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William Hepworth Dixon, White Conquest: Volume 2, Chapter 19: our Yellow brother. (search)
om? Not for Americans, but for Asiatics. They are going to teach Chinese labourers how to do the White man's work and steal the White man' eating station on the heights above Salt Lake, we have a troop of Chinese waiters, dressed in short white smocks like girls, having smooth rof Nevada, to serve an unknown master, who may treat him as a dog. Chinese can live where other men, even Utes and Shohones, die. It is enougd fewer Black; yet some of each. The Whites are mostly male, tile Chinese male and female. Elko is the capital of Elko County, and a thouick. Yon dainty little sheds, with muslin blinds, are tenanted by Chinese girls, and I have reason to believe that all these Chinese girls aChinese girls are slaves. A centre of many roads, as well as a railway depot, Elko has a future history. Will that history be made and told by the offsprldered, cuffed, and kicked by every White. At home they see their Chinese servant treated as a slave; at church they hear him branded as a
William Hepworth Dixon, White Conquest: Volume 2, Chapter 20: Mongol Migration. (search)
ter and a native could not leave the country. China was a land apart, having no relation with the reat facts are obvious to every thinker: 1. China is the next neighbour of California on her wesan Francisco in advance of that from Cork? If China has a mouth unfed, that mouth is likely, if Amgether out of proportion to the width of Chinese territory and even the fertility of Chinese soil. Chinese soil. In mere extent of surface, China is a country of the second rank; a trifle bigger than Mexico, a tChina is a country of the second rank; a trifle bigger than Mexico, a trifle less than Brazil. She is not half so vast as Canada or the United States. But in the numberca, and the totals will not reach the total of China. Queen Victoria may have a larger empire, butinese history permits us to believe that this Chinese emigration is a voluntary act, as Irish or Sw. It is a question, not yet answered, whether China is not pouring out her worst convicts into Calhands with the Asiatic? Living on the edge of China, gazing over the Pacific Ocean into California[6 more...]
William Hepworth Dixon, White Conquest: Volume 2, Chapter 21: the Chinese legend. (search)
Feeling some doubt as to the truth of this Chinese legend, taken as a whole, we seek for light age of the facts — the upper class of resident Chinese. Among the small group of rich and educated Chinese living in San Francisco, Lee Wong, a merchant of high standing and approved integrity, secoast. The Five Companies have their seats in China, and are known by the localities in which theiing; when they agree to take his ashes back to China, that is another thing. You see? The agreeme redeem his bond. Do the Five Companies in China take his personal bond, trusting to the Sixth es of our people till they can be sent home to China. Do many of your bondmen run away? The. Not men, but curs. Except these dogs, all Chinese go back-when they are dead. Still you are. In Melica, plenty land, not much people; in China, plenty people, not much land; so Chinamen likty people, not much land; so Chinamen like to live in Melica, and go back to China when they die. [6 more...]
William Hepworth Dixon, White Conquest: Volume 2, Chapter 22: Heathen Chinee. (search)
y-fallen snow. Two knives under that smock, as innocent as he looks, whispers my next neighbour, a gentleman who abhors the Yellow race and has an excellent Chinese cook. A decent sort of lad to look at, I observe. Ugh! A Heathen Chinee; as big a scoundrel as the rest; perhaps worse, if one only knew the truth. So much work, so much pay; that is the end of our agreement. Take my word for it, that fellow in his own country was either a thief, a rebel, or a slave. Those Chinese won't send us their best people. Guess they have no mandarins to spare. A man who hears such gossip in the clubs and at the dinner-tables of San Francisco mind drinks all round? Well, no; that Heathen Chinee rather turned the laugh aside. Ay; how was that? No White man can conceive the impudence of these Chinese. Moon-face picked himself up, shook off a little of the mire, and, looking mildly at our worthy citizen, curtseyed like a girl, saying to him, in a voice that ev
William Hepworth Dixon, White Conquest: Volume 2, Chapter 23: Chinese labour. (search)
ve where Pat must shrink and fall. The first Chinese who came over were labourers, and their first this great business has passed entirely into Chinese hands. The boot-trade, the woollen manufactuerving business are also mainly carried on by Chinese labour. You want a pair of boots? asks a Street, and force the other makers to employ Chinese hands. What cared the Jew? He lowered his re his White men left him. Isaacs took on more Chinese, Yin Yung being now expert enough to instructoy Yin Yung. In vain he gets more and more Chinese into his shops. He has to teach them, and ashey left Illinois about the company employing Chinese hands in San Francisco. They were only told hem, for the first time, that he means to use Chinese labour in his works. The overseers protest. informed that it is your intention to employ Chinese labour. This is not agreeable to us. We have workmen. We may find it expedient to employ Chinese; if we do, we will employ as many as we see f[4 more...]
William Hepworth Dixon, White Conquest: Volume 2, Chapter 24: a celestial village. (search)
eople are counted by millions. Are there no water-people yet on the Pacific Slope? At Monterey we hear of a group of Chinese squatters, who have come from San Francisco, and settled as fishermen on the bluff near Pinos Point. Scorning to boil snati, that his people, though able to compete with the Celts, are not able to compete with the Chinese. Let us have no Chinese, urged Clarke, in answer to my enquiry how far the advent of a few thousand Chinese labourers would affect the interestsChinese labourers would affect the interests of his people in Ohio, let us have no Chinese. They work for cents where we want dollars. They live on scraps and filth. A Negro lives on the fat of the land, and needs as much food as any other American. John and Sam will never be able to liveChinese. They work for cents where we want dollars. They live on scraps and filth. A Negro lives on the fat of the land, and needs as much food as any other American. John and Sam will never be able to live in peace. John works hard on rice and tea, and not much of either; while Sam wants roast turkey and cocktail, and a good supply of each. Under a system of equal laws, the Negro would be unable to keep a footing in the labour market of America, i
William Hepworth Dixon, White Conquest: Volume 2, Chapter 25: China Town. (search)
s Globe Hotel, no longer fit for decent visitors, is let to Lee Si Tut, a rich Chinese, who re-lets his apartments to Chinese residents of the better class — to shopChinese residents of the better class — to shopmen, waiters, clerks, and agents. Lee Si Tut takes care to have no tenant of bad repute. A thief, a rag-picker, a night-prowler cannot hire a bed in his hotel. Non Jackson Street may be regarded as the royal khan and summer-palace of the Chinese empire in America. Pass in. Oh, Lee Si Tut! A sickening odour greets your nostss than fifteen hundred ghastly creatures find a lodging day and night in this Chinese paradise! Rooms crowded and unwholesome I have seen before-at a feast in Ei Let us get out into the open streets! You have now seen a little of our Chinese quarter, says my companion, as we enter Lock Sin's tea-house about two o'clocfe. From every door in the street swarms out a crowd, and in an instant fifty Chinese lanterns heave and drop along the flags. Excuse me! says my escort, and
William Hepworth Dixon, White Conquest: Volume 2, Chapter 26: Yellow Agony. (search)
ied to send these undesirable settlers back to China. Taking the mail steamer in charge, they preve was a slave, she said. She was brought from China to San Francisco as a slave, and there sold to to get his client into trouble. Two elderly Chinese, living in Stout's Alley, swore that Choy Minld not have sold her to anyone else. Several Chinese witnesses gave evidence of having seen Choy M of family worship, require no sending back to China after death. Like beasts that perish, these fo beset the hamlets near the coast. In every Chinese port there is a market for such wares. At Holy-conceded fact that the great proportion of Chinese immigrants who come to our shores do not comesolutely. In a worse form does this apply to Chinese women. Hardly a perceptible percentage of thesspools on our coast. You doubt! I tell you China is an overcrowded country, where people swarmre to fail? If such a disaster should convert China into another Ireland, the people would have to
William Hepworth Dixon, White Conquest: Volume 2, Chapter 27: White progress. (search)
Chapter 27: White progress. Under the menace of such an invasion from China, threatening at no distant date to swallow up the civilization of Europe in the barbarism of Asia, has not the time arrived for White men of all sections in America to review the situation? White conquest in America has been so rapid and so uniform that men are not unlikely to be careless of the future, fancying that their work is done, their tenure of the land secured. When Hancock and his comrades signed the Declaration of Independence, Thirteen Colonies were represented at the Congress in Philadelphia; Thirteen Colonies, covering less than five hundred thousand square miles of surface, peopled by something under two million five hundred thousand souls, of whom nearly five hundred thousand were Africans, held in slavery. At the end of a century those Thirteen Colonies have grown into Thirty Nine States and Eight Territories, covering more than three million square miles of surface, counting upwar
William Hepworth Dixon, White Conquest: Volume 2, Chapter 28: Philadelphia. (search)
In another ten years she had outgrown Manchester. Fifteen years ago she was ahead of Liverpool. At the present moment Philadelphia is more than equal to Manchester, Liverpool, and Sheffield combined. If the population of Dublin and Edinburgh, York, Lancaster, and Chester were counted in one list they would hardly make up half the number of people who house in Philadelphia at this present day. If size is but another name for power the City of Brotherly Love is metropolitan. Leaving out Chinese cities, Philadelphia claims to be the fourth city in the world, admitting no superiors save London, Paris, and New York. She over-caps all other rivals. She is bigger than Moscow and St. Petersburg, the two capitals of Russia, put together. The three capitals of the Astrologer Monarchy, Vienna, Pesth, and Prague, fall far below her numbers. She has left behind her the four capitals of United Italy-Rome, Florence, Naples, and Turin. She claims to have at the present hour a population s
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