporal A. W. Flagler, 4th Corporal J. S. McCullough, Private W. S. Allen, P. W. Floyd, R. W. Green, J. M. Hodge, J. Hubbard, W. E. Hubbard, J. C. McCutcheon, Private S. J. F. McCutcheon, W. E. McKnight, W. E. Smith, J. D. Sturgeon, C. H. Tobias, I. N. Tobias, W. M. Tobias, F. Townsend, J. M. Wallace, A. V
A picket and foraging party held possession of Marshfield on the 5th, but a force of our troops had gone from Major Wright's command, and will probably succeed in driving them out. A party less than 200 strong were at Bolivar, on the road from Springfield to Warsaw, engaged in procuring flour and other supplies for the rebel army. The Secessionists of Springfield and vicinity have nearly all gone South, taking with them their negroes and all their moveable property. A portion of Fort-Smith is reported destroyed by fire about a month since. A few refuges have lately come in who state that the rebels are greatly enrage at the outrages committed by Jennison and his men, and will retaliate severely at the earliest opportunity. I have what I consider reliable information from spies just arrived, and who saw and talked with Price five days since, that the rebels intend to return to some point on the sage, above Warsaw, as soon as their forces are properly organized. The h
day, they returned and obtained their answer, by telegraph, from the French Consul. Since the visit of the enemy to Biloxi, on the 31st ult., they have not been near the mainland. On that occasion they came in three gun-boats, one of which, the Henry Lewis, towed thirty-two launches, and was crowded with troops. The two little cannon in the place were given up to them, as it would have been madness to resist; but the Home Guard, consisting of about sixty old men, kept their arms. Captain Smith told the Mayor of Biloxi, Captain Fewell, that he was perfectly well acquainted with the number of their arms and all their resources. All of the towns on the lake coast are being deserted, and the people are moving into the interior. It would be useless to send troops there while the enemy have command of the sound and can shell the whole coast with impunity. Seven negroes have proved traitors and gone off to the fleet. Four of them, belonging to Mr. Alfred Lewis, were chased by
some of whom were in the North Point party arrested last June and subsequently discharged,) were taken into custody: John Clark, Edwin J. Clocker Amos Thompson, Jacob Smith, William Hoffman; Henry W. Ford, William Perry, John Watts, P. J. Swangler,--Ford, John Baldwin, Richard Stmpon, Willtan, Gross, John Coleman, Julius S. Bradfod that no cause except at present for any apprehension of hosting between the United States and any forets Power. Reported resignation of Secretaries well and Smith. The Norfolk Day Book, of the 18th instant, gathers the following information from passengers recently from the North by the feat flag of truce boat which has reached us, before news is born to us of the resignation of other member of the Cabinet at Washington. It is now reported that Welles, Secretary of the Navy, and Smith, Secretary of the Interior, have followed the example of Cameron and throws their commissions. In other words, ill. Cameron, being fully convinced that the ship
The Daily Dispatch: September 5, 1862., [Electronic resource], Reported Death of Gens. McClellan and Sickles--capture of Winchester. (search)
tle of Saturday, August 30th, at Manassas, as far as ascertained: Lieutenant-Colonel F. G. Skinner, wounded (supposed mortally) in left arm, breast, and head. Company B--Killed: Corporal G. G. Goddin.--Wounded: Serg'ts B. M. Crew, through and across hips; L. W. Ogden; Privates C. C. Carter, right shoulder; J. W. Ratcliffe, left shoulder; W. A. Stoaber. Company C--killed; Lieut John H. Donohue. Wounded; Capt James Mitchell, leg; Serg't Henry Sullivan ankle. Company D.--Wounded; Lieut E. P Reeve, left side; Orderly Sergt W. A Morris; Privates George L. Meanly, J. T Porter, thigh, and A. G. Stegar, Jaw. Company G.--Wounded; Private R. G. Stewart. Company H.--Killed; Capt W. E Tysinger and Private Wm M. Wright. Wounded. Orderly Sergeant J. W. Wyune, leg; Private John A Meanly, foot and thigh. Company I.--Wounded; Capt J. W. Tabb, leg; Lieut H. C. Ballow, arm; Corporal G. L. Parker, foot; Privates Jacob Smith, abdomen; G. R. Glenn, leg; Jos Armsko leg.