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Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 15. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), Terry's Brigade, formerly John M. Jones's. (search)
L. Bishop, W. H. Burnett, J. S. Ashworth, E. M. Spain, Private R. A. Hawkins, J. T. Hawkins, L. B. Hawkins, E. B. White, J. L. Roberts, W. H. Ragdale, A. J. Bailey. Co. I. Sergeant J. W. Daniel, Corporal D. S. Farley, Private W. H. Clements, J. C. Taylor, A. W. Bailey, J. Mounteille, Private P. A. Worsham, W. Ware, R. P. Mosby, J. W. Turner, G. A. Willin, J. E. Roberts. [132] Ewell's Reserve Corps. Thomas J. Spencer, Lt.-Col. Commanding Ewell's Corps. T. B. Starke, Capt. and A. Q. M. Barton's Brig., Lee's Div. J. H. Southall, Surg. 55th Va. Regiment., Barton's Brig., Lee's Div. J. S. Bruce, Ass't Surg. 47th Va. Regiment., Barton's Brig., Lee's Div. B. J. Moseley, Ass't Surg. 47th Va. Regiment., Barton's Brig., Lee's Div. L. H. Robinson, Ass't Surg. 40th Va. Regiment., Barton's Brig., Lee's Div. G. T. Scarburgh, Ass't Surg. P. A. C. S. in charge G. W. C. Lee's Div. Hospital. P. C. Waring, Capt. Co. D, 55th Va. Infantry. Y. L.
ons. on motion, the meeting adjourned. H. L. Kent, President. J. L. Apperson, Secretary. the crowd was so dense that it was impossible to carry out the object of the resolution relative to signing the resolutions; but the following names were signed. A great many left without signing, though heartily endorsing the resolutions: Warwick & Barksdale, J. B. Fergason, Bro. & Co., Bolling W. Haxall, Chs. T. Wortham & Co., John F. Regnault, Spence & Garey, T. B. Starke, Haxall, Crenshaw & Co, A. K. Parker & Co., Barksdale & Bros., Putney & Watts, Corbin Warwick, Crenshaw & Co, Davis & Hutcheson, Ellett & Weisiger, Thos. R. Price & Co., W. S. Triplett, W. T. Staples & Co., Brown & McClelland, Andrew Pizzini, Jos. Brummel & Co., Ragland & Bro., Benj. Davis, E. Wortham & Co., Peyton & Archer, Mead & Baker, Apperson & Dupuy, John Howard, Mitchell & Tyler, O F. Breses, Wm. A. Wyatt, Geo. W. Royster, M. T. S
him some fatal wounds, received in his fierce struggles with the wild animals of the forest and mountains, and of these he recently died in New York. For sale by Starke & Cardoza. Jack in The Forecastle; or, Incidents of Early Life. By Hawser Martingale. Boston: Crosby, Nichols, Lee & Co.--"Hawser Martingale" is the homme deurnalist of considerable reputation, who has had a great deal of experience in life on the ocean. His stories have been generally very entertaining. For sale by Starke & Cardoza. Grimm's Popular Tales And Household Stories.--First and second series. Boston: Crosby, Nichols & Co.--This edition of the popular stories of the is edition of the popular stories of the brothers Grimm, in two volumes, is very well gotten up and illustrated. They will afford our young friends a vast deal of entertainment. For sale by Starke & Cardoza. Life And Religion Of The Hindus; with a sketch of the author's Life and Experience, By Joseph Gargoolt, (Baptised
11,344.54 due by Directors$16,075.00 Dealings in Exchange: amount purchased$120,847.00 amount sold178,410.88 premium realized$681.17 Denominations of Notes: $5's.10's.20's50's.100's Issued$13,00026,00012,00015,00030,000 On hand5,0153,0104,3005,00010,700 In circulation$7,98522,9907,70010,00019,300 We, the undersigned, have examined the foregoing statement of the condition of said Bank, and hereby certify the same to be correct. Hector Davis, President. John B. Davis. Geo. W. Smith. J. Thompson Brown, Chas. E. Whitlock, Franklin Stearns. Virginia.--City of Richmond, to wit: This day, personally appeared before me, a Notary Public, in my corporation aforesaid, Edward Sinton, Cashier of the Traders' Bank of the City of Richmond, and made oath that the foregoing statement of the condition of the said Bank is correct, to the best of his knowledge and belief. Given under my hand this 7th day of Jan., 1861. T. B. Starke, N. P.
Hustings Court, Monday, August 11. --Present, Recorder Caskie and a full bench. The qualification of W. B. Smith as an Alderman for Madison Ward was returned and filed.--T. B. Starke and E. M Clark qualified as Notaries Public.--Samuel M. Price was fined $10 for permitting his slave, Paul, to go at large.--William Arney, charged with steeling, on the 1st of August, $170 from Thomas M. Casey, was committed for trial before Judge Lyons. Mary Ann Seagrow and Edward Williams, charged with receiving the stolen money, were acquitted. --Mike Sheehan and Thomas Wilson, charged with robbing John J. Harrold of a purse and $9, on the highway, on the 23d July, were committed for trial before Judge Lyons.--Elizabeth Taylor, otherwise called Ann Ross, of Harlem, New York, was sent before Judge Lyons for trial for stealing $100 worth of jewelry from Mrs. Susan Walsh, August 4th. James H. Ward, who received the same from her, was also sent on.--The Grand Jury presented John Pero, Emmett Pero,
at night, and when he awoke in the morning it was gone. B. A. Cocke testified that the horse was the same that he purchased in King William county from Dr. Downer. It was on his representation that the warrant was gotten out for the arrest of the accused. He had a conversation with his brother in regard to the matter, and he said that on the previous evening he met the horse on Mayo's bridge in possession of a young man by the name of Wooldridge, from Chesterfield county. Captain T. B. Starke, Lieutenant Austin Smith, Major Louis J. Bossieux, Mr. Schonberger, (wagonmaster,) Dr. Harris, (surgeon in the Confederate army,) and Dr. Coakley, (also surgeon in the army,) testified that they identified the horse as one ridden by Isaac N. Cocke, as a courier, during the campaign below Richmond. This closed the testimony for the Commonwealth. Witnesses for the defence were then sworn. Dr. W. W. Parker, captain of a battery of artillery during the war, until he was promote