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ovost-marshal's department at Richmond, shortly after surrender, was the neatest and most irrepressible of youths. Never discourteous and often too sympathetic, he was so overcurious as to be what sailors describe as In everybody's mess and nobody's watch. One day a quaint, Dickensesque old lady stood hesitant in the office doorway. Short, wrinkled and bent with age, she wore a bombazine gown of antique cut-its whilom black red-rusty from time's dye. But Aunt Sallie was a character in Henrico county; and noted withal for the sharpest of tongues and a fierce pair of undimmed eyes, which now shone under the dingy-brown poke bonnet. Toward her sallied the flippant young underling, with the greeting: Well, madam, what do you wish? What do I wish? The old lady grew restive and battlehungry. Yes'm! That's what I asked, retorted the youth sharply. What do I wish? slowly repeated the still-rebellious dame. Well, if you must know, I wish all you Yankees were in — hell
J. B. Jones, A Rebel War Clerk's Diary, XLIX. April, 1865 (search)
n; James Venable, Senator elect, Petersburg; David I. Burr, of House of Delegates, Richmond City; David J. Saunders, of House of Delegates, Richmond City; L. S. Hall, of House of Delegates, Wetzel County; J. J. English, of House of Delegates, Henrico County; Wm. Ambers, of House of Delegates, Chesterfield County; A. M. Keily, of House of Delegates, Petersburg; H. W. Thomas, Second Auditor of Virginia; St. L. L. Moncure, Chief Clerk Second Auditor's office; Joseph Mayo, Mayor of City of Richmond;ent of William andtMary College; Nat. Tyler, Editor Richmond Enquirer; R. F. Walker, Publisher of Examiner; J. R. Anderson, Richmond; R. R. Howison, Richmond; W. Goddin, Richmond; P. G. Bayley, Richmond; F. J. Smith, Richmond; Franklin Stearns, Henrico; John Lyons, Petersburg; Thomas B. Fisher, Fauquier; Wm. M. Harrison, Charles City; Cyrus Hall, Ritchie; Thomas W. Garnett, King and Queen; James A. Scott, Richmond. I concur in the preceding recommendation. J. A. Campbell. Approved for
to decorate a coward with shoulder-straps, is to pave the road to a nation's ruin. Respectfully submitted. E. D. Keyes, Commanding Fourth Corps. Official report of General Casey. headquarters Gen. Casey's division, Poplar Hill, Henrico Co., Va., June, 1862. Captain: In obedience to directions from the General commanding the Fourth corps, I have the honor to submit the following report of the operations of my division in the battle of the Seven Pines, on the thirty-first ultimo. State for them as actors in one of the most brilliant achievements of the war. I am your Excellency's obedient servant, W. A. Gorman, Brig.-Gen. Commanding. Cincinnati Commercial narrative. battle-ground of Fair Oaks station, Henrico County, Va. My last communication recorded the prevalence of a terrific thunder-storm. Nature's artillery rolled and clashed magnificently, as if in stately mockery of the puny efforts of martial man. There was a tropical grandeur and sublimity in
Eight sons in the army.--Mrs. Martha TyIer, a widow, living in Henrico County, Virginia, ten miles west of Richmond, has eight sons in the service of the confederate States, namely, three in Courtney's artillery, two in the Hampden artillery, two in the Fifteenth Virginia infantry, and one in Captain Wren's company of cavalry.--Richmond Dispatch.
oss of the whole command, by straggling and in every other way, will not probably exceed one hundred and fifty men, and after three days rest, the horses and men will be ready for duty again wherever their services may be needed. Fortress Monroe, Va., Saturday, March 5, 1864. By referring to the foregoing account, and taking a look at the map, it will be seen that our forces traversed nine different counties now occupied by the enemy, namely, Spottsylvania, Caroline, Hanover, Goochland, Henrico, Louisa, New-Kent, James City, and York. These counties embrace nearly all of the most aristocratic in the State; peopled before the war mainly by families who boasted of their long line of ancestors, the number of their negroes, their broad acres — in fact, where the feudal lords reigned supreme both over the white trash and the negro in bondage. The condition of this section of the country, which has been under almost uninterrupted rebel sway for three years cannot be otherwise than int
bel capital, and the canal through which more than one half of their supplies are received — so that, in the opinion of competent judges, neither line, provided the rebels have every facility for the work, can be repaired in less than four weeks; destroyed millions of dollars' worth of commissary stores, and other supplies; obstructed travel upon the main pikes, by destroying all bridges over large streams; gave the citizens of ten counties, namely, Culpeper, Spottsylvania, Orange, Hanover, Henrico, Louisa, Goochland, Fluvanna, King William, and New-Kent, an opportunity to see for themselves that not only are the Yankee soldiers confident and in good spirits, but are really human beings and not inhuman savages, as represented by the Richmond chivalry; captured hundreds of horses, and above all met the one great objection made to the Emancipation Proclamation, so far as the counties visited are concerned, by letting the colored population know that they are free, and weakening the prod
Salt in Virginia.--The first instalment of salt for the citizens of Henrico County has arrived, and will be distributed to-day, (Oct. 3,) by Mr. M. C. Eggleston, at the county court-house. Persons before applying must procure a certificate from a justice of the peace in his district. Each person in charge of a family is entitled to one and a half pounds for each member of the family, at five cents per pound. Carry the right change in order to prevent confusion and delay. Ten days is only allowed to deliver the above instalment. Elijah baker.
Salt for Henrico. I am prepared to furnish certificates to all persons entitled to receive salt in the upper district. I can be found at my shop, corner Seventh and Grace streets, in rear of Theatre. John W. Lee, J. P., of Henrico County --Richmond Whig, October 4. Salt for Henrico. I am prepared to furnish certificates to all persons entitled to receive salt in the upper district. I can be found at my shop, corner Seventh and Grace streets, in rear of Theatre. John W. Lee, J. P., of Henrico County --Richmond Whig, October 4.
ewood. I am an enlisted man, member of Henrico Light Guards; was a resident of Henrico CountHenrico County; was detailed to report on the morning of first July, 1862, as a guide to Major-General Magruder; , R. H. Nelson, a Justice of the Peace for Henrico County, Linton T. Gatewood, who made oath that they. I am an enlisted man — a member of Henrico Light Guards; was a citizen of Henrico CountyHenrico County; am twenty-three years of age; was born and raised, and was, at the time of entering service, livin me, R. H. Nelson, Justice of the Peace of Henrico County, J. B. Sweeney, who made oath that the abo have been for thirty years, a resident of Henrico County, living very near Malvern Hill; have alway, R. H. Nelson, a Justice of the Peace for Henrico County, James W. Binford, who made oath that the harles Watkins. I was a resident of Henrico County, living near the Quaker road. Am an enlis, R. H. Nelson, a Justice of the Peace for Henrico County, C. Watkins, who made oath that the above [1 more...]
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