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The Missouri Democrat has a letter from a soldier at Fort Smith, Ark., bearing the date of March 5, in which the following passage occurs: Yesterday the citizens of Fort Smith raised a Palmetto flag in town, and one of the soldiers, private Bates, company E, First cavalry, went out and climbed up the tree upon which the flag was suspended, took it down and brought it into the garrison. Captain Sturgiss ordered him to take it and put it back where he got it. He said he never would. The captain ordered him to the guard house, and in going he tore the flag in pieces. He was then ordered to be put in irons, and was sent to the blacksmith shop for that purpose; but the smith (a citizen) refused to put them on, and he was discharged in consequence. D company, First cavalry, farrier was then ordered to put them on, and he refused, and was sent to the guard-house. E company, First cavalry, farrier then put them on. The soldiery then gave three shouts for Bates, and the blacksmi
h 595, 21st 212, 27th 592.--New Jersey infantry, 1st 296, 5th 383, 6th 383, 13th 592.-Vermont infantry, 3d. 4th. 5th, 6th. 285.--Ohio infantry, 8th 595, 9th 57, 60.--Rhode Island infantry, 2d 339 ; artillery, 1st 595.--Maryland infantry, 2d 578, 604, 3d 592.--Wisconsin infantry, 4th 212. 6th 582.--New Hampshire infantry, 5th 596, 6th 578, 604.--Delaware infantry, 2d 596.--Illinois cavalry, 8th 340, 525.--Minnesota infantry, 1st 381.--Virginia infantry, 7th 594, 596.--Guthrie Grays, 60, 65.--Sturgiss Rifle Co., 57. Regiments, Confederate. South Carolina infantry, 1st, 12th, 13th, 14th, 374.--Virginia cavalry, 1st 340, 15th 462.--North Carolina infantry, 4th 597, 34th. 38th 374.--Georgia infantry, 45th 374.--Louisiana infantry, 3d 374. Reno, Gen. J. L., in N. C., 244: Pope's campaign, 508 ; South Mountain, 574, 576-579, 582, 610, death 578. Returns (army), method of making, 75. Reynolds, Gen. J. F., 81, 107, 140; at Gaines's Mill, 414, 416 ; Glendale, 430, 443 ; Pope's campa
A military Impostor. --Col. Sturgiss, the Federal officer who commanded the cavalry in the battle near Springfield, Missouri, has been promoted to a generalship by the Lincoln Government on the strength of his own account of his achievements in that battle. He asserts in his report that General Lyon fell at an early period of the action, and in what may be called the first battle, or there was an interval of an hour after the commencement of the fight, in which but a single shot was firn did not fall till the second battle, and was up to the moment of his death, performing the duties which St arrogates to himself, and entitled to the laurels, such as they were, which this imposter has stolen from a dead man's brow. Moreover, Sturgiss was not in the action at all! Although at the head of seven hundred regular dragoons, and able to annoy the Missourians he never once put his home within scent of gunpowder, and his cavalry, instead of covering the retreat of the Federal army,