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Getting through under difficulties. --Master Thomas Stratton, son of Henry Stratton, of this city, who has been on the packet ship New World, running from New York to Liverpool, arrived in this city yesterday, having experienced considerable difficulty in making his way through. He was compelled to cross the Potomac in an open boat, and in the act of so doing was chased by the boats of a Black Republican war vessel. He landed, however, safely in king George county, Va., and was kindly cered for on his arrival on "our side." He had to walk some twenty miles from the Potomac shore to reach the Fredericksburg Railroad, when he embarked for this city.
Arrest of alleged Burglars. --Officers Seal, Moore and Bibb arrested yesterday afternoon two white men, named Thomas Stratton and Edward Curtin, charged with forcing their way into the chamber of Misses Emma Smith and Kate Lloyd, on Main street, between Fourteenth and Fifteenth streets, on Friday night last, and robbing them of about six thousand dollars' worth of wearing apparel. The victimized ladies are attaches of the Richmond Theatre, and had only returned a couple of hours before from the fulfillment of their engagements at that place of amusement. They had retired for the night, when two men knocked at the door; at first they were refused admittance, but upon a threat on their part to fire upon the occupants, the door was opened, when, instead of coming in, they ran off, and remained away for perhaps an hour or more, at which time they again returned, and forcing their way in, proceeded to steal everything they could lay their hands on--one of them standing over the def
a silk dress, valued at eight hundred dollars, from Mrs. Ann E. Collier, was ordered to be whipped. The case of Thomas Stratton and Edward Curtin, charged with forcing their way into a room on Main street, occupied by Misses Emma Smith and Kate. There being no light in the room, it was impossible to see their faces, and the only reason which they had to suspect Stratton and Curtin as the parties was the recognition of their voices. The two men came into the room on the first visit and re afterwards returned, and, breaking open the door, came in and stole their clothes. For the defence, it was proven that Stratton was at home at the time it is alleged the robbery occurred, and remained there all night. In Curtin's case, neither of in recognizing his voice; and his character being shown to be good, the Mayor bailed him for his appearance on Friday. Stratton was committed. Oliver, slave of William H. Pitts, and George, slave of Mr. Taliaferro, charged with breaking into R
Mayor's Court, yesterday. --Ann Perrin, sent on to the Examining Court upon the charge of plotting and aiding in the escape of slaves from their owners to the enemy, was in this court again yesterday for the consideration of the question of bail. The Mayor said he would admit accused to bail in the sum of three thousand dollars, which had not been given when the court adjourned. Thomas Stratton and Edward Curtin, charged with burglary in entering and robbing the chamber of Misses Emma Smith and Kate Lloyd of sundry articles, valued at two thousand dollars, were up again for the hearing of the evidence of Ella Christian, who was brought in on an attachment. Her evidence was such that the Mayor felt constrained to remand both of the accused for trial, admitting them to bail in the sum of five hundred dollars each, which was given by the fathers of the accused. Andrew J. Mahone, charged with the theft of sundry articles of clothing and cutlery from Conrad Bender, to the
Honorably Acquitted. --The case of Thomas Stratton was called up before the Hustings Court last week, but the accused was discharged without any examination of witnesses.