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As Trustee in a deed of trust, executed to me by Jos. Straley, to secure Jas. R. Kent, and of record in the Clerk's Office of the County Court of Giles. I will sell at the time and place named in the above notices, at public auction, to the highest bidder, for cash, a valuable Negro man. I will also sell, on like terms, of the Land lying in Giles county and the Negroes referred to in said notice, remaining unsold, (after satisfying the deeds of trust first above alluded to,) or so much of the property so remaining unsold as will be necessary to meet the purposes of the deed in which I am Trustee. The sale to be continued from day to day until completed. N. M. Ronald, Trustee. ja 12--d3t&cw1t
Trustee's Sale of valuable Real and Personal Estate. --By virtue of two deeds of trust, executed to the undersigned by Joseph Straley (to secure James R. Kent,) and of record in the Clerk's Office of Giles County Court, I shall, on the 24th of January, 1861, at the residence of said Straley, in the county aforesaid, proceed to sell at public auction, to the highest bidder, for cash, the property embraced in the deeds, or so much thereof as may be necessary for the purposes therein named.--The real estate consists of his Home Tract, and the Lands adjoining the same. Lying on New River, and within half a mile of New River White Sulphur Springs, containing about 1400 acres of valuable Land, a portion of it improved, and in fine condition, with a good dwelling-house and other necessary buildings; a Tract of Land lying on the waters of John's Creek in Montgomery county, of about 1800 acres; 22 Negroes — Men, Women and Children, most of them very likely and valuable. The sale wil
f any such company proportionate to the amount of stock held by the Commonwealth in such company, and so to provide that the Commonwealth shall be entitled to the same vote pro rata on each share of stock owned by it in any such company as is given to any other stockholder in any such company; by Mr. Graham, of reporting a bill incorporating the town of Asbury, in the county of Wythe; by Mr. Lucas, of allowing to Jno. Powers, assignee of Hiram Mansey, $8.15 for tuition of poor children in Giles county. Bills Passed.--The following bills were passed: Amending the charter of the Bank of Howardsvill; repealing an act passed March 19th, 1860, concerning the mode of catching fish in certain waters; incorporating the town of Cameron, in the county of Marshall; amending the charter of the town of Bath, in the county of Morgan: amending an act passed March 31st, 1860, entitled an act to restrict the catching of oysters in certain months; authorizing the Clerks of Supreme Courts and the Di
Not very commendable --We regret to learn, from the Pearisburg Gazette, that the Giles county Volunteers, while on their march to join the Wise Legion, found it exceedingly difficult to procure anything to eat at the Red Sulphur Springs, although a week's notice had been sent forward that the troops would stop there one night.
The Daily Dispatch: July 10, 1861., [Electronic resource], Red Sulphur Springs and the Giles county Volunteers. (search)
Red Sulphur Springs and the Giles county Volunteers. Not long ago a brief paragraph appeared in the Dispatch relative to the treatment of the Giles county volunteers, while sojourning for a night at the Red Sulphur Springs. The paragraph was based on a long editorial article in the Pearisburg Gazette, which was copied verbatim by several of our contemporaries. We have received a communication, signed "A Visitor," denying the entire statement, and though our brief allusion to it might excuse us from inserting more than a brief contradiction, we give place to a considerable portion of the letter: The proprietors had not a week's, (as is stated,) or even a day's notice of their intention to remain all night at this place. I was near when Capt. McC. requested permission of his company to remain over night. He remarked that they only wanted some place for his men to sleep; that they had plenty of everything to eat. The managers of the Springs gave them a large house containi
er man than Capt. Gray Latham." He noticed him frequently in the battle, and says the Latham Battery saved the 28th Regiment, (Preston's.) He believes they did as much or more execution than the famous Washington Battery. He saw one shot from Latham's Battery kill 40 men. This is the testimony of one competent to judge, and not connected with the Battery or any of its members. Seventh Virginia Regiment. The killed and wounded of Capt. James H. French's company, from the county of Giles, Va., 7th Regiment, Col. James L. Kemper: Killed.--Edward Bane. Wounded.--Lloyd Fry, Harvey Bane, Stuart Johnson, William Lewey, Mr. Lee, (son of Rev. J. B. Lee, of the Baptist Church,) Samuel Shannen and Lewis Skenes. The Botetourt troops. The Valley Sentinel says that out of some four hundred Botetourt men upon the field, young Calvin Utz is the only one that is certainly known to have been killed. He was struck in the head by a fragment of a shell. Capt. Rippetoe's Co
Charged with forgery. --The arrest of a young man named Opie Staite for forgery, was mentioned in yesterday's paper. The circumstances connected with the affair, related to us by Capt. Jos. J. White, one of the clerks in the Auditor's office, are as follows: On the 27th of April last, Staite presented, at the Auditor's office, what purported to be an order of the Circuit Court of Giles county, allowing Jas. D. Johnston, Commonwealth's Attorney, $50 for services, which, being signed J. W. English, clerk, and endorsed on the back "James D. Johnson," was paid to Staite by Mr. White, and receipted for by him. The order stated the allowance to have been granted on the 18th of April, when the Court did not sit till the following May. In June, (the order having been previously entered,) was copied by the clerk, and really endorsed by Jas. D. Johnston, who sent it on for collection through Ro. H. Maury & Co. Payment was refused till Mr. Johnston made the requisite eath that the signat
Hustings Court. --Present, Recorder Caskie, Aldermen Sanxay, Bray, Timberlake, Cloptop, and Binford. In the appeal of Albert Rush, a slave, from a decision of the Mayor, (sentencing him to the whipping post for petty larceny,) the court reversed judgment and ordered his discharge. Opie Staite, charged with forging the name of J. W. English to an order of the Circuit Court of Giles county, and the signature of James D. Johnson upon the back of the same paper, was examined; and after hearing the evidence, the Court remanded him for final trial. John Wade, charged with shooting William V. Mott, on the 5th of October last, with intent to "maim, disfigure, disable, and kill," was discharged from further prosecution. The Grand Jury yesterday made the following presentments; The Commonwealth against Charles Wood, for petty larceny; John Haake, for retailing ardent spirits without license; George Nelson and Joseph Calvin Henry, for petty larceny; George Williams,
Hustings Court --Judge Wm. H. Lyons presiding.--Opie Staite, indicted for forging the name of James D. Johnson to an order of the Circuit Court of Giles county, was tried yesterday, and convicted on one count in the indictment. The jury ascertained the term of his imprisonment at three years. The prisoner's counsel moved to set aside the verdict and grant a new trial, which will be argued on Monday next. The accused was formerly editor of the Wytheville Telegraph. George Rigley, indicted for stealing a watch and pistol from Frank B. Garnett, was placed on trial, but without concluding, the Court adjourned over to this morning.
Departure of troops. --A splendid company left the city yesterday for a post near the enemy. The company is from Giles county, Va., and composed of hardy mountaineers, with a suitable equipment of superior guns. The officers are, Captain McComas, Lieuts. French, Fizen, and W. W. Powell. For some weeks past this company has been encamped at the Camp of Instruction, near this city.
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