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on. Chesterfield Troop A--Capt. Henry W. Cox, Lieut. Jos. T. Mason, Lieut. Geo. C. Gregory. Chesterfield Troop B--Capt. Wm. B. Ball, Lieut. Wm. B. Wooldridge, Lieut. Charles B. Rhodes. Charles City Troop--Capt. Robert Douthat, Lieut. Thos. W. Willcox, Lieut. Archibald Taylor, Lieut. Benj. H. Harrison. Caroline Troop--Capt. George. Amelia Troop--Capt. S. S. Weisiger, Lieut. Chas. R. Irving, Lieut. J. M. Gills. New Kent Troop--Capt. Melville Vaiden, Lieut. Geo. T. Brumley, Lieut. Telemachus Taylor. Goochland Troop--Capt. Julian Harrison, Lieut. T. P. Hobson, Lieut. Geo. F. Harrison. Powhatan Troop--Lieut. Com'g John F. Lay, Lieut. Chas. Old, Lieut. T. P. Skipwith. King William Troop--Capt. Beverly B. Douglas, Lieut. Wm. Gregory, Lieut. W. V. Croxton, Lieut. Thos. Gregory. Surry Troop--Capt. T. W. Taylor, Lieut. Wm. Allen. (We regret to learn that Lieut. A. was disabled by a kick from a horse on the way to Richmond.) A few members of the Essex Troop are here. T
Correspondence of the Richmond Dispatch.from Camp Ashland. Camp Ashland, Va., July 5, 1861. The New Kent Cavalry, Captain Melville Vaiden; 1st Lieut., George T. Brumley; 2d Lieut., Telemachus Taylor; 3d Lieut., Wm. E. Clopton; 1st Sergeant, O. M. Chandler; 2d Sergeant, Southey L. Savage, arrived here on last evening, from Camp Apperson, and succeeded in obtaining very comfortable quarters. There was a very patriotic demonstration of the citizens of this county on the road-side while en route for this place. The fair daughters of Hanover showered lavishly the most fragrant bouquets that could be called upon this gallant old corps. Your correspondent was fortunate enough to procure one, embracing a great variety of rare and choice flowers. There is an old veteran in this company who has five valorous sons in the Confederate army, and who is willing to sacrifice his life in defence of this country. The recent rains have served to allay the dust, and the parade
ay morning Comd. Lynch arrived. On Friday night, the Commodore finding his ammunition nearly exhausted, sent Capt. Parker with a note to the commanding officer, informing him that he was going to Elizabeth City. Capt. Parker learned from Capt. Taylor at the Pork Point Battery, that up to that time only one of our men had been killed and three wounded, and Capt. Taylor thought they could hold out unless they were turner in the rear. Com. Lynch on his arrival at Elizabeth City dispatched anCapt. Taylor thought they could hold out unless they were turner in the rear. Com. Lynch on his arrival at Elizabeth City dispatched an officer and obtained ammunition enough or two vessels, and on Sunday went down to Roanoke Island, supposing that they were still fighting. When near the mouth of the Pasquatank river he learned that the island had fallen. Roanoke Island is distant from Elizabeth City about 35 miles. After speaking the boats he kept on in hope of saving the men at the flotting battery on the Croatan side. A detachment of the Federal fleet chased them back before distributed his ammunition between his fou
f their country, to drive back, at all buzzards, the fiend-like invaders of the sunny South; they are evincing this determination every day by the large numbers that are re-enlisting for another term of service. It argues that it is not for the paltry remuneration, received at the hands of the Government, which induces them to serve their country, out that they are actuated by patriotism and nobler impulses. An election in the New Kent cavalry, to fill a vacancy occasioned by the demise of Capt. Melville Vaiden, was held a few days ago, which resulted as follows — viz: Telemachus Taylor, Captain; Wm. E. Clopton, 1st Lieutenant; Oliver M. Chandler, 2d Lieutenant; Southey L. Savage, 3d Lieutenant; James S. Christian, 2d Sergeant; Michael Sherman, 5th Sergeant, Samuel H. Apperson, 4th Corporal. This company has done hard service since it has been on the Peninsula. It has been on an out-post all the winter, but the men perform their duties with alacrity and cheerfulness. Dyke.