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a runaway member of his own company, who had joined as a substitute, under the name of M. Malloney. Officer Thomas instituted a search of the person of the party, and found in his pocket-book two discharges from the Confederate States Army, as an Irishman, one certificate of the British Consul that he was a Scotchman, and a lot of transportation papers for him to proceed, as a discharged soldier,&c. New Orleans. One of the discharges, which he had no doubt purchased, was in the name of Michael Sweeney, one in the name of Duncan Maloy, which latter is no doubt the fellow's true name. Maloy was playing a bold game. Having his discharges ready, and his transportation papers made out in due form, nothing would have been easier for him to have done, after disposing of himself to Mr. Luck at a good round price, than to have put them into requisition to convey himself away from the scene of his numerous swindles. The documents were taken possession of by Capt. Guigon, and Maloy was sent
Proceedings of the Courts. Mayor's Court, Monday, Dec. 22. --Recorder Caskie presiding — Michael Sweeney, charged with stealing a horse worth $200 from Thomas Johnston, was sent to the chain gang in default of security. Robert McNantan, charged with using insulting language to Michael McRoss, was discharged, the plaintiff not appearing. Wm. H. Bennett, charged with being drunk and disorderly in the street was held to ball in the sum of $200 for his future good behavior. Priscilla Reed, slave of James Halsey, and Lucy Brown, slave of the same, were committed to jail for going at large. Wm. Isaacs, a man of color, with no papers, was ordered ten lashes and committed as a runaway. --He had on his person, when captured, a large knife. Emeline, slave of Erasmus Taylor, charged with stealing a number of articles, amounting in the aggregate to a felony, from Bill Scott, was discharged, there being no proof of the charge. Andrew Lydeer in the city with
Mayor's Court, Friday, May 22d. --Michael Sweeney underwent an examination for stabbing Joseph Deitrick in the neck with a knife, on 17th street. Some suspicions entertained by the prisoner relative to the conduct of Deitrick in regard to his wife led him to seek an interview, which resulted in a quarrel, ending with the stabbing complained of. The wound was made in Deitrick's neck, and came very near finishing him, so far as an earthly sojourn was concerned. The Mayor sent the case on before the Hustings Court, and committed Sweeney to answer the charge of stabbing with intent to kill. The case of Mrs. Frances Kelley, charged with engaging in a riot on the 2d day of April, was called; but the necessary witnesses not being present, it was continued. The examination of Jesse Sheppardson, for committing a violent assault on M. W. Swain, proprietor of a grocery opposite the New Market, was called and continued, the Clerk of the Market testifying that Swain was so b
Robberies. --John Ryne Alias Michael Sweeney, was yesterday arrested by officer Granger, charged with assaulting and robbing, on Monday night, James Kelley of one gold ring, valued at $50, and $200 in Confederate notes. Kelley is the same man who was stabbed and killed yesterday morning in a house of ill — fame located on 24th st., between Main and Cary. Henry Hicks, white, was also arrested on yesterday charged with having one gray shirt, one white shirt, and one door lock in his possession supposed to have been stolen. Another white men, named Lewis Sledd, was arrested for stealing a decanter of whiskey, valued at $50, from Lew is Ante' otti. All of these parties will be before the Mayor this morning.
Mayor's Court. --The Mayor held his Court yesterday morning, and disposed of the following cases: John Ryan alias Michael Sweeney, charged with feloniously assaulting and robbing Jas Kelley, of one gold ring, valued at $50, and $200 in Confederate notes, appeared to answer the complaint, and the testimony proving the guilt of the party, he was sent on for examination before the Hustings Court. A soldier named Lewis T. Steed, was charged with stealing from Lewis Antelotti, on Tuesday last, one decanter of apple brandy, estimated to be worth $40. The evidence of Mr. Antelotti proved that Steed came into his restaurant, near the Central depot, and after inquiring as to the time the Yankees would reach Richmond, remarked that he "wished the Yankees would come and take the d — d old town." He (Antelotti) turned off without making any reply, and soon after Steed left. That evening he was found with the bottle of brandy in his pocket, which Antelotti recognized as his own, w
50 dollars reward --Run away, four weeks ago, a dark brown Boy, named Dick aged 34, bushy head, fresh scar on the forehead; dressed in drab pants and jacket, blue navy cap, old bastrous at the toes, speaks quick when spoken to. It is likely the said boy is lurking around some of the camps near the city. The above reward will be paid on delivery of said boy to me at the C S Armory. J Sweeney. fe 17--WThSAM4t*