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No business here. --The Mayor is, still endeavoring to clear our city of the lazy free negroes who find their way to the metropolis from the interior, for the purpose of accumulating a subsistence by practising the art of doing a great deal of nothing. Hance Jenkins, a subject of this sort hailing from Goochland, was taken before the Mayor yesterday. In addition to being here in contravention of law, he did not have a copy of his register. He was whipped and ordered to return.
Personal. --Among the arrivals in the city yesterday were Wm. N. McVeigh, (President of the Back of the Old Dominion,) Alexandria; Henry W. Thomas, Fairfax; E. J. Lloyd, Alexandria; Capt. Dan Conner and Thomas S. Lubbock, Texas; Dr. A. M. Fauntleroy and Geo. Jackson, late U. S. A.; Charles F. Pope, Goochland.
large was adopted. The second proposition, in reference to locality, was carried; and the third, to elect by districts, was also passed, and the resolution as amended was put on its passage, when. Mr. Montague moved to lay the whole subject on the table. Not carried. The resolution was then adopted. Nominations were now ordered to be made for the election of members in vacant Congressional Districts. Richmond District. Mr. Treadway nominated Hon. James A. Seddon, of Goochland. Withdrawn. Mr. Johnson nominated Mr. William H. Macfarland. Mr. Harris nominated Hon. D. C. Dejarnette, of Caroline. Messrs. Neeson and Ambler favored the election of Mr. Dejarnette. Messrs. Cox and Mallory favored the election of Mr. Macfarland. Mr. Macfarland received 73 and Mr. Dejarnette 28 votes. Fourth District. Mr. Neblett nominated Hon. Roger A. Payor. Mr. Chambliss nominated Mr. Wood Bouldin, of Charlotte county. Mr. Bouldin requested his
was named in honor of William and Mary; King William in honor of William after Mary's death; King George in honor of George I. Elizabeth City, James City, Charles City, Princess Anne, Prince George, Prince William, Prince Edward, and probably Amelia. Charlotte, Augusta, Caroline, and Louisa, are all named after members of the successive royal families. Berkeley, Culpeper, Dinwiddie, Fauquier, and Botetourt, were so called in compliment to the Colonial Governors of those names.--Goochland was also named in honor of Gov. Gooch. Shenandoah was likewise first called after Governor Dunmore, but the name was changed after Dunmore became the enemy of the Colony. Albemarle, Amherst, Bedford, Brunswick, Buckingham, Chesterfield, Cumberland, Essex, Fairfax, Gloucester, Halifax, Hampshire, Hanover, Isle of Wight, Lancaster, Loudon, Mecklenburg, Middlesex, New Kent, Norfolk, Northampton, Northumberland, Orange, Richmond, Southampton, Stafford, Surry, Sussex, Warwick, York, and p
Breckinridge'smakersBell'sMajorities. Accomactie.Albemarle261 Alleghany101Alexandria446 Amherst175Amelia21 Appomattox342Augusta2330 Barbour587Bath57 Brooke278Berkeley83 Brunswick186Botetourt1 Caroline211Bedford429 Carroll378Buckingham22 Charlotte47Campbell314 Clarke47Chesterfield456 Cumberland3Culpeper1 Doddridge204Charles City814 Essex29Dinwiddie135 Fauquier47Elizabeth City83 Franklin213Fairfax7 Frederick352Fluvanna32 Floyd35Greenbrier490 Gloucester164Hardy510 Goochland189Henry99 Greene457Highland47 Gilmer160Henrico700 Greensville13James City88 Hampshire184Jefferson501 Halitax766Londoun1253 Hancock200Marshall117 Harrison260Monroe175 Isle of Wight609Montgomery287 King George42Nansemond58 King and Queen256Nelson336 King William173New Kent94 Lewis355Norfolk City547 Lunenburg275Norfolk county255 Madison760Northampton20 Mecklenburg471Nottoway57 Marion768Ohio285 Matthews57Petersburg747 Northumberland74Portsmouth118 Orange48Powhatan98 page796
ey830913108 Botetourt589590174 Brooke45017376 Brunswick444308137 Caroline77256118 Carroll72931511 Chesterfield328788588 Charlotte46541825 Clarks33528849 Craig3221122 Culpeper52552619 Cumberland27627537 Caroline77256118 Campbell12081521146 Charles City1112249 Dinwiddie254389183 Doddridge35614391 Elizabeth City16424824 Essex3082794 Fauquier102798939 Fairfax68569191 Fluvanna4434877 Frederick131596366 Franklin1076863133 Fayette24138165 Floyd40038435 Gloucester4603910 Goochland42824437 Grayson44731516 Greenbrier505993133 Greene5217410 Greenesville15113941 Halifax131256138 Hanover74957527 Hancock2623385 Hardy35589474 Henrico6411403189 Henry44454359 Highland170215255 Harrison1191931107 Isle of Wight75714719 James City601485 Jefferson458959440 Jackson50938864 Kanawha5131765 King George22318437 King William3151428 Lancaster10612560 Lee89446210 Lewis604332247 Loudoun7782033120 Louisa7544982 Lunenburg52725132 Logan2711006 Madison8347420 Mars
The Daily Dispatch: December 3, 1860., [Electronic resource], List of appointments by the Virginia annual Conference of the M. E. Church South. (search)
Wm. M. Ward, James L. Shirley; Winchester, Peter F. August; Patterson Creek, James M. Anderson; Springfield, Wm. F. Bain; Clarke, James H. Crown, J. P. Woodward, sup; Prince William, Geo. S. May; Berlin, John P. Brock; Taylor's Island, Major S. Colenna; U. S. Navy, Chas. A. Davis, Chaplain. Charlottesville District--James D. Coulling, Presiding Elder. Charlottesville, Thomas H. Early; Albemarle, Joseph H. Davis; Nelson, Lloyd Moore; Scottsville, H. H. Gary; Fluvanna, James C Watson; Goochland, Andrew J. Beckwith; Hanover, John L Clarke; Louisa, Jas. R. Waggoner; Orange, Edgar H. Pritchett; Madison, to be supplied, Joseph W. Payne, Z. E. Harrison, sup; Piedmont, James F. Finnell; Blue Ridge Mission, James W. Grant; Harrisonburg. Samuel S. Lumbeth; E. K Ran, John J. Lafferty; University of Virginia, J. G. Granberry, Chaplain. Lynchburg District--Geo. W. Langhorne, Presiding Elder, Lynchburg: Centenary, Hezekiah P. Mitchell; Court Street, John E. Edwards; City Mission, to be
Post Office affairs. --Virginia Appointments.--Wm. Swindier postmaster at Frankfort, Hampshire county, vice J. F. Moore, deceased. John F. Swink postmaster at Springvale, Fairfax county. vice Geo. A. Rouge, resigned. Ed. H. Jeffreys, Jr., postmaster at County Line Cross Roads, Charlotte county, vice John W. Spencer, resigned. John P. Bradley postmaster at Issequena, Goochland county, vice Joseph F. Howard, resigned. H. P. Mitchell postmaster at Greene Bottom, Cabell county, vice James E. Williamson, resigned. James T. B. Harris postmaster at Baileysburg, Surry county, vice Jas. Harris, resigned.
Held to Bail. --Yesterday morning, Marion F. Barbier, late of Goochland county, was arraigned before the Mayor to answer the charge of attempting to entice Nora, slave to De Grasse Drumwright, to escape from her master, Drumwright, it will be ro negroes to murder their master, but as negro evidence could not be taken, he was given until to-day to dispose of his Goochland property, when he will be escorted to the West by a strong guard, and ordered never to return again. Barbier was in the employ of Drumwright, and when arrested by the citizens of Goochland, was put on board a packet boat, and sent off. After reaching here, he wrote a very affectionate letter to the negress, Nora, inviting her to join him here, and declaring that his heart was nearly broken on her account. This letter was opened and read in Goochland, and then it was that both Barbier and Drumwright were followed to this city and taken into custody. The Mayor, after learning all the circumstances, held Barbi
Wrong Pew. --Frances Thompson, for remaining in the city with Powhatan papers — Mary Swan, of Goochland, for having no papers — and Andrew Stanton, arrested for want of a register, were before the Mayor yesterday, and besides getting striped suits for Christmas, were ordered to leave Richmond forthwit
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