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Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 17. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), A list of Confederate officers, prisoners, who were held by Federal authority on Morris Island, S. C., under Confederate fire from September 7th to October 21st, 1864. (search)
2d Lt. A. B. Cauthorn, 26th Va. inft., King and Queen county. Zzz=2d Lt. John M. Lambert, 52d Va. inft., Greensville. Zzz=2d Lt. W. P. R. Leigh, 5th Va. cav., Gloucester. Zzz=2d Lt. W. N. Hendricks, 25th Va. inft., Fair Mount. Zzz=2d Lt. J. G. Brown, 49th Va. inft., Front Royal. Zzz=2d Lt. W. H. Hatcher, 52d Va. inft., Liberty. Zzz=2d Lt. W. B. Curdis, 2d Va. inft., Marion. Zzz=2d Lt. T. J. King, 42d bat. cav., Martinsville. Zzz=2d Lt. T. M. Gravely, 42d Va. inft., Henry county. Zzz=2d Lt. J. P. Kelley, 4th Va inft., Newberne. Zzz=2d Lt. Pat Hagan, 4th Va. inft., Lexington. Zzz=2d Lt. J. W. Mauck, 10th Va. inft., Harrisburg. Zzz=2d Lt. J. W. Krayter, 12th Va. cav., Harrisburg. Zzz=2d Lt. S. D. Bland, 18th Va. cav., Franklin. Zzz=2d Lt. C. Fraitus, 3d Va. inft., Petersburg. Zzz=2d Lt. S. W. Gary, 18th Va. inft., Norfolk. Zzz=2d Lt. F. C. Barnes, 56th Va. inft., Charlotte county. Zzz=2d Lt. J. H. Allen, 48th Va. inft., Ballardsville.
Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 17. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), chapter 1.14 (search)
street by lapping their walking-sticks and presented a presented a splendid appearance. There were 115 in the line, Colonel A. G. Dickinson commander. Next came the Louisiana Division Army of Northern Virginia, under Colonel David Zable; representatives from the Benevolent Association of the Army of Tennessee, under Colonel Frederick Washington, the president; survivors of the Twenty-third Virginia Cavalry, under Colonel J. P. Fitzgerald, of Farmville, 35 men; Stuart Hairston Camp of Henry county, Colonel Hairston, 70 strong; Simpson Camp, Confederate Veterans; Winchester Veterans, Captain John Williams; Scott Legion Veterans of the Mexican war; survivors Twenty-third Virginia; Company I, Sixth Virginia Cavalry; Louisa Veterans. Howitzer veteran Association, under Captain Frank D. Hill. The following is the roster of the Association: First Company Howitzers.—Captain William P. Palmer, Lieutenant Daniel S. McCarthy, Lieutenant T. D. Moncure, Lieutenant Robert Armistead, E
Burned to death. --The Abbeville (Ala.) South states that on the 1st instant, the wife of Mr. Newsom, residing in the lower part of Henry county, near the Florida line, while drying her dress before the fire, it caught, and she was so burned before the fire could be extinguished that she died in a few hours.
Henry county. --In yesterday's Dispatch Henry county was put down as one of those wanting in patriotism in not having proffered to the State men, money, and arms for the second war for independence now progressing. Since the appearance of that paragraph we have been informed that Henry county is actively preparing herself for the war — that Capt. P. R. Reamey, of the "Guards," and Capt. Samuel J. Mullins, of the "Horse pasture Volunteers," together with Lieut. Harriston, are now in the city to purchase necessary equipments for their respective companies. Henry county will be found "all right." We are glad to know such to be the fact.
Post-office matters. --A new office is established at Fulkerson, Scott county, Va., and Jno. H. Hilton appointed postmaster. Site of Matiponey, 'Spotsylvania county, Va., is changed to original location, and George W. Sweetnam appointed postmaster, vice Wm. Lancaster. Appointments.--John C. Jerrell postmaster at Thornburg, Spotsylvania county, Va., vice Henry Carpenter, deceased. Pizarro E. Woods postmaster at Lovingston, Nelson county, Va., vice Wm. Cheatham, resigned. Jacob G. Miller postmaster at Van Cleverville, Berkeley county, Va., vice Wm. L. Magruder, resigned. Boyd Holley postmaster at Flat Head, Floyd county, Va., vice J. Pierce, resigned. P. W. Moore postmaster at North Nedejo, Henry county, Va., vice Wm. H. Adkins, resigned.--Robert Bailey postmaster at Natural Tunnel, Scott county, Va., vice A. R. Scott, resigned.
Shocking outrage. --A correspondent, writing from Henry county, Va. April 17th, says : One of the most fiendish outrages was lately committed, a few miles from this place, that has ever been perpetrated in this section of country. Col. Peter Penn had as an overseer Mr. David Stuart. One of the negroes ran away, and had been absent a few days.--Mr. Stuart's daughter, a young lady, was at the barn, near the house, when she was seized by this negro and choked down, when he committed a hellish outrage on her, and then beat her until he left her dead upon the ground. The negro was arrested the same day and made the above statement, and also carried the same night to jail. There is strong probability that he will be taken from jail and burnt, as the people are greatly excited about it.
Another Veteran gone. --Matthew Seay, one of the few remaining veterans of the Revolution, departed this life a few days since, at his residence in Henry county, at the advanced age of one hundred and four years. It is said that the old warrior was so much exercised over the present war and his inability to engage in a second struggle for Freedom, that a general prostration of his system was the result. Quietly and calmly he breathed his last, with a blessing upon the Southern forces in the field. He has gone to reap the reward of his labors. Peace to the manes of the patriotic dead.--Dan. Reg.
a; Fenton E. Wrend, Isle of Wight; Wm.G. Wheeler, Ky.; A. K. Yaccey, Albemarle. School of History and Literature.--Jos. W. Bozeman, Miss. School of Medicines, with the title of Doctor of Medicine.--Francis L. Bronangh, Loudoun; Fugate Clarke, Pulaski; Malcolm N. Fleming, Hanover; James W. Hines, Greenbrier; William R. Jones, Appomattox; A. Sydenham Mayo, Powhatan; Russell Murdoch, Baltimore; George Ross, Culpeper; D. R. Smith, Dinwiddie; George W. Woods, San Francisco, Cal. School of Law, with the title of Bachelor of Law.--W. W. Burgess, Jos. K. Roberts, Jr., Maryland; William S. Underwood, Surry. Bachelor of Arte.--Rhodes Massie, of Augusta county. Masters of Arts.--Robert C. Berkeley, of Hanover county; James L. Dinwiddie, of Albemarle county; Julian Fairfax, of Alexandria; C. Powell Grady, of Loudoun county; Jerry M. Harris, of Louisa county; Richard W. Jones, of Greensville county; Charles D. Lee, of Henry county; William W. Old, of Princess Anne county.
pieces of cannon, to a superior force of the rebels. The camp of Col. Matthews was twenty miles from Hermann, and is said to have contained about 400 Home Guards. The rebels number some 2,000, and their design is to burn the Gasconade bridge in that vicinity. Reinforcements have been sent to Hermann and the bridge. On hearing of the approach of the rebel force, our troops began erecting palisades for its defence. At last accounts the army of Gen. Price was on Grand river, in Henry county. On Wednesday last he was marching Southward. Col. Matthews not surrendered. Jefferson City, Oct. 9. --The surrender of a Federal camp near Hermann, which was reported this morning, proved not to have been so serious an affair as at first stated. Col. Matthews simply abandoned his camp on the approach of the rebels, and retired to Eastern, who were taken on board at Cork Harbor, where the Great Eastern was still moored on the 26th. The Great Eastern underwent a regu
The Daily Dispatch: November 20, 1861., [Electronic resource], The salt speculators of Lynchburg, Va. (search)
Court of Appeals. --The following decisions were rendered by the Judges of this Court yesterday: Neale against Ellison and others — and Ellison against Neale and others (two cases.) Appeal from judgment of Circuit Court of Alexandria. Decree reversed. Hicks and others against Goode. Appeal from decree of the Circuit Court of Powhatan county. Decree affirmed, by a divided Court. Roberts and others against Martin and others. Appeal from decree of the Circuit Court of Henry county. Decree affirmed, by a divided Court. Snyder against Snyder and others. Appeal from decree of the Circuit Court of Berkeley county. Decree reversed. Pendleton against Pendleton. Appeal from decree of the Circuit Court of King and Queen county. Decree reversed.
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