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General James Longstreet, From Manassas to Appomattox, Chapter28: Gettysburg-Third day. (search)
E. Winn, Maj. W. H. Willis; 12th Ga., Col. Edward Willis; 21st Ga., Col. John T. Mercer; 44th Ga., Col. S. P. Lumpkin, Maj. W. H. Peebles. Iverson's Brigade, Brig.-Gen. Alfred Iverson; 5th N. C., The four captains present (West, Robinison, James M. Taylor,Thomas N. Jordan) were reported as wounded July 1; Robinson and Taylor as having rejoined July 2, but it does not appear who commanded during Robinson's absence. Capt. Speight B. West, Capt. Benjamin Robinson; 12th N. C., Lieut.-Col. W. S. Taylor as having rejoined July 2, but it does not appear who commanded during Robinson's absence. Capt. Speight B. West, Capt. Benjamin Robinson; 12th N. C., Lieut.-Col. W. S. Davis; 20th N. C., Lieutenant-Colonel Slough and Major John S. Brooks reported as wounded at four P. M., July 1. Lieut.-Col. Nelson Slough, Capt. Lewis T. Hicks; 23d N. C., Colonel Christie, Lieutenant-Colonel R. D. Johnston, Major C. C. Blacknall, and the senior captain (Abner D. Pearce) reported as wounded early in the fight, July 1. Col. D. H. Christie, Capt. William H. Johnston. Ramseur's Brigade, Brig.-Gen. S. D. Ramseur; 2d N. C., Maj. D. W. Hurtt, Capt. James T. Scales; 4th N. C., Col.
Company C.--Wounded, First Lieut. D. B. Henderson, under chin, doing well; W. B. Warner, right thigh, severe, not dangerous; W. W. Quivy, near right ear, slight. Company D.--Wounded, Sergt. C. W. Calder, right thigh, severe; John Rowin, left thumb shot off. Company E.--Wounded, Charles Switzer, left cheek, slight; Seth J. Crowherst, right wrist, slight; Ethan A. King, right arm, slight, and right leg severe. Company F.--Wounded, R. C. Palmer, head, not severe; Geo. Kent, same; James M. Taylor, right shoulder, slight; Wm. Kirchner, injured by dirt thrown from breast-works by a cannon-ball, slightly. Company G.--Wounded, Christ Christopheson, struck by a spent ball, not severe. Company H.--Wounded, A. J. Price, right thigh, not severe; J. B. Flaniken, same. Company I.--Wounded, Theoph. Eaton, thumb shot off; Patrick McManus, not severe; Thomas Wilson, thigh shattered. Company K.--Wounded, Corporal William Mathews, thigh, slight; John H. Johnson, hand, slight. V
Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 15. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), Terry's Brigade, formerly John M. Jones's. (search)
n), 1 private horse. R. C. M. Wingfield, private Grandy's Battalion, Richardson Bat. Jas. A. Blair, private Stribling's Battalion Artillery. W. T. Flint, private Pegram's Battalion Artillery, 1 private horse. R. Y. Field, Co. B, 6th Va. Cavalry, courier, 1 private horse. W. C. Wingfield, Citizen Clerk, courier. H. W. Bowie, Teamster. Marcellus Smith, Co. C, Reserve Naval Battalion. John G. Williamson, Co. A, 3d Regiment Local Defence. Edward Moran, Teamster. Jas. M. Taylor, Co. F, 7th Va. Regiment Infantry. Geo. F. Jenkins, Co. K, 17th Va. Regiment Infantry. S. M. Wilkinson. Co. C, 9th Va. Regiment. Jas. M. Collins, Co. D, 7th Va. Infantry. D. W. Boyd, Co. B, 3d S. C. Batt. Q. M. Department, 1 private horse. E. E. Smith, Co. K, 3d S. C. Regiment. T. F. Broom, Co. C, 12th S. C. Regiment Infantry. J. C. Walker, Co. G, 1st S. C. Regiment Infantry. H. Trammell, Co. B, 30th Ga. Regiment Infantry, (teamster). W. T. Cole, Co. B, 7th N. C. Regiment In
Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 20. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), chapter 1.23 (search)
seventh Virginia Infantry. April 30, 1892, John C. Sutton, Fayette Artillery. May 26, 1892, P. P. Slaughter, fourth colonel Fifty-sixth Virginia Infantry. July 16, 1892, W. Brooke Smith, Assistant-Quartermaster. November 11, 1892, Edward E. Savage, Carter's Battery. September 21, 1885, W. M. Taliaferro, E, Second Virginia Cavalry. November 2, 1887, W. B. Taliaferro, H, Fifth Virginia Infantry. October 15, 1887, Peter Taft, Confederate States Navy. July 26, 1888, James M. Taylor, D, Sixth Virginia Infantry. July 25, 1891, Thomas Taylor, E, Forty-seventh Virginia. June 25, 1882, George N. Trimyer, G, Fifty-fifth Virginia Infantry. August 19, 1892, E. B. Tucker, D, Fifty-third Virginia Infantry. January 18, 1888, Joseph M. White, Morris's Artillery. April 26, 1886, George W. Wynne, C, Twelfth Virginia Infantry. May 18, 1886, H. C. Willis, B, Twenty-fifth North Carolina Infantry. May 27, 1887, John E. Warthen, D, Fifty-ninth Virginia Infantry.
62 Hancock160 Hanover117 Harrison312 Highland249 Isle of Wight384 Jackson122 Jefferson18 King and Queen153 King William170 Lewis390 Logan386 Lunenburg264 Madison454 Marion729 Mecklenburg222 Middlesex35 Monongahela374 Northumberland86 page830 Patrick90 Pendleton28 Pleasants70 Pocahontas285 Preston305 Prince Edward45 Prince George80 Prince William461 Randolph264 Ritchie285 Roanoke126 Rockingham1702 Shenandoah1639 Spotsylvania90 Stafford208 Surry33 Sussex164 Taylor21 Tazewell80 Tucker159 Tyler171 Upshur130 Warren241 Wayne51 Wetzel744 Williamsburg15 Wirt166 Wise18 Wythe32 Goggin's (opp.) Maj's. Accomac......93 Albemarle......372 Alexandria......372 Amherst......78 Augusta......768 Bedford......571 Braxton......32 Buckingham......68 Campbell......256 Caroline......117 Carroll......117 Charles City......179 Charlotte......3 Clay......41 Culpeper......22 Cumberland......48 Elizabeth City......50 Essex......
at day there were no regular reporters, and it was difficult to get access to either House. In 1793, some person undertook to publish the Parliamentary Debates. Taylor, the author of "Junius Identified," says Sir Philip Francis, furnished these same speeches of Lord Chatham, the parts quoted by Junius being identified with Sir P in the Public Advertiser were then first known to be by Junius. At the time of this publication, nobody suspected Sir Philip Francis. Immediately after (in 1813) Taylor published a book to prove that Junius was Dr. Francis, the father of Sir Philip. In 1816 he published his "Junius Identified" for the first time, designating Sir em all, we believe, of any note, and by none of them has even hinted that Woodfall suspected Sir Philip Francis, or that any body else did until the appearance of Taylor's book. Good, writing under the eye of Woodfall's own son, an essay for his own edition, enumerates upwards of thirty candidates, but does not once mention Sir P
Passengers per Steamship Roanoke, Geo. W. Couch. Master, from New York, Dec. 15th; John R. Lester Geo. , Smith, J. B. Hardy Jno. Tyman. Jno. Romain, H. Nermond, A. McCormick, L Johnson, Miss Virginia Pegram, Miss M. Pegram, R. Drummond, F. Creist, Miss Barry H. Wairington, Wm. Knight, U. S. A., Geo. Wari. F. Beach, Miss A. Duffie, Mrs. W. C. McBridge, Miss E. Seton and servant, Mrs. P. T. Moore, E. W. Ross, Miss L Haversank, Mrs. Howe, J. M. Taylor and lady, Miss Dashill, Wm. Seton, and 16 in steerage.
Mrs. Willard, of Troy, N. Y., is in Washington with a mammoth petition from the women of the country, to be presented to Congress, asking a settlement of the national difficulties. Hon. Geo. C. Crawford, who reported the Ordinance of Secession which was adopted by the Georgia Convention, was a member of Gen. Taylor's Cabinet. The President elect (Mr. Lincoln) was born on the 19th of February, 1860, and was therefore fifty-two years of age Tuesday. Captain David R. Jones, of Ga., Assistant Adjutant-General, U. S. A., has resigned.
Rough and ready. The New Orleans papers pay a just tribute to Mr. Taylor, the only son of "Old Zack," who is one of the most prominent, efficient and practical friends of the Southern cause in the Louisiana Legislature. Gen. Davis, the Presidenuth, simplicity, integrity and the most exalted courage. Hypercritical and jaundiced people may say what they will of Gen. Taylor as President, it is enough that he never aspired to that position, and was forced into it by those who knew that his mght to its present condition — not by a deficiency of talent — but of disinterested public virtue — a quality in which Gen. Taylor had no superior since the days of General Washington. Talent is common enough, and any man who visits Washington will antern to find an honest man. As a General, however, no one questions the debt of gratitude which this country owes to Gen. Taylor. To him the chief glory of the Mexican war is due, for he established the prestige of the American arms, taught volunt<
City Council. --The following persons will be supported for the City Council in. Madison Ward; Peachy R. Grattan, Geo. W. Randolph. James M. Taylor, Thos, Samson, Geo. K. Crutchfield. mb 6--3tswt 25M &dtds
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