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John D. Billings, Hardtack and Coffee: The Unwritten Story of Army Life, X. Raw recruits. (search)
old veterans to haze recruits in many ways. Of course, there was no justification for their doing it, only as the recruits in some instances provoked it. There was a song composed during the war, entitled the Raw recruit, sung to the tune of Abraham's Daughter, which I am wholly unable to recall, but a snatch of the first verse, or its parody, ran about as follows:--I'm a raw recruit, with a bran‘--new suit, Nine hundred dollars bounty, And I've come down from Darbytown To fight for Oxford County. The name of the town and county were varied to suit the circumstances. In 1863 a draft was ordered to fill the ranks of the army, as volunteers did not come for- Drafted. ward rapidly enough to meet the exigencies of the service. Men of means, if drafted, hired a substitute, as allowed by law, to go in their stead, when patriotism failed to set them in motion. Many of these substitutes did good service, while others became deserters immediately after enlisting. Conscription
0 Gettysburg, Pa. 40 Jerusalem Road, Va. 3 Wapping Heights, Va. 1 Boydton Road, Va. 1 Mine Run, Va. 12 Hatcher's Run, Va., March, 25, 1865 2 Wilderness, Va. 54 Sailor's Creek, Va. 6 Spotsylvania, Va. 16 Farmville, Va. 2 North Anna, Va. 7 Picket, Va., Oct. 2, 1864 1 Cold Harbor, Va. 1 Picket, Va., Oct. 17, 1864 1 Present, also, at Auburn, Va.; Po River; Totopotomoy; Strawberry Plains; Deep Bottom; Appomattox. notes.--Recruited in the counties of York, Cumberland, Oxford, and Androscoggin. It arrived at Washington August 23, 1862, where it was engaged in drill and garrison duty until October, when it crossed into Virginia and joined Berry's (3d) Brigade, Birney's (1st) Division, Third Corps. The regiment made a creditable record at Fredericksburg, and at Chancellorville it sustained a loss of 10 killed, 65 wounded and 38 missing. At Gettysburg, Lt.-Col. C. B. Merrill commanding, it was engaged in Sickles's fight on the second day, losing 18 killed, 112 wou