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James, and his scouts reported the enemy concentrating at Lynchburg from the west, while Pickett's infantry and Fitz Lee's cavalry were moving upon the same point from Richmond. The bridges over the James were destroyed, and Sheridan must either return to Winchester or attempt to rejoin Grant. Fortunately, he chose the latter course. But first he determined to effect a more absolute demolition of the railroads and canal. By hurrying quickly down the canal, and destroying it as far as Goochland, and then moving along the railroad towards Richmond, and tearing that up as close to the city as possible, he felt convinced that he could not only strike a heavy blow at the supplies of the rebel capital and army, but render useless the concentration of troops at Lynchburg. This conception was no sooner formed than acted on, and the entire command moved down the canal. The rain and mud again impeded the advance; the troops were now much worn, and the animals fatigued; but Sheridan repl
vote stood, Letcher, 77,650; Goggin, 72,321. majority for Letcher 5,329. we publish the majorities in the election of 1859 as useful for reference during the reception of the returns: Letcher s (Dem.) Maj's. Allegheny145 Amelia1 Appomattox207 Barbour391 Bath1 Berkley174 Boone142 Botetourt228 Brooke156 Brunswick294 Buchanan91 Cabell91 Calhoun251 Chesterfield198 Clarke119 Craig164 Dinwiddie37 Doddridge505 Fairfax26 Fauquier89 Fayette39 Frederick236 Gilmer265 Goochland25 Grayson113 Greene261 Greensville49 Halifax400 Hampshire362 Hancock160 Hanover117 Harrison312 Highland249 Isle of Wight384 Jackson122 Jefferson18 King and Queen153 King William170 Lewis390 Logan386 Lunenburg264 Madison454 Marion729 Mecklenburg222 Middlesex35 Monongahela374 Northumberland86 page830 Patrick90 Pendleton28 Pleasants70 Pocahontas285 Preston305 Prince Edward45 Prince George80 Prince William461 Randolph264 Ritchie285 Roanoke126 Rockingham1702
The Daily Dispatch: November 7, 1860., [Electronic resource], Land and Slaves in the county of Amelia, for sale privately. (search)
Booker, (Bell) for the Legislature, 212; Anderson (Breck.) 59. Court-House.--Breckinridge 127; Bell 34. Amherst. Amherst C. H.--2 P. M.--Breckinridge 160; Bell 60; Douglas 3. Cumberland. Raine's Tavern.--Bell 100; Breckinridge 25; Douglas 16. Alexandria. The vote in the county and town stands Bell 1,008; Breckinridge 563; Douglas 139; Lincoln 2. Goggin's majority was 254. In the city alone the vote stood Bell 908; Breckinridge 517; Douglas 136; Lincoln 2. Goochland. Little's Store.--Breckinridge 54; Bell 41; Douglas 5. Petersburg. Petersburg, Nov. 6. --The vote here is Bell 970; Douglas 613; Breckinridge 223. Goggin had 308 majority in Petersburg. Southampton. Iver's Station, 3 P. M.--Bell 53; Breckinridge 2. Sussex. Wakefield Station, 3 ½ P. M.--Bell 64; Breckinridge 14; Douglas 4. Dinwiddie. Billups', 4 o'clock.--Douglas 49; Bell 38; Breckinridge 11. Jefferson. Harper's Ferry, P. M.--Bell 275; D
h41 Bedford171Berkeley180 Brooke91Botetourt246 Buckingham44Chesterfield654 Caroline360Clarke72 Carroll550Dinwiddie172 Culpeper22Doddridge301 Cumberland45Elizabeth City30 Franklin216Fauquier42 Floyd200Fairfax38 Gloucester184Harrison52 Goochland155Henrico350 Fluvanna120James City8 Grayson174Jefferson541 Greene189Loudoun177 Halifax366Lewis90 Hancock49Norfolk City239 Isle of Wight225Montgomery31 King and Queen97Nottoway40 Louisa349Petersburg439 Lunenburg21Pittsylvania300 Madisoy: Fluvanna. --Returns from seven precincts give Breckinridge 242; Bell 215. The majority for Breckinridge in the whole county will be about 20--a Democratic gain of 155. Washington County --Gives Breckinridge 300 majority. Goochland --Gives Breckinridge 180 majority. Powhatan --Gives Breckinridge 70 majority. Wetzel --Official.--Gives Breckinridge 640; Bell 91; Douglas 149. Tyler --Gives an estimated majority for Breckinridge of 100. Isle of
580. a telegram from Southwestern Virginia states that thirteen counties, which gave Goggin 700 majority, now go for Breckinridge by 2,700.--this will throw Bell's vote behind, as only two or three of the counties alluded to in the dispatch are given in the following table: Breckinridge Major's Accomac150 Allegheny301 Amherst175 Appomattox341 Barbour587 Brooke250 Caroline211 Charlotte47 Clarke47 Cumberland3 Doddridge204 Fauquier47 Frederick352 Floyd35 Gloucester157 Goochland189 Greene457 Halifax766 Hancock200 Harrison260 Isle of Wight609 King George42 King and Queen255 King William173 Lewis.300 Lunenburg275 Madison750 Mecklenburg471 Northumberland126 Orange48 page796 Prince Edward47 Prince William479 Roanoke80 Shenandoah1440 Tyler100 Warren186 Washington280 Wetzel549 Wythe177 11,943 Bell's majorities Albemarle201 Alexandria446 Amelia24 Augusta2330 Bath40 Berkeley83 Botetourt1 Bedford429 Buckingham22 Campbell317 Chest
ge 373; Bell 293; Douglas 52. Greene--Official--Breckinridge 521; Bell 64; Douglas 10. Jefferson--Official--Bell 959; Breckinridge 458; Douglas 440. Buckingham--Official--Bell 545; Breckinridge 523; Douglas 22. Doddridge — Breckinridge 346; Bell 142; Douglas 89. Elizabeth City--Official--Bell 247; Breckinridge 164; Douglas 24. Alleghany--Official.--Breckinridge 558; Bell 257; Douglas 39. King George--Official-- Breckinridge 227; Bell 185; Douglas 36. Goochland--Official.--Breckinridge 425; Bell 236; Douglas 37. Surry--Official--Bell 189; Breckinridge 445; Douglas 56. Bedford--Official.--Bell 1,468; Breckinridge 1,039; Douglas 94. Appomattox--Official.--Breckinridge 559; Bell 218; Douglas 9. Albemarle--Official.--Bell 1,317; Breckinridge 1,056; Douglas 97. Shenandoah — All the precincts, except one, give Breckinridge 1,701; Bell 421; Douglas 164. The precinct to hear from will give Breckinridge 160. Culpeper--Offici
The Daily Dispatch: November 16, 1860., [Electronic resource], The British and American difficulty at Panama. (search)
Court of Appeals --The Supreme Court of Appeals, now in session in this city, have decided the following cases during the present term: Winfrey and wife vs. Christian. Argued by John Thompson, Jr., and Wm. Green for appellants, and August & Randolph and Johnson & Gulgon for the appellee. Decree of Circuit Court of Buckingham affirmed. Armistead vs. Garrett. Argued by James Lyons for appellant, and R. T. Daniel for the appellee. Decree of Circuit Court of city of Williamsburg, etc., affirmed. Petty john vs. Orange and Alexandria Railroad Company. Argued by James Garland for plaintiff, and Wm. Green for defendant.--Judgment of Circuit Court of Amherst reversed. Selden vs. Trevilian et al, and Lyons et al vs. Trevilian et al. Argued by Andrew Johnston for the appellant, in the first case, and P. R. Grattan and McFarland & Roberts for the appellees. The second case argued by A. J. for appellees. Decree of Circuit Court of Goochland reversed.
we should not bestow a posthumous notice on a few pointers we have known. And first upon Carlo, a dog that belonged to Mr. Narcissus W. Miller now Clerk of Goochland county. Poor Carlo! He has now been under the sod more than thirty years, yet his master has not forgotten him to this day. He was a most gentlemanly dog, yet somehe canine world was Ludo, a large, beautiful white and black pointer, belonging to Dr. Wm. S. Scott, now of Fredericksburg, but at the time we speak of living in Goochland. Ludo was a magnificent dog in all respects, No dog of his day could find more birds, and he was fully as good at single birds as at coveys. He was not fond officient ascendancy over him to break him as he was broken. He must have taken to it naturally. Dr. Erasmus Powell, at present of this city, but formerly of Goochland, had a dog to which he irreverently gave the name of Maffitt, after the celebrated Divine John New Land Maffitt, of whom, for aught we know, he might have been a
lutions were unanimously adopted. They recommend first, that the Governor call the Legislature together immediately; second, that Virginia invite a conference of the Southern States; and third, that the Legislature appoint delegates "to meet their Northern brethren in conference. In Amelia county, on the 22d inst., a public meeting adopted resolutions earnestly requesting the Legislature to call a State Convention, and asking the Governor to convene the Legislature early in December. In Goochland co., on the 19th, a public meeting adopted a resolution suggesting to Gov. Letcher to call the Legislature together on the 1st of December. Other resolutions also adopted, declare that "the election of Abraham Lincoln to the Presidency is an open and official avowal by a popular majority of the North and of the nation that the past aggressions of Black Republicanism are right; and that aggressions against our rights are to be persisted in with great aggravation for the future." A meeting
Excitement in Goochland. --We learn that the inhabitants of Goochland county administered summary punishment to a man named Matt. Barbiere, a day or two since, for conspiring with negroes to murder a citizen. Excitement in Goochland. --We learn that the inhabitants of Goochland county administered summary punishment to a man named Matt. Barbiere, a day or two since, for conspiring with negroes to murder a citizen.
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