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eas and nays were demanded, and the roll was called with the following result: Yeas--Messrs. Janney, (President,) Aston, Bayler, Berlin, Boggess, Brent, Brown, Burley, Campbell, Carlile, Carter, C. B. Conrad, Couch, Curtis, Deskins, Dorman, Early, Fugate, Gillespie, Gravely, Addison Hall, Ephraim B. Hall, Hammond, Hoge, Hubbard, Hughes, Hull, Jackson, Peter C. Johnston, Lewis, McGiew, McNeill, Masters, Moffett, Orrick, Osburn, Patrick, Porter, Pugh, Sharp, Sitlington, Staples, Alex, H. H. Stuart, Chapman J. Stuart, White, and Willey--46. Nays--Messrs. Ambler, Armstrong, Blakey, Blow, Rouldin, Boyd. Branch, Bruce, Caperton, Chambliss, Conn, Robert Y. Conrad, James H. Cox. Richard H. Cox. Fisher, Flournoy, Garland, Holcombe, Hunton, Isbell. Marmaduke Johnson, Kent, Kilby, Leake, McComas, James B. Mallory, Marshall, Marye, Miller, Montague, Morrie, Morton, Neblett, Nelson, Parks, Preston. Price, Randolph, Richardson, Robert E. Scott, William C. Scott Seawell, Sheffey, Slaughte
n, Burdett, Byrne, Campbell, Carlile, Carter, Robert Y. Conrad, Couch, James H. Cox, Critcher, Curtis, Dent, Early, French, Fugate, Gravely, Gray, Goggin, Adddison Hall, Ephraim B. Hall, Haymond, Hoge, Hubbard, Hughes, Jackson, Janney, Marmaduke Johnson, Peter C. Johnston, Lewis, McComas, McCrew, McNeil, James B. Mallory, Marshall, Masters, Moffett, Moore, Nelson, Osburn, Patrick, Pendleton, Porter, Price, Pugh, Robert E. Scott, William C. Scott, Sharp, Sitlington, Spurlock, Staples, Alex H. H. Stuart, Chapman J. Stuart, Summers, Tarr, Taloe, Waller, White, Wickham, and Willey.--66. Mr. Wise then moved, in order to perfect the language of the resolution, to strike out the words "one part of the United," and insert, in lieu thereof, the words "one or more of the;" and to strike out the words "another part," in the line following, and insert the word "others." The amendments were agreed to. Mr. Morton moved to further amend the fourth resolution, by striking out all after
all, Cyrus Hall, L. S Hall, Hammond, Harvie, Haymond, Hoge, Holcombe, Hull, Hunton, Isbell, Janney, Marmaduke Johnson, Peter C. Johnston, Kent, Kilby, Kindred, Lawson, Leake, McComas, McNeil, Macfarland, James B. Mallory, Marshall, Marr, Marye, Masters, Moffett, Montague, Morris, Morton, Moore, Neblett, Nelson, Orrick, Osburn, Parks, Preston, Price, Pugh, Randolph, Richardson, Robt. E. Scott, Wm. C. Scott, Seawell, Sheffey, Sitlington, Slaughter, Southall, Speed, Spurlock, Staples, Alex'r H. H. Stuart, Chapman J. Stuart, Summers, Sutherlin, Tayloe, Tredway, Robt. H. Turner, Franklin P. Turner, Tyler, Waller, Whitfield, Wickham, Willey, Williams, Wilson, Wise, Woods, and Wysor.--115. So the resolution was adopted, with Mr. Flournoy's amendment. Mr. Wilson moved that the Committee rise — negatived. The sixth resolution was then read: 6. Deeply deploring the present distracted condition of the country, and lamenting the wrongs that have impelled some of the States to c
M. Wise, (sotto voce.)--No, sir. I've heard the devil quote Scripture before. Mr. Carlile proceeded, without noticing the compliment, (which was not intended for him,) and finished his argument. The vote was then taken on the motion to strike out, and resulted as follows: Yeas.--Messrs. Baldwin, Baylor, Berlin, Boggess, Burdett, Burley, Campbell. Carlile, Early, Ephraim B. Hall, Hubbard, Hughes, Jackson, Lewis, McGrew. Masters, Moore, Porter, Wm. C. Scott, Sharp, Alexander H. H. Stuart, and Tarr.--22. Nays,--Messrs. Ambler, Armstrong, Aston, Alfred M. Barbour, James Barbour, Blakey, Blow, Boissean, Borst, Bouldin, Boyd, Brent, Brown, Bruce, Byrne, Caperton, Cecil, Chambliss, Chapman, Cofiman. Coun, C. B. Cenrad, Robert Y. Conrad, Couch, Richard H. Cox, Critcher, Custis, Deskins, Dorman, Echols, Fisher, Flournoy, French, Fugate, Garland, Gillespie, Graham, Gravely, Gray, Gregory, Goggin, John Goode, Jr., Hale, Addison Hall, Cyrus Hall, L. S. Hall, Hammond, Harvie, H