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N. A. Sturdivant,Attorney at Law,Richmond, Va. Office on 11th, between Main and Franklin streets, opposite Goddin's Hall. ja 30--44t*
School of the Mechanics' Institute. --The closing exercises of this school will be held on Friday night, in the school-room of the Institute. Similar occasions heretofore have been productive of much gratification to large audiences, and doubtless the public still feel an interest in learning the success of the instructors in teaching the young idea how to shoot. This interest will induce a numerous attendance, and as the ladies are especially invited, they will probably honor the school by their presence. The scholars will exhibit their proficiency in declamation, after which addresses will be delivered by Mr. A. M. Bailey, President of the Institute, and Col. Thos. J. Evans. The premiums will then be presented to the boys, with, an appropriate address, by N. A. Sturdivant, Esq.
ustrations of the rewards which, in frequent historic instances, has followed upon obedience. The entire effect was admirably conceived and executed, and afforded high satisfaction to old and young alike. The next order of the evening was the presentation of the three silver medals given by the Institute to the three scholars most distinguished for punctuality, good conduct, and progress in study. The medals were quite pretty and handsomely engraved. The presentation was made by N. A. Sturdivant, Esq., in a neat, prettily conceived and admirable address. One to John R. Marks, the inscription stating it to be given as a reward of "application and progress," another to R. C. Burton, for "punctuality and good conduct," and the other to Bernard Remke, for "zealous devotion to learning." While the inscription did not so state, these medals were awarded only to those scholars who stood pre- eminent among their fellows for the three traits, punctuality, decorum in school, and actual
Acquitted. --In the U. S. Court, yesterday, Judge Hallyburton presiding, John Gaskins, a lad, charged with purloining letters from the Richmond post-office, directed to Rev. A. E. Dickinson, was put on trial, and after a full hearing, the jury brought in a verdict of "not guilty." P. H. Avlett, Esq., appeared for the United States, and Gen. T. P. August and N. A. Sturdivant, Esq., as counsel for the accused.
Confederate States District Court --Judge Halyburton presiding.--In this Court, yesterday, petitions were filed by Receiver Brooke for the sequestration of the property of a number of alien enemies, held as follows: By Henry Exall, for Francie Graham, alien enemy; W. Leigh Burton, for Chickering & Co.; Wm. I. Shepperson, for D. M. Talmadge; Wm. Nott, for Michael Hart; Jos. G. Brooks, for Francis Graham; Geo. W. McCandlish, for John Taylor; N. A. Sturdivant, for William Openheim; John and George Gibson, for Patterson & Bro.; John A. Lancaster and Thos. A. Ball, for Howell & King; Henry Exall, for Johnson & Browning; Clark Scull and Daniel Scull, for A. B. Cooley and J C. Osgald; also, by the Bank of Virginia, to sequester the stock of Nathaniel E. Cornwall, Justin Dimick, and other aliens; and by the Bank of the Commonwealth, in regard to stock held in the name of the American Exchange and Mechanics' Banks of New York, Mechanics' Bank of Philadelphia, and others.
ed by Governor Letcher; and in application for leave of absence, while a discharge from a lieutenancy in the Twenty-fourth Regiment, Early's brigade, was held under advisement, on the back of which General Earley had, written: "Now under arrest for a serious offence, and his presence in camp is pernicious in its influence, and he sooner he is got rid of the better." Miller represented to the officer that he was on furlough, and that his Colonel's commission was in his truck at home. The prisoner's counsel, N. A. Sturdivant, Esq. introduced no testimony yesterday; and, after examining the witnesses present for the Commonwealth, the Mayor remarked that if the accused was a Colonel, as he represented, nothing was easier than to produce the commission. As matters stood at present, he was not only liable to a charge of obtaining goods by false pretences, but forgery also. He would, therefore, adjourn the further investigation of the case to Friday, and remand the prisoner to jail.
, and Raleigh. From reports made, it was ascertained that more than two-thirds of the members of the order are in the army. The Grand Division severed entirely their connection with the organization at the North Steps were taken for the organization of a Southern National Division. The following delegates were appointed to meet delegates from other Southern States in Convention in Nashville: J. R. Lewellen, Daniel Dodson, Thomas J. Evans, Dr. W. W. Carrington, W. R. Drinkard, N. A. Sturdivant, Geo. A. Bruce, John Long, Dr. P. Trent, John W. Paulett, John W. Fergusson, A. Alexander, Jas. Wm. Morgan, John A. Jefferson. Steps were taken to promote temperance in the army. The following officers were elected for the present year: J. Richard Lewellen, of Petersburg, G. W. P. Jno. W. Paulett, of Wytheville, G. W. A. T. J. Evans, of Richmond, G. S. J. W. Fergusson, of Richmond, G. T. A. S. Lee, of Richmond, G. C. R. L. Jones, of Chesterfield,
on his part to their wants. Messrs. Gaston G. Otey and David N. Walker, having secured a good field battery, will receive the names of applicants for membership to the company they propose to raise at the office of the Life Insurance Company, opposite the American Hotel. They intend the standard of membership to be equal to that of Company F, of this city, and parties joining them may expect the same treatment they mate out to themselves. The company is nearly full now. Messrs. N. A. Sturdivant, T. M. Hewitt, Wm. H. Weisiger, and C. R. Darracott are raising a Volunteer Artillery Company, and have enough men enrolled to ensure the organization, though they want more. The usual bounty and clothing will be furnished. Apply in person or by letter, to either of the above. The Richmond Fayette Artillery, Capt. M. C. Macon, known and admired by all, having re-enlisted for two years, want forty additional men, who can learn particulars from Peyton Johnston, No. 115 Main str
prior to the operation with K. & L, been so deceived by the sleek and plausible appearance and representations of the pretended Lieut. Colonel, as to advance him a month's pay as such. Mr. Smith was induced to do so because prisoner had been introduced to him by a young Baltimorean, named Tormey, as "Colonel Miller," and no case of false representation on the part of anybody claiming to be an officer had before occurred to induce a suspicion of the trick. Prisoner was defended by N. A. Sturdivant and A. Judson Crane, Esqs., and prosecuted with his usual ability by Littleton Tazewell, Esq, Attorney for the Commonwealth. After the evidence and arguments of counsel were heard, the case was given to the jury, who returned a verdict of guilty, and ascertained the term of his confinement in the Penitentiary at three years. The prisoner moved the Court to act aside the verdict, as contrary to the law and the evidence, and grant a new trial; which was refused. Time was allowed unt
Sturdivant's Battery. --Young gentlemen who desire to enter the artillery service, would do well to unite with Sturdivant's Battery a company lately organized in this city and under marching orders. This command is made up entirely of young Virginians, of character and respectability, and is well officered. Camp life is rendered agreeable, or otherwise by the associations it induces, and a great good is gained when one is ensured that the hours off duty will be passed with men of the rigSturdivant's Battery a company lately organized in this city and under marching orders. This command is made up entirely of young Virginians, of character and respectability, and is well officered. Camp life is rendered agreeable, or otherwise by the associations it induces, and a great good is gained when one is ensured that the hours off duty will be passed with men of the right kind. That assurance every man will have who joins this command. No substitutes have been enlisted therein. The company has nearly attained the maximum fixed by law, and those who wish to unite with it would do well to apply early.
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