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Harper's Encyclopedia of United States History (ed. Benson Lossing), Sims, James Marion 1813-1883 (search)
Sims, James Marion 1813-1883 Surgeon; born in Lancaster county, S. C., Jan. 25, 1813; graduated at the South Carolina College in 1832, and at the Jefferson Medical College in 1835; established a new theory of the origin and nature of trismus nascentium; discovered how to operate for vesicovaginal fistula and invented instruments for the same; called attention to both of these in 1845; settled in New York in 1853 and later obtained a charter to establish the Woman's Hospital of the State of New York, for which New York City gave a site. Dr. Sims was identified with many learned societies in the United States and Europe, and was president of the American Medical Association. He died in New York City, Nov. 13, 1883.
Emilio, Luis F., History of the Fifty-Fourth Regiment of Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry , 1863-1865, Roster of the Fifty-Fourth Massachusetts Infantry. (search)
— Penacook, N. H. Edgerly, William 20, sin.; farmer; Lancaster Co. Pa. 19 Mch 63; killed 18 Jly 63 Ft. Wagner. $50. EllAug 65. $50. Kane, Robert Corpl. 21, sin.; laborer; Lancaster Co. Pa. 19 Mch 63; 20 Aug 65. $50. Kennard, William H. 20, sin.; farmer; Lancaster Co. Pa. 21 Mch 63; 29 May 65 St. Andrews Parish, S. C.; dis. $50. Knox, Thomas E. 21, sin.; barrgetown, S. C. $50. Parker, Henry 22, mar.; laborer; Lancaster Co. Pa. 19 Mch 63; died 5 Oct 63 Morris Id. S. C. of diseasass. —— Pinn, Walter Samuel Corpl. 19, sin.; clerk; Lancaster Co. Pa. 19 Mch 63; 20 Aug 65. $50. Plowden, John Corpl 2unded —— Jly 63 —— Turner, Solomon 22, sin.; farmer; Lancaster Co. Pa. 19 Mch 63; 20 Aug 65. $50. Van Alstyne, Henry 23$325. Died about 1879. West, Lewis 22, mar.; waiter; Lancaster Co. Pa. 19 Mch 63; 20 Aug 65. $50. Wilkins, James H. Ser63; 20 Aug 65. $325. body, Charles 28, mar.; farmer; Lancaster Co. Pa. 12 Apl 63; missing 18 Jly 63 Ft. Wagner. $50
Brigadier-General Ellison Capers, Confederate Military History, a library of Confederate States Military History: Volume 5, South Carolina (ed. Clement Anselm Evans), Additional Sketches Illustrating the services of officers and Privates and patriotic citizens of South Carolina. (search)
gistrate, was a son of Edward A. Crawford who came with his parents from Pennsylvania at an early day and settled in Lancaster county; his mother was a daughter of Archibald Gill, a native of South Carolina and the youngest of six brothers who were sthem being a member of Penn's council. One branch of the family emigrated south and settled in what is known as Lancaster county, S. C., long before the Revolutionary war. During one of the Indian attacks, which were of common occurrence at that timily is one distinguished in the history of the State. His mother was Nancy, daughter of Col. J. H. Witherspoon, of Lancaster county, and from her he inherits blood which has been shed in all the wars of the nation, from early colonial times. Dr. T, was born February 22, 1837, son of William Elliott and Sarah (Wilson) White. He is a grandson of Joseph White, of Lancaster county, who commanded a company under General Sumter in the Revolution, who was a son of Stephen White, a native of Ireland
Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 16. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), Index. (search)
r, Capt. R. M., 20, 21. Kersey, Capt, Wm., 59, 64, 65. Kershaw District, S. C., 14, 18, 26. Kershaw, Gen. J. B., 18, 377, 387, 388. Kettell, T. P., 429. Killingsworth, Lt., 380. Kilpatrick, Gen., 30. King's Battery, 57, 60. King's Mountain, Battle of, 5, 12. Kinston, Battle of, 25 Knoxville, Siege of, 387. Lacy, 10 Lalane, Lt. G. M., 192. Lamar, Col. J. B., 142, 145. Lamar, Hon. L. Q. C., 274, 318 Lamar's Battery, 143, 174. Lambert, married, Jack, 176. Lancaster co., S. C., 9, 14, 18, 22, 28. Lance, 104. Lanneau, Jr., Sergeant F., 143. Louisiana, Pointe Coupee Battery, 70. Lartigue, Gen. G. B., 117, 396. Latham, Gen. R., 83. Latrobe, Col., Osman, 107. Lauman, Col J. G., 80. Laurel Hill, 87. Law, Gen. E. M.,384, 386. Lawrence, Sergeant, 104. Lawton, Gen. A. R., 273. Lawton, Mr., 174. Lay, Col. John F., Address of, 207. Lead Mines—Max Meadows, 60; Wytheville, 288. Lecky's England, cited, 33. Le Conte, 428. Leftwich, A. T. 105
Looking to sea ward from Fort Sumter, you can plainly see the war steamers and chartered transports which Maj. Anderson so earnestly signaled to come to his relief. We ran out in about a mile of them. They are lying close together about six miles from Sumter. The South Carolinian speak of the commanders as great cowards for not attempting to assist their companions in distress. As we passed the Mercury office this afternoon, we saw a company of about one hundred men, from Lancaster county, S. C., marching down the street to embark for one of the posts in the harbor. They were strong, firm-looking fellows, dressed in grey, and carrying satchels instead of knapsacks, tin cups, canteens, &c. Their marching was rather awkward, but all that will be taken out of them before they have been many days behind the sand bags. They gave three rousing cheers for the Mercury. Lincoln's Proclamation was published here this morning. Nobody seems to care for it; indeed, nobody seems
Excitement in Lancaster County,Va. --A great deal of excitement prevails in Lancaster county, Va., owing to some revelations made by a free negro. The Fredericksburg Herald says: A slave was first arrested for making sundry assumptions of freedom "now that Massa Lincoln was elected," but expressing penitence, and stating that he was "in liquor" at the time, he was discharged. After wards, a free negro made revelations to the effect that the negroes from the upper and lower ends of the county were to meet at Lancaster Court House at a given time, break open the jail, seize the fire-arms therein, and commence an indiscriminate slaughter of men, women and children, and that means of their escape was provided by a vessel lying in the creek. Two gentlemen came up from Lancaster county on Wednesday night, on their way to Richmond for the purpose of procuring arms.