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inois, 17, and from Indiana, 10 regiments were offered. By noon of this day 80,000 men had been accepted.--An order was issued by General Mansfield directing all straggling soldiers to join their respective regiments without delay, and warning that all stragglers found in the streets six hours after the promulgation of the order, would be deemed guilty of disobedience of orders, and would be arrested.--N. Y. Herald, July 25. The Third Regiment of Vermont Volunteers, commanded by Colonel W. N. Smith, left St. Johnsbury, Vt., for the seat of war.--N. Y. Commercial, July 25. John Bradley, a young man studying for the ministry, son of a wealthy citizen, and Columbus Bradley were arrested this evening, at Alexandria, Va., by the Provost Marshal, as spies taking information to Manassas.--Louisville Journal, July 26. First Lieutenant Luigi Vizia, an Italian officer of the engineer department who has been many years in the military service, and who served with credit in the gl
Admiral David D. Porter, The Naval History of the Civil War., Chapter 33: (search)
bson and Alonzo Townsend. Bark Kingfisher. Acting-Master, J. C. Dutch; Acting-Assistant Surgeon, W. H. Westcott; Acting-Assistant Paymaster, A. N. Blakeman; Acting-Ensigns, S. W. Rhodes and T. E. Chapin; Acting-Master's Mates, Tom. Nelson, H. G. Seaman and Frank Jordan. Bark Braziliera. Acting-Master, W. T. Gillespie; Acting-Assistant Surgeon, S. N. Fisk; Acting-Assistant Paymaster, C. H. Longstreet; Acting-Masters, J. J. N. Webber and Jeremiah Chadwick; Acting-Master's Mates, W. N. Smith, J. B. F. Smith and W. H. Roberts. Steamer Columbine. Acting-Master, J. S. Dennis; Acting-Ensign, C. S. Flood; Acting-Master's Mates, Edwin Daly and F. W. Sanborn; Engineers: Acting-Second-Assistant, W. H. Ogden; Acting-Third-Assistants, E. H. Lawrence and S. C. Clark. Tug Daffodil. Acting-Master, E. M. Baldwin; Acting-Master's Mates, Francis Such and S. C. Bishop; Acting-Second-Assistant Engineer, J. P. Rossman; Acting-Third-Assistant Engineer, Geo. Cunningham. Tug Dandeli
Admiral David D. Porter, The Naval History of the Civil War., Chapter 47: operations of South Atlantic Blockading Squadron, under Rear-admiral Dahlgren, during latter end of 1863 and in 1864. (search)
Allen. Acting-Master, J. A. Pennell; Acting-Assistant Surgeon, H. W. Mitchell; Acting-Assistant Paymaster, W. R. Woodward; Acting-Ensigns, T. M. Peakes, J. H. Bunting, Jos. McCart and Wm. Mero; Acting-Master's Mates, E. T. Dexter, G. H. Redford and C. F. Adams. Bark Braziliera. Acting-Master, Wm. T. Gillespie; Acting-Assistant Surgeon, Geo. B. Todd; Acting-Assistant Paymaster, C. H. Longstreet; Acting-Ensigns, J. H. Bennett and N. C. Borden; Acting-Master's Mates, J. B. F. Smith, W. N. Smith, Isaac Severns and F. H. W. Harrington. Bark A. Houghton. Acting-Master, Newell Graham; Acting-Ensigns, E. B. Cox; Acting-Master's Mate, C. H. Nicholls. Bark Kingfisher. Acting-Masters, J. C. Dutch and S. W. Rhoades; Acting-Assistant Surgeon, W. H. Westcott; Acting-Assistant Paymaster, N. W. Blakeman: Acting-Ensigns, T. E. Chapin and Wm. Nelson; Acting-Master's Mates, H. G. Seaman and Frank Jordan. Bark Fernandina. Acting-Masters, E. Moses and C. C. Childs; Acting-Assist
Admiral David D. Porter, The Naval History of the Civil War., Chapter 52: operations about Charleston, 1865.--fall of Charleston, Savannah, etc. (search)
utler; Acting-Assistant Surgeon, W. J. Gilfillan; Acting-Assistant Paymaster, H. T. Mansfield; Engineers: First-Assistant, S. L. P. Ayres; Second-Assistant, E. W. Koehl; Third-Assistant, C. R. Roelker; Acting-Third-Assistant, Wm. J. Dougherty. Ottawa--Fourth-rate. Lieutenant-Commander, James Stillwell; Acting-Master, Wm. H. Winslow; Acting-Assistant Surgeon, L. H. Willard; Acting-Assistant Paymaster, G. W. Huntington; Acting-Ensigns, Benj. Mitchell, C. H. Choate, W. H. McCormick and W. N. Smith; Engineers: Second-Assistants, Geo. H. White and R. B. Hine; Acting-Second Assistant, Wm. Ross; Acting-Third-Assistant, C. G. Mead. Winona--Fourth-rate. Lieutenant-Commander, Wm. H. Dana; Acting-Masters, E. H. Sheffield and Wm. McKendry; Acting-Ensigns, Walter Sargent and J. Severns; Acting-Master's Mate, Alfred Staigg; Acting-Assistant-Surgeon, Charles Little; Acting-Assistant Paymaster, T. H. Dickson; Engineers : Second-Assistant, Alfred Hendrick; Acting-Second-Assistant, J. B. A.
srs. Editors:--Please acknowledge threw your paper the following subscriptions for the sick and wounded: K. B., Raleigh, N. C.$20.00 From boys and girls of Lancasterian School.22.25 Miss L. M. Dupuy5.00 Mrs. Catharine Irby5.00 J. H. Wilson3.00 B. W. Leigh, Mecklenburg, through Messrs. Williams & Carrington30.00 Youel S. Rust, Henrico.10.00 Robert H. Styll, Henrico.20.00 K. Rayner, Raleigh, N. C.15.00 Employees of the Confederate States Laboratory, Richmond, Va., through W. N. Smith117.00 Citizens of Portsmouth, through Miss Murdaugh220.00 Miss Martha A. Mathews, Shelbyville, Tennessee10.00 Miss Virginia B. Mathews, Shelbyville, Tennessee10.00 Miss Margaret Mathews, Shelbyville, Tennessee10.00 Master Robert J. Mathews, shelbyville, Tennessee5.00 Master E. F. Mathews, Shelbyville, Tennessee5.00 Robert Mathews, Shelbyville, Tennessee10.00 Robert E. Reynolds, of Norfolk10.00 George C. Pope, Newsom's Depot, Southampton,10.00 Sundry boxes from citizens of Am
Wanted--wanted--one hundred females, To work on Cartridges, At the C. S. corner 7th and Arch sts wages will be paid if immediate application . W. N. Smith, M. S. K., C. S. A.
Wanted --100 Boot and Shoemakers, to work on coarse work; also to work. Also the good Fitter and Cutter needed Apply to James Knotts, 114 Main st., Smith's Clothing Stors.
Movement of troops. --The Montgomery Guards, Captain Cleveland, of Augusta, Georgia, will take their departure this morning to join Colonel Smith's Twentieth Georgia Regiment. They have been encamped near Richmond for several weeks past.
Wanted --Wanted-- Wanted--one hundred Females, To work on Cartridges At the Laboratory C. S., corner 7th and Arch sts, Good wages will be paid, if immediate application 16 made. W. N. Smith, M. S. K., oc 5--ts. C. S. A.
ich dresses found in the wardrobes; some had on bonnets of the fashion of last year; and were surveying themselves before mirrors, which an hour or two after wards were pitched out of the win dew and smashed to pieces upon the pavement; others had eleventh scarfs bound around their heads in the forms of turbans and shawls around their waists. We destroyed by fire nearly two whole squares of buildings, chiefly used for business purposes, together with the fine residences of O McDowell, Dr. Smith, J. H. Kelly, A. S. Catt, William Slaughter, and many other smaller dwellings. Every store, I think, without any exception, was pillaged of every valuable article. A fine store, which would not have looked badly on Broadway, was literally one mass of broken glass and jars. Disgusted and Indignant. The Cincinnati Enquirer expresses itself in the very plain words which follow: Shall we continue travelling on in the policy which the Abolition leaders have marked out? --Shall
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