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Hon. J. L. M. Curry , LL.D., William Robertson Garrett , A. M. , Ph.D., Confederate Military History, a library of Confederate States Military History: Volume 1.1, Legal Justification of the South in secession, The South as a factor in the territorial expansion of the United States (ed. Clement Anselm Evans), Biographical: officers of civil and military organizations. (search)
emonstration, in range of the enemy's shells. In April, 1865, he was arrested by order of the Federal government, and with distinguished companions sustained an imprisonment. Subsequently he resumed his professional practice at Charleston, where, after over half a century of distinction as a jurist, he died April 9, 1893. Isham G. Harris Isham G. Harris, war governor of Tennessee, was born near Tullahoma, Tennessee, February 10, 1818. At nineteen years of age he settled in Tippah county, Mississippi, where he engaged in mercantile business. He studied law during the night hours for two years and meanwhile was successful in trade, when, through a bank failure, he was left penniless. He resumed business at Paris, Tenn., and soon recouped his losses, manifesting, throughout this most arduous part of his career, a remarkable business ability, and indomitable courage. In 1841 he was admitted to the bar, and subsequently was elected to the legislature of Tennessee. In 1848 he wa
Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 16. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), chapter 1.40 (search)
We have had the pleasure of listening to a very impressive and eloquent sermon from Brigadier-General Lowrey. The General is a man of superior acquirements, and is always heard with increasing interest. A faithful soldier of the cross, as well as of his country, devout and brave, he unites, more than any living man, perhaps, those cardinal virtues of mind and heart which combine to make the noble, true, conscientious, Christian warrior. After the close of the war I settled in Tippah county, Mississippi, an adjoining county to the one in which I had formerly lived, and resumed regular engagements as a minister of the gospel. I also engaged as a stated contributor to a religious paper, the Christian Index, published in Atlanta, Georgia, and yet continue my contributions. I have made this sketch much more lengthy than I intended when I commenced; but those portions of it which are connected with the operations of my command embrace items of information that may be left out in ot
altimore, in coming up the river, was brought to on Saturday night last, by the battery at Fort Jackson. The Georges Creek, it appears, having, when abreast of the Fort, no lights observable, was hailed, and giving no answer, two blank cartridges were fired at her; still failing to answer, two balls were fired at her, one of which passed over her bows, and the other over her stern, which immediately brought her small boat to the Fort to explain her position. Mr. T. F. Leake, of Tippah county, Miss., has tendered to Gov. Pettus five thousand dollars for the use of that State, and about the same amount in the hands of S. Apperson &Co., of Memphis, which is at the service of the Confederate States, if needed. The following are extracts from the letter of an officer in Fort Pickens to a friend in St. Louis: Fort Pickens, March 18, 1861. We left Old Point on the 24th of January, and came on the Brooklyn by Abaco, the "Hole in the Wall," and the Bahamas (my third trip
t, taken in Georgetown; S. S. Green, Richmond, Governor's Guards, taken at Burk's Station; J. A. Reynolds, Slumtown, Va, 5th Va. Regiment; H. C. Ferrill, Charleston, S. C. Hampton Legion; R. O. Lewis, Anderson, S. C., and M. Bowman, Groenville, S. C., 4th South Carolina regiment; J. R. Paine, Floyd county, Ga.; Randolph Gray, Bibb county, F. Ward, Harris county, S. B Bulkley, Bibb county, Ga, 8th Georgia regiment; Lieut. Col. B. B. Boone, Tishimingo, 2d Mississippi regment; R. M. Walker, Tippah county, Miss. 2d Mississippi regiment; Thomas Hays, New Orleans, Delta Rangers; Lieut. Danott, Alleghany county, Va., 27th Virginia regiment; J. M. McFail, Anderson, S C., 4th South Carolina regiment; George Baker, W. C. Humphreys, F. A Hammond, Atlanta, Ga; J. T. C Calvin, Green county, Ga; James Renshaw, S. Garrett; L Brick, L. H. Grunaling, Atlanta; A. T. Holmes, S. W. Brush, Lewis Estmeal, Savannah, Georgia; W. A. Barron, Rome, Georgia, 8th Georgia regiment; R. Pinkney, Pendleton, S. C., 4t