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Admiral David D. Porter, The Naval History of the Civil War., Chapter 20: a brave officer's mortification.--history set right. (search)
istant Engineers, A. W. Morley, G. W. W. Dove, R. B. Plotts and C. E. Emery; Acting-Master's Mate, J. R. Howell; Boatswain, J. L. Choate; Gunner, James Thayer; Carpenter, H. L. Dixon; Sailmaker, H. T. Stocker. Steamer Sciota. Lieutenant Commanding, Edw. Donaldson; Acting-Masters, G. P. Foster and A. McFarland; Assistant Surgeon, G. H. E. Baumgarten; Second-Assistant Engineer, C. E. De Valin; Third-Assistant Engineers, H. M. Quig, A. H. Price and Edward Curtis; Acting-Masters' Mates, John Staples and G. O. Taylor. Steamer Sachem. Acting-Masters, L. G. Crane and Robert Tarr; Acting-Assistant Surgeon, G. H. Van Deusen; Acting-Third-Assistant Engineer, P. P. Staat; Acting-Masters' Mate, W. L. Pavy. Steamer Varuna. Commander, Chas. S. Boggs; Lieutenant, C. H. Swasey; Acting-Masters, J. D. Childs and Ezra Leonard; Acting-Masters' Mates, S. H. Bevins and H. D. Foster; Gunner, T. H. Fortune. Steamer Winona. Commander, Edward T. Nichols; Lieutenant, John G. Walker; Act
f Martinsburg: amending certain laws respecting the Militia of the Commonwealth, so as to render them more efficient: to compensate Ephraim B. Hall for services rendered in the Circuit Court of Marion county for the Commonwealth; refunding to Benj. Hoover, executor of Daniel Lowry, dec'd, of the county of Rockingham, a sum of money paid on an erroneous assessment of land; releasing the securities of Ro. O. Doss, late Sheriff of the county of Campbell, from the payment of damages; allowing John Staples a sum of money for services rendered as Attorney for the State in the Circuit Court of Patrick county; to amend the charter of the Bank of Ravenswood; to amend the charter of the Bank of Charleston. Communication from the Governor.--A communication was received from Gov. Letcher, enclosing a letter from His Excellency Thomas H. Hicks, Governor of the State of Maryland, in response to the resolutions adopted by the General Assembly on the 19th inst. Also, communications from Hon.
Patrick. For House of Delegates--John Staples, 563; Wm. A. Burwell, 269. For ratification, 896; against it, 6. For amendment to the Constitution, 905; against it. 9. Bedford James F. Johnson was elected to the Senate, and Alexander Jordan and E. C. Burks were elected to the House. The vote for ratification was unanimous, (2,686) The vote in this county was the largest ever polled. Halifax For Senate — Logan, 1,572; Bruce, (not a candidate ,) 202. For House of Delegates--Edmunds, 1,526; West, 947; Medley, 486. For secession, 1,747; against it, none. For amendment, 1,320; against it, 200. Hines For secession, 478; against it, 1. For amendment, 304; against it, 94. For House of Delegates--Ed. T. Taylor, 328; John H. Daniel, 65 Board of Public Works--A. R. Holladay, (no opposition,) 358. Mecklenburg--official. For Senate — Bruce, 1,017--no opposition.--For House of Delegates--Baskerville, 669; Hutchason, 399; Easley, 113. For secession
Jeff. Davis Guards--Killed, J. Reynolds and-- urks. Wounded — John Bolling and--Larley. Twenty-fourth Virginia Regiment.--Col. Terry, of Bedford, shot through the mouth; Lieut. Col. Harriston, shot through the groin; Capt. nings, of Carroll, killed; Capt. Bentley, of Pulaski, wounded; Captain Sybrook, of Patrick, wounded; Captain Headen, of Giles, wounded; Lieut. Mansfield, of Franklin, killed; Lieut. Shockley, of Carroll, wounded; Lieut. Wm. Radford, of Pulaski, certainly killed; John Staples, member of House of Delegates from Patrick, wounded in shoulder. All of dead and badly wounded fell into the hands of the enemy — about 250 in number. List of killed and wounded in the first Virginia Regiment. The following list of the killed and wounded in the First Virginia Regiment, in the engagement near Williamsburg, on Monday, was handed to us by Capt. Tysinger, who received a wound in the hand: Col. Lewis B. Williams, severely wounded is the left breast. Major Wm
mittee on Rules. A message was received from the Senate communicating the resolutions of that body on the death of Hon. Wm. Ballard Preston, of Va. Eloquent and touching tributes were paid to the memory of the departed statesman by Messrs. Staples, Lyons, and Goode of Va., Miles of S. C., Perkins of La., and Chilton of Ala. Mr. Staples offered the following resolutions: Resolved, That the members of the House of Representatives have received with deep sensibility the messageMr. Staples offered the following resolutions: Resolved, That the members of the House of Representatives have received with deep sensibility the message from the Senate announcing the death of the Hon. Wm. Ballard Preston, a Virginia Senator in the Confederate Congress. Resolved, That a copy of these resolutions be communicated by the Clerk to the family of the deceased. Resolved, That as a mark of respect to the memory of the deceased, this House do now adjourn. The resolutions were adopted, and the House adjourned until 12 o'clock to morrow.
f a Senator, was then taken up; whereupon a number of speeches were made, Messrs. Richardson Lockridge, and Barbour advocating the election of Gen. J. B. Floyd, of Washington; Messrs. Rives, of Prince George, Pouldin, Anderson of Rockbridge, and Staples, that of Hon. W. C. Rives, of Albemarle; Messrs. James and Newton that of John J. Allen; and Mr. Fleming that of Hon. C. W. Russell, of Wheeling. At 2½ o'clock a motion was made and carried that all debate upon the election of Senator at tas W Curtis, Robt J D Davis, E B Dice, A B Evans, J G Fulton, M Harrison, H L Hopkins, W Hust, Alex Jordan, B H Magruder, Mason Matthews, P W McKinney, Philip Pitman, Joseph H Prince, Nat Siddick, Geo E. Rives, W Robertson, Peter Saunders jr, John Staples, F G Taylor, V Vaiden, Jas Walker, Chas Williams, Jas L Wilson--31. For Chas W. Russell--Wm A Bredford, A Brooks, John R Edmunds, W A Fleming, John Gatewood, Thos C Green, Wm Johnson, M R Kaufman Albert Laidley, A W McDonald, Duncan McLau
The late Election. --The following is the official vote of Chesterfield county, including that of the army, for member of the House of Delegates: William Ambers.348 A. H. Drewry148 Ambers's majority200 It is stated that William M. Burwell is re-elected to the House of Delegates from Bedford county. This county sends two delegates; and the contest between Messrs. Jordan and Pate, for the remaining seat, is very close, though it is believed Mr. Jordan is elected. John Staples is re-elected to the House of Delegates from Patrick county, and Mr. Mullins from Henry county. Sutherlin has about 200 majority over McElhenny for Board of Public. Works, in Patrick, and about the same majority in Henry. The vote of Lynchburg for Commissioner of the Board of Public Works stands; Sutherlin, 130; McElhenny, 106. Colonel A. C. Cummings and George Graham are re-elected to the House of Delegates from Washington county, and Colonel William P. Sheppard is elected